Learn Noorani Qaida online | Best Noorani Qaida teaching for kids & adults

To learn the Quran properly requires a strong base of the Arabic language. It is only possible through this unique course Learn Noorani Qaida online

We aim at providing a Noorani Qaida course where all  Muslims (kids or adults) are welcomed to learn the basics of the Quranic Arabic.

What makes our Noorani Qaida course different?

We have worked diligently to stand out from the rest in providing this unique course. Some key points make us one of a kind. 

Let’s skim through the lines to discover it!

1- Best Noorani Qaida tutors to teach Qaida professionally:

Hidayah Network is committed to providing highly talented tutors for Online Qaida teaching.

1- The experts have chosen the best Qaida teachers after difficult selection criteria to match the high standards of our Noorani Qaida teaching.

2- They are qualified with Ijazahs from the best Islamic Institute of Egypt: Al-Azhar University.

3- All of our Noorani Qaida tutors are native Arabs.Moreover, we only hire Quran teacher who can speak English fluently.

Noorani Qaida tutors to help you read Quran online


4- Qaida for beginners is made easy by these proficient teachers who apply innovative strategies and techniques while teaching.

5- Our teachers use 3D versions of pictures of the mouth to guide exactly how to pronounce the words with proper articulation points.

6- They have attended workshops and done various diplomas regarding effective teaching skills from different institutions that make them stand out from the other teachers.

We assure you that you won’t regret enrolling yourselves and your kids in our Noorani Qaida course.

2- Things you will learn in our Noorani Qaida classes:

We bear in mind that learning Quran for beginners is tough. That is why we have worked hard on how to conduct Noorani Qaida classes where the students will learn:

1- How to pronounce the words in a natural way like Native Arabs.

2- How to connect them together correctly.

3- How the words are shaped perfectly.

4- How the letters are affected by the native language. For instance, In Pakistan the very common mistake is changing the letter DAAD in ZAAD.

The Noorani Qaida includes the following topics that will be covered in this course with proper practice.

Learing first lesson of Noorani Qaida page 1


1- The online Qaida course will be started with the pronunciation of the Arabic letters with proper makharij (articulation points).

2- The shapes of Arabic letters (especially for beginners) will be taught through activities. 

3- The harakaat (movements) on these letters will be explained with examples.

4- Types of Harakaat (Vertical and horizontal).

5- Maddah (elongation of letters and their rules).

6- Tanween (double movements) and the rules.

7- Tashdeed (stress on the letter) and the rules.

8- Jazm (silent letters).

9- Rules of Noon and Meem saakin.

10- Wakf (pause or stop) and the rules.

11- Joining letters to make compound words.

12- Practice of letters with online Noorani Qaida

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3- Learn Noorani Qaida online with our innovative techniques.

learn Noorani Qaida online

We invite you to learn how to read Quran online with our top innovative techniques.

1- Video watching technique- It helps remember the shape of every new letter learned.

2- Using 3D version- It is used to explain the articulation points of the letters to pronounce all the Arabic letters naturally and correctly.

3- Repeating with drawing- This method helps retain the newly learned lesson by repeating and drawing them.

4- Reading out loud- It is very helpful to get used to reciting Arabic same as the natives.

5- Finding examples from the Quran- To retain the lesson for a longer period, this technique will help the students to practically apply the new rules and find the relevant examples from the Holy book.

6- Practice repeatedly- It is important to keep practicing all the rules repeatedly as it will help you recite Quran with tajweed perfectly.

7- Recording of practice- The teachers give homework of recording the students’ reading while practicing certain words. ( The teacher will specify those words )

4- Our weekly report to track your progress in Noorani Qaida:

Learning Noorani Qaida online needs to be tracked down for progress. It helps keep a record of all the students.

The report cards are filled in weekly and sent to the parents to stay updated on the progress and advancement in daily lessons.

The students are also asked to fill in our feedback form on a monthly basis so that we can check out if they are 100% satisfied.

The errors and areas of improvement are highlighted which let the students give extra time to those points and get them perfect timely.

5- Best Interactive Noorani Qaida teaching on Zoom:

We are engaging kids and adults by learning Noorani Qaida online through the following interactive methods;

Best Noorani Qaida teaching


• Using Zoom’s white board for all the Qaida lessons in order to simplify them, and get your full attention from the start to the end of the class. 

• Sharing Quranic Arabic exercises regularly in order to test your Arabic reading fluency

• Using slides and infographics to make all Arabic lessons easier to remember. 

• Using Zoom’s recording feature to review the lessons back after each class. Moreover, getting a chance to imitate the way the teachers pronounce the words effortlessly.

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6- Motivating learning environment to learn Qaida online:

Motivation plays an important role in learning Qaida online both for kids and adults.

Our teachers create a healthy, positive, and motivational learning environment for the students to learn to read Quran easily.

Our rewarding policy helps a lot in this regard where all the participants are appreciated for their efforts and the toppers are awarded with financial prizes.

We conduct tests and competitions regularly to keep the students motivated and determined. These tests also let students compete with each other by practicing rules regularly.

The students are given prizes in the class regularly which helps them love the subject and enjoy learning.

We are available 24/7 for you! Get enrolled with us to have the best learning experience of Noorani Qaida online.

7- Two FREE trials with 2 different Qaida teachers:

You must have heard of free trials everywhere but we are pleased to announce 2 FREE trials for Noorani Qaida classes with different teachers.

You can avail of this offer with two different teachers (male or female) who will teach you according to their selective techniques and methodologies.

Note: The tutor for online Qaida teaching will be assigned to you for this course according to your preferences.

8- Affordable fee & discounts for our Noorani Qaida classes:

The Noorani Qaida course is available at a very economical fee structure for you and your kids.  It is pocket-friendly and helps you fulfill your dream of starting the journey of learning the Quran from the basics.

We offer discounts for the second and third person enrolled in any of our courses from the same family.

We offer a discount on group classes as well. All these facilities are provided to help you achieve your goal of learning Qaida online.

9- Amazing outcomes of this Noorani Qaida course:

Noorani Qaida course is the fundamental course that helps learn Arabic letters with their correct pronunciation. We have listed some major outcomes of this course that our teachers will strive to achieve at the end.

1- To have learned to read the Arabic alphabet and sentences naturally and effortlessly.

2- To have recognized the Arabic letters to read the Quran uniformly..

3- To have learned to connect the letters together.

4- To have practiced all the Makharij (Articulation points) of each letter.

5- To have revised the Qaida more than one time to get used to the new language.

6- To have practiced and applied Arabic harakaat (movements) on huroof (letters).

7- To have perfected their Arabic by practicing like Native Arabs.

Bonus tips: How to learn Noorani Qaida perfectly and quickly:

Learn with a Native Arabic Qaida tutor only!! That would definitely help you read Quranic Arabic naturally, smoothly, and effortlessly. 

Try to always understand how all the unique Arabic sounds should be articulated accurately by learning Makharij; the articulation points of the letters.

• Learn with a step-by-step approach and never go randomly or hurrying up. Let’s take more time learning each  Qaida lesson, to make sure you are reading all the words effortlessly. That would surely help you recite Quran faster later on.

• Don’t ever practice reading Noorani Qaida once or twice a week. You should rather read two or three pages from your Qaida book 4 to 5 days a week. Reading consistently is very crucial at this stage.

• Never limit your Arabic reading to the time of the class. You should listen back to your recorded lessons and try to practice the same words and sentences over and over again.

• Try to read real examples from the Quran frequently. That would help you getting familiar with the different shapes of the letters, and most importantly connecting the wording effortlessly.

Note: After finishing this course, you will be qualified to take our amazing structured course of Tajweed in order to perfect your Quranic recitation.


We are lending our helping hands by providing an amazing opportunity to learn Noorani Qaida online from our eminent tutors at your best available time with discounts for the families. Let’s not delay taking this first step towards the journey of learning the Quran.

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