Memorizing the Quran online can be an exciting journey. It’s important to set out on the right path when doing so. Before embarking on this sacred expedition, be mindful to have strong will power and dedication to pursue your hifz goals on a daily basis.

Here, we will provide some unique and proven tips to become a Hafiz to ensure you have the right guidance and knowledge around you. Follow their helpful suggestions and become a hafiz in a calculated time.

16 Practical Tips on How to Become a Hafiz Online

1. Look for a Hafiz Tutor to Help You Become a Hafiz

To begin your memorization errand online, the very first tip to help you is to search and hire a verified and certified Hifz tutor. Although there is a common belief in many minds that you can accomplish any task by getting knowledge from the internet and there is no need for a professional teacher to be hired, the reality is oppositional. 

You always need to join a Quran memorization course with a professional Hifz tutor to carry on with the task you have laid your hands on.

2. Design Your Own Customized Quran Hifz Plan

You can not memorize Quran without any plan of action. When you hire an experienced and professional hifz teacher he/she will customize a plan for you after analyzing your ability and capacity.

Also, you will tell your daily routine as to:

  • How much time you can give to your online hifz program.
  • How many days are you available throughout the week
  • How early you want to finish the desired portion, etc.

For instance, you want to start your memorization from 30th juz, and you can give 30 minutes five times a week. Your teacher will skillfully tailor a plan for you according to which you can easily achieve your targets.

3. Track Your Memorization Progress

It is a very helpful tip that will keep you mindful of your progress in Quran memorization online. You can make a chart like we have shown below or can make your own customized progress wheel, card, or anything.

For instance:

datelessonCurrent juzPrevious juzmistakescommon mistakes
1/12/2310 lines29th30th42

This is how you can track your daily lesson and work on your mistakes and difficulties to make your juz error-free. To challenge your capacity, you can increase your lesson lines or even pages if the lesson is going mistake-free and stuck-free. 

4. Repeat the Learned Portion in Salah

This is a very helpful and practical tip to memorize the Quran faster and easier. All you have to do is to revise your memorized portion in Salah (5 times a day). 

Divide your portion for 5 prayers of the day and you will see that you were very attentive, watchful of mistakes, reciting beautifully to have good tajweed, and gaining rewards for your revision.

I used to revise the biggest portion of memorized verses in Fajar, then slightly less in Zuhr and Asr, and then again I revised the portion that I previously revised in 1st three salah in Maghrib and Isha. It really helps make your hifz perfect.

5. Follow the 3Rs of the Quran Hifz Method

Another practical tip is to follow one memorization method. According to this method, there are 3Rs of memorization, i-e:

  1. Read and learn
  2. Relearn
  3. Repeat

For example:

You are going to memorize Surah An-Naas, read it 5 to 6 times by looking at the text with the correct tajweed, and save it in your memory storage.  Now, relearn it without looking at the text and see if you could recall it from your memory. 

Next, repeat it 5 to 6 or as many times as you can. This is how your Surah An-Naas will be memorized. Before moving on to Surah Al-Falaq, repeat and recite Surah An-Naas first and then start the next Surah.

6. Understand the translation of the Surah you are memorizing

Another amazing tip down the list is to understand the meaning of the Surah you are going to learn. It is not only helpful to recall the verses while reciting but also to connect deeper with Allah. 

For example:

You intend to memorize Surah Ar-Rahman, 

  1. listen to the tafsir of this beautiful revelation fist
  2. Then, read the translation of verses on your own.
  3. Lastly, get a breakup plan to start learning. 

Note: Without knowing and understanding the translation, summary, and theme of the Surah, you will never enjoy memorizing them. With time, it will surely vanish from your memory too.

7. Use the same Mushaf each time you memorize:

When you read, learn, relearn, and revise from one Mushaf (Quran), the words, lines, and the whole page’s outlook will be stored in your memory storage box ( It really works for those who are inclined toward visuals ).

By changing Mus-haf you may have confusion between lines and pages. Not to forget that the size of the Mus-haf also matters.

8. Start your journey from last Juz

The majority of professional huffaz tutors recommend starting this exciting journey from the last Juz. Juz Amma has many short and easy surahs that serve as a motivation booster for Hifz students.

You need to start from Surah An-Naas, read the translation and summary first, then listen to its tafsir from any of the Sunni scholars, then start from the 1st verse and memorize by following the most suitable method.

9. Follow the aural/visual techniques

There are multiple techniques for memorizing Quran. All these methods are different types of learners. Some can memorize fast and some take time. So here is a list of the best techniques that are suitable for kids and adults:

1-Aural way of hifz:

In this method, all you have to do is listen to the recitation of the verses you are supposed to learn. You will listen to different qaris and recite after them to perfect your tajweed while learning.

2-Visual Way of Hifz:

In this method, you will have the Quran in front of you to visualize every single word your teacher recites. Then you will read after your teacher and on your own to get fluent while learning.

10. Manage your time for hifz efficiently

Time management is a skill that a hafiz masters during his journey of memorization. This tip is very useful for the achievement of Hifz goals. If you are not able to manage your time well, you will mess up with your daily, weekly, and no-thly revision sessions and end up leaving everything.

To memorize the Quran online and become a hafiz needs excellent time management. You need time for the following tasks:

  • To understand the meaning of the Surah 
  • To read the verses 5+ times to perfect the Tajweed first
  • To memorize the verses and revise them all day long whenever possible
  • To recite the verses to the tutor and get them checked for perfection
  • To recite the new and the old lessons before going to sleep

11. Join online student forums and groups

Nowadays it has become really easy to keep yourself consistent. We suggest joining online student hifz forums or relevant groups where students gather to discuss their mutual problems and find solutions together. 

For example:

  • Join Facebook groups and communities 
  • Join WhatsApp groups of different Surahs 
  • Attend seminars and listen to the podcasts of successful stories by different huffaz 

12. Ask your tutor to test your hifz monthly 

Assessment is a must-have tip for online memorization and a successful journey of becoming a hafiz. Another valuable tip here is to ask your tutor to assess you every month. In the first month, you will be tested for the Surahs or a juz you have memorized in 3 portions

  • 1st week lessons (old memorization)
  • 2nd and 3rd week lessons (new memorization)
  • Last week lessons (recent new revision)

Your teacher will start from the new-to-old lessons to recite without any error in tajweed and words

13. Set your learning milestones for each Surah

Milestones are very crucial to set when you are memorizing Surahs. It is difficult to learn the whole Surah in one go. So, we suggest setting small goals to reach them one by one. 

For instance:

You are memorizing Surah Ad-Duha from the last Juz. This Surah has 11 Verses. So the learning milestones to be set would be like:

  1. 2nd verse
  2. 5th verse
  3. 8th verse
  4. 11th verse

You have to push the bars to reach your milestone so that the plan works perfectly. This way, set small goals for every Surah and strive harder to reach them

14. Write what you memorize regularly

Writing technique is very good for those who are stuck somewhere in their lesson and want a kick-start to continue.  All you have to do is to write down the verse that is tough to recite and hifz. 

For instance:

You have to memorize Surah Al-Mutaffifeen and can’t recite the verses properly due to the difficult words. So, write the verse you have to memorize and recite while jotting down. Repeat thrice, it will be fluent on your tongue.

15. Use Online hifz tools for better results

Numerous apps help you memorize the Quran and become a hadiz by providing a very organized plan for each Juz and Surah. 

For Example: 

Tarteel is an AI supported app that helps busy Muslims learn verses one by one through reminders and easy milestones.

16. Compete with other students to stay motivated 

Last but not least, if you can manage to find a hifz buddy to compete with, it will be great. Choose a specific Surah and challenge yourself with a buddy to complete it in a fixed time. Start together, discuss, and recite to each other.


  • You will be actively participating in memorizing more verses than your friend. 
  • It will help you stay on track and never give up.
  • Uplifting each others morale is a great way to let the wheels keep rolling.

How much does it take to become a hafiz online?

It depends merely on your efforts. Roughly speaking it takes 1-2 years to become a hafiz with persistent hard work.

1 Year Hifz Plan

In this plan you will have to attend 4-5 classes per week to complete the entire Quran with 3 revision dour (roundups). You will be assessed every month for the portion you have memorized.

2 Years Hifz Plan

This is an elaborated plan, very feasible for working people and students. You will have to attend 2 or 3 weekly online hifz classes and you will be done with the entire Quran in 2 years with 3 revisions and monthly tests.

Most Important FAQs

Can I memorize the Quran by myself?

It is really very difficult to memorize without the help of any professional Hifz teacher. You may start by memorizing short surah but eventually, you will need a teacher who can formally conduct classes and track your progress, and moreover teach you the techniques of how to memorize the Quran online efficiently and properly!!

How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

This totally depends on your ability and capacity. Your customized plan will help you achieve your goals in the minimum or maximum time you have asked the teacher to prepare the plan.

How to memorize Quran online without forgetting it?

Quran memorization can be done with various different techniques and methods. The best way is to listen to the lesson recited by the reciter at least 3 times to imitate. Then, revise the previously learned portion and add the new portion with it. Next, revise the old portion (memorized a few weeks or months ago) and add this portion with the first two as well.