9 practical tips on how to memorize Quran online

How to memorize Quran online with 9 practical tips 

Lucky are the people who opt for memorizing the Quran online with the pure intention of gaining rewards and getting closer to Allah. Now, in this tech-based era, Quran memorization has become very easy because of the facilities present on the internet.

Today I am going to list down the most practical tips on how to memorize Quran online. These tips are surely going to enlighten your information before you start this sacred journey to become a Hafiz online in a short time.

1- Look out for a verified and certified Hifz tutor:

To begin your memorization errand online, the very first tip to help you is to search and hire a verified and certified Hifz tutor.

Although there is a common belief in many minds that you can accomplish any task by getting knowledge from the internet and there is no need for a professional teacher to be hired, the reality is oppositional. 

You always need to memorize Quran online with a professional Hifz tutor to carry on with the task you have laid your hands on.

The following points will undeniably guide you in hiring a teacher:

A teacher who graduated from a renowned institute and holds a degree in Quranic studies.

A teacher who is Ijazah certified (allowed to teach Quran) can pass on her experience and knowledge the way he/she has acquired.

A teacher who is affiliated with a reputed platform and already serving as a Quran memorization teacher.

A teacher who is a native Arab because natives are blessed to have an original Arabic accent that is really awe-inspiring for non-Arab Muslims.

A teacher who is fluent in English and can easily discourse with the students in the West.

A teacher who keeps pace with the changing tech trends and techniques by devising the easiest way to memorize Quran and make the learning expedition interesting.

A teacher who is credible, honest, virtuous, and God-fearing. (talk to them and discuss your intent to check if they are reliable. Unfortunately, there are many fake identities on the internet to befool others).

2- Design your own customized Quran Hifz plan:

You can not memorize Quran without any plan of action. When you hire an experienced and professional teacher he/she will customize a plan for you after analyzing your ability and capacity.

Also, you will tell your daily routine as to how much time you can give to your hifz class, how many days are you available throughout the week, how early you want to finish the desired portion, etc.

Check out the amazing Hifz schedules of our online intensive Hifz course. You can get a well-structured and personalized Hifz plan after evaluating your level in the trial class. People who are looking for an answer to how to memorize Quran fast? They can do that only by getting a well-structured and personalized plan for themselves. 

For instance, you want to start your hifz from 30th juz, and you can give 30 minutes five times a week. Your teacher will skillfully tailor a plan for you according to which you can easily achieve your targets.

Everything will be finalized mutually so that no time is wasted.

3- Be regular, punctual, and dedicated to memorize Quran faster:

If you really want to see the fruitful results of your Hifz journey you need to be regular and punctual in your classes. This tip is very crucial for Hifz as you need to plan out every task accordingly and take out your best and focused time for Quran Hifz classes

Dedication and commitment are other tips that are interlinked with regularity and punctuality. You need to be dedicated and committed to this noble task. 

If ever you feel like you are about to give up, go through the Hifz journeys of successful people out there on the internet. Read out the stories of strivers and strugglers.

4- Track your Quran memorization progress to become a Hafiz faster:

It is a very helpful tip that will keep you mindful of your progress in Quran memorization online. You can make a chart like we have shown below or can make your own customized progress wheel, card, or anything.

For instance:

date lesson Current juz Previous juz mistakes common mistakes
7/09/22 10 lines 29th 30th 4 2


This is how you can track your daily lesson and work on your mistakes and difficulties to make your juz error-free. To challenge your capacity, you can increase your lesson lines or even pages if the lesson is going mistake-free and stuck-free. 

How to memorize Quran if you do not have a Hifz plan that always motivates you?! surely, your Hifz journey becomes harder without a personalized and well-structured Hifz plan.

5- Repeat the learned portion in salah:

This is a very helpful and practical tip to memorize the Quran faster and easier. All you have to do is to revise your memorized portion in Salah (5 times a day). Isn’t it a blessing to have a free mode of revision in Salah?

Divide your portion for 5 prayers of the day and you will see that you were very attentive, watchful of mistakes, reciting beautifully to have good tajweed, and gaining rewards for your revision.

I personally used to revise the biggest portion of memorized verses in Fajar, then slightly less in Zuhr and Asr, then again I revise the portion that I previously revised in 1st three salah in Maghrib and Isha. It really helps make your hifz perfect.

6- Follow the 3Rs of the Quran Hifz method:

Another practical tip to memorize Quran online is to follow one memorization method. According to this method, there are 3Rs of memorization, i-e:

  • Read and learn
  • Relearn
  • Repeat

Let’s understand it with an example. For instance, you are going to memorize Surah An-Naas, read it 5 to 6 times by looking at the text with the correct tajweed, and save it in your memory storage. Now, relearn it without looking at the text and see if you could recall it from your memory. Next, repeat it 5 to 6 or as many times as you can.

This is how your Surah An-Naas will be memorized. Before moving on to Surah Al-Falaq, repeat and recite Surah An-Naas first and then start the next Surah.

7- Teach someone how to memorize Quran

It works like a wonder. Place yourself in the position of a teacher and look out for a student. Be it your parents, siblings, maid, friends, or anyone from your neighborhood. Motivate them to join you in this blessed task.

Whatever you learn daily, tell them the meaning and read it in front of them several times. This is how they will also start learning it. If they have mistakes, correct them. If they are stuck, help them. Play your part in their hifz journey and gain double rewards from Allah.

It is a known fact that these tips will work differently for everyone. Start teaching him how to memorize Quran by teaching him/her the most proven techniques of memorizing the Quran.  

8- Use the same Mushaf each time you memorize the Quran:

When you read, learn, relearn and revise from one Mushaf (Quran), the words, lines, and the whole page’s outlook will be stored in your memory storage box. (It really works for those who are inclined towards visuals). When you will recite your lesson you will know that the page needs to be turned over. 

By changing Mus-haf you may have confusion between lines and pages. So why not keep just one normal-sized mushaf with you?

Not to forget that the size of the Mus-haf also matters. If it is too big, you won’t be able to hold it for long or carry it anywhere else. If it is too small you will have problems marking your errors, or even looking at the words properly.

9- Fix a calm place to stay focused while memorizing the Quran: 

The more the place is tranquil, the better your focus and concentration. If you are sitting in a room with windows opening towards the road, the noise will distract you a lot. If you are sitting in a room near where your other family members are also residing, you will again have a lot of disruption and disturbance.

So, find a vacant, calm, and bright place where you can sit, read, revise, and move easily to carry on your memorization task.

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions by the users:

Can I memorize Quran by myself?

It is really very difficult to memorize Quran without the help of any professional Hifz teacher. You may start by memorizing short surah but eventually, you will need a teacher who can formally conduct classes and track your progress, and moreover teach you the techniques of how to memorize Quran online efficiently and properly!!

How long does it take to become a Quran Hafiz? 

This totally depends on your ability and capacity. Your customized plan will help you achieve your goals in the minimum or maximum time you have asked the teacher to prepare the plan.

How can I memorize Quran without forgetting it?

Quran memorization can be done with various different techniques and methods.

The best way is to listen to the lesson recited by the reciter at least 3 times to imitate. Then, revise the previously learned portion and add the new portion with it. Next, revise the old portion (memorized a few weeks or months ago) and add this portion with the first two as well. 

This is how you will retain your old and new revisions for a long time by revising them daily.


Quran memorization is literally a task that is only for those who are committed and motivated to deal with it. Hope you learned how to memorize Quran online through our ultimate guide to start your Quran Hifz journey today.

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