Do you want your kids to learn to read the Quran with Tajweed perfectly?

Tajweed for Kids is a Well-structured course That has been designed by professional Tajweed experts from Al-Azhar. We are determined to provide your kids with high-quality online tajweed classes, to instill a love for Tajweed, where they can learn the Quran correctly (with pronunciation) in a very simple and practical way.

Best Tutors for Our Online Tajweed Classes for Kids

Your kids are welcome to learn Quran Tajweed online under the supervision of our professional native teachers who are resolute in making your kids recite the Quran with Tajweed.

  1.  Our tutors have been through many stages of selection to hold the position of Tajweed teacher.
  2.  They are certified with an Ijazah to teach Tajweed perfectly ( Each Ijazah is a connected chain to the prophet Muhammad )
  3.  They are all native Arabic tutors, and able to speak English fluently to explain the Tajweed lessons to kids professionally.
  4. They have prepared the Tajweed practice activities through nursery rhymes, audio, and videos to make the lesson interesting and retaining.
  5. The certified teachers are in the habit of regularly reciting the Quran with Tajweed and hence, can supervise kids around the world.
  6. A fun-oriented and interactive quran class for kids is all that is needed. Our instructors make sure to teach the Quran to kids with innovation.
  7. The qualified teachers of tajweed courses give practical tips on how to implement these rules.

Kids Will Learn Quran Tajweed With the Best Techniques

Nothing can be achieved without proper planning and the application of correct methods. Therefore, our team of talented Quran Tajweed tutors has formulated their methodologies and techniques to simplify the Tajweed rules for kids.

1- Finding Out the Tajweed Examples from Quran

Learning the rules is not enough, you are taught to find examples of learned rules from the Quran. This strategy helps boost perfection.

 2- Underline Mistakes with your Tajweed Tutor

This is an amazing tip to focus on their weakest areas in Tajweed, underline them, and keep practicing. It will help make your kids perfect in Tajweed during their basic Tajweed classes.

 3- Use a Mirror to Learn the Articulation Points

The kids are encouraged to keep a pocket mirror in front of their mouths when uttering the correct pronunciation of the letters. This helps them see how the word is articulated, where to touch the tongue, and how to open the mouth. 

 4- Focusing more on Implementing the Tajweed Rules Practically

It is not only for the lesson that the kids will apply the rules. These rules are used practically to uplift excellence. We make sure our students focus more on quality than on the quantity of the tajweed rules they are learning.

Kids are motivated to apply these rules in Salah, in memorizing the Quran, and in reciting Duas and Azkaar. Hidayah Network invites you to learn the Quran with Tajweed online.

 5- Repetition and Practice of Tajweed Lessons

We bear in mind that practice makes a man perfect. Thus, our teachers use this technique to make kids excellent in tajweed. They motivate kids to repeat the lesson in Salah while reciting.

 6- Reciting the Tajweed lessons loudly

This is another methodology that is amazing if you want to excel in the science of tajweed. Reciting loudly lets you pronounce clear and utter sounds from their articulation points perfectly.

Outcomes of Our Tajweed Classes for kids

Hidayah Network has some outcomes listed here, that we strive to achieve at the successful completion of this Tajweed for kids course. These are:

  1. To learn the articulation points of huroof (letters).
  2. To apply quran tajweed rules on the Arabic letters.
  3. To practice recitation of small surahs
  4. To implement Tajweed on Quranic verses.
  5. To confidently recite in front of teachers and family members.
  6. To be able to connect with Allah through beautiful recitation.
  7. To learn to recite like a pro.
  8. To be able to link to the style of recitation our beloved Prophet SAWW used to do.
  9. To apply tajweed rules in duas, azkar, and memorized portions of the Quran.
  10. To be proficient enough to teach others around.

Our Well-structured Quran Tajweed Course for Kids

These basic tajweed lessons for kids are designed to instill a love for Allah and His book Al Quran. To let kids learn and recite confidently, we have categorized our tajweed lessons for kids. 

1. Origin of letters (Makharij)

Starting with the basic huroof (alphabets), kids are taught how to utter the letters by keeping the articulation points in mind

 2. Full-mouth letters

7 letters in Arabic will be uttered with a full mouth (rounded off).

 3. Throat letters

These 6 letters are always uttered from the top, middle, and bottom of the throat.

 4. Letters lengthen

If you see fatha (zabar) before an alif or a kasra (zair) before a yaa or a dhamma (paish) before a wow then lengthen the sound for 1 second. 

5. Madd  (Elongation)

These are the HARAKAH (actions) on the letters. When you see a twisted line on the top, that harf is elongated for 2-3 seconds.

6. Qalqala ( Jerking Sound)

These are 5 letters that are uttered with a jerking echo sound when sakin (have a stop).

7. Nasal sound (ghunna)

If anywhere in the Quran, Noon and Meem are seen with a tashdeed (uttered 2 times), the letter is lengthened for 1 second with a nasal sound.

8. Noon sakin and tanween rules

The letter noon with stop and double-sound is another rule to learn.

9. Tajweed rule of izhaar (to make clear)

You can see any of the THROAT LETTERS, read it clearly without any change.

10. Iqlaab rules (to convert)

You will see baa (ب ), change the noon saakin or tanween for a meem (م) and lengthen it for 1 second with a nasal sound.

11. Idghaam rules(to merge)-

You can see any of the 4 letters (ي ,ن , م, و ), join the letters and lengthen them for 1 second with a nasal sound.

12. Ikhfa letters (to hide)-

You can see noon saakin rules, with following 15 letters make a light nasal sound and lengthen them for 1 second.

Features of Our Kids Tajweed Course for kids

We have worked hard to provide the best tajweed for kids course. Following are the key features of this course that make it exceptionally good.

1. Regular Evaluation and Feedback

FREE trial Quran Tajweed classes for kids learn Quran Tajweed online with us

We offer 2 Free trial classes of Tajweed for kids. Each trial duration is 30 minutes, and we give you the chance to try out two different teachers.

2. Interactive Classes

Our basic tajweed rules lessons are designed to be interactive. It makes the lesson easy and enjoyable for kids when they have interactive sessions that are unlike the authoritative style of teaching.

3. Motivational Learning Environment

We motivate our kids no matter what level they are in. We bear in mind that constant motivation and encouragement prove to be result-oriented and have positive effects on the kids’ learning abilities.

4. Activity-based Learning

To keep the lesson interesting and the retention span longer than usual, we have designed activities with every lesson of Tajweed. It lets kids understand the Tajweed rule more easily.

5. Tajweed Rules with Pictures/audio/video

All the classes are supported with pictures/audio/video resources to practice reciting Quran beautifully with Tajweed. This feature makes learning more effective and efficient.

6. Free printable Tajweed Worksheets

The kids are provided with the free Tajweed worksheets that reinforce the rule that has been learned in the class. These worksheets comprise:

  • Coloring
  • Labeling
  • Matching
  • Joining 
  • Filling in the blacks  
  • Choosing the correct options

7. Monthly Competitions for Kids Learning Tajweed

To check kids’ abilities, and to motivate them we conduct competitions among students. They are suggested to prepare well to score top positions.

8. Rewards and Certification

Tajweed rules certifacte for a kid

Regular competitions are held weekly to motivate kids and to ensure a better understanding of the Tajweed rules taught. These competitions are supervised by the professionals of Tajweed. Kids are also rewarded for their best performances.

9. Regular Evaluation and Feedback

The progress of each student is recorded and the feedback is sent to the parents regularly. This lets the teachers keep a track record of errors and weak points. These weak areas are worked upon.

10. 24/7 Reachability

Time is not a constraint with the Hidayah Network. We feel pleased to provide all-time availability to our students. We have a very big team of Quran teachers, and that makes it easier for us to provide the Quran classes 24/7.

11. One-on-one Tajweed Classes

You can get your child enrolled in a personalized one-on-one class where your kid will get an extra focused class. Moreover, the teacher pays more attention to each student’s capability and way of learning

12. Affordable Fee Structure

We don’t overcharge or have any hidden charges. Our fee structure is highly economical. You will get a discount for the second and third children enrolled with us.


It is difficult but not impossible. Tajweed for Kids gives us a chance to lend our helping hands to let your kids rise with the proper learning of the best book Al Quran. Our easy tajweed courses, teachers, strategies, and offers are all set to make it better together not only for ourselves but for the world and our Deen.

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