Best Noorani Qaida Classes to Read Quran Correctly

If you are just about to begin learning Quran from scratch, the very 1st step in the right direction is to start learning from the Arabic alphabet and then the basic rules. Noorani Qaida is the best book available worldwide that helps hundreds of Muslims around the globe to start reciting the Quran smoothly on their own.

Hidayah Network, being the light-bearer of providing online courses all over the world, brings a well-structured and fully-featured Noorani Qaida course that will be conducted by our very qualified native Arab Tutors. This course will take you through the nitty-gritty details of the Arabic language and its rules in small steps to help you achieve each goal easily.

1- Top Experienced Quran Tutors

Our Expert Supervisors have chosen the best teachers after difficult selection criteria to maintain high standards. Some of the priority points are:
✅Qualified with Ijazahs from leading Islamic Universities.
✅Are native Arabs and can teach the beautiful accent easily.
✅Speak English fluently and clearly.
✅Flexible in applying innovative techniques while teaching, and providing very engaging and interactive Noorani Qaida classes for kids.
✅Creatively uses 3D versions of pictures to help understand the exact articulation points.

2- What You Will Learn

Our Online Noorani Qaida course curriculum

We bear in mind that learning Quran for beginners is tough. That is why we have worked hard on making this course well-structured to help our students learn the following lessons really effectively:

1- The pronunciation of the Arabic letters with proper Makharij (articulation points).
2- The shapes of Arabic letters (especially for beginners) will be taught through activities.
3- The harakat (movements) on these letters will be explained with examples.
4- Types of Harakat (vertical and horizontal).
5- Maddah (elongation of letters and their rules).
6- Tanween (double movements) and the rules.
7- Tashdeed (stress on the letter) and the rules.
8- How to connect them
9- Jazm ( Sukoon ).
10- Rules of Noon and Meem saakin.
11- Wakf (pause or stop) and the rules.

3- Outcomes of This Online Noorani Qaida Course


We have listed some major outcomes of this course that our teachers will strive to achieve at the end.
1- Learning to read the Arabic alphabet with proper articulation points effortlessly.
2- Recognizing the phonetically the same Arabic letters with their different Makharij.
3- Connect letters to form short words.
4- Reading words fluently to form short sentences easily.
5- Reciting short Quranic verses fluently on your own.
6- Revising the Qaida more than one time to get used to the new language and reciting like natives.
Note: After finishing this course, you will be qualified to take our amazing structured Quran recitation course in protecting your reading.

4- Why Should You Learn Noorani Qaida with Us?


24/7 Flexible Scheduling

We provide you with the 24/7 Convenience of joining at any time. We have hired dozens of Quran teachers to provide you with flexible scheduling no matter where you live in the world.

1 to 1 Personalized Classes to Progress Faster

As a beginner, it is a little difficult to cope with the classes. That is why we offer and recommend taking 1 on 1 personalized sessions to fully concentrate on each lesson. These lessons are meant to achieve the short-term goals that are set for each topic. In this way, you will progress faster and reach milestones quickly.

Weekly Report Card:

We provide a report card every week that highlights the following points:

✅Errors in articulation points.

✅Mistakes in any rule.

✅Revision and practice required for any certain topic.

✅Tips to improve the accent and overcome errors.

✅A plan for the next week to get prepared beforehand.

Mind Mapping for lessons:

This is a very unique style adopted by our tutors to conduct the lesson in a very planned way. They make mind maps of each topic and prepare lots of examples to share. It helps in making the class more result-oriented.

Well-Structured Qaida plan:

We give you a well-structured plan for Qaida lessons to finish the whole course within the duration that has been set beforehand (25 hours). The plan helps you stay on track and check your progress.

Reward Policy for Beginners:

All the participants are appreciated for their efforts and the toppers are awarded financial prizes. Our Expert Team has introduced the reward and points system to motivate students.

Affordable Fees & Discounts:

This program is available at a very economical fee structure for you and your kids. It is pocket-friendly and helps you carry on the journey of learning the Quran from the basics smoothly. We offer discounts for the second and third person enrolled in any of our courses from the same family.

5- Creative Teaching Style of Qaida!

We invite you to learn Noorani Qaida for beginners with our top innovative techniques:

1- Video watching technique- It helps remember the shape of every new letter learned.
2- Using 3D version- It is used to explain the articulation points of the letters to pronounce all the Arabic letters naturally and correctly.
3- Repeating with drawing- This method helps retain the newly learned lesson by repeating and drawing them.
4- Reading out loud- It is very helpful to get used to reciting Arabic same as the natives.
5- Finding examples from the Quran- To retain the lesson for a longer period, this technique will help the students to practically apply the new rules and find the relevant examples from the Holy book.
6- Practice repeatedly- It is important to keep practicing all the rules repeatedly as it will help you recite Quran with tajweed perfectly.
7- Recording of practice- The teachers give homework of recording the students’ reading while practicing certain words.


Our revision strategy and evaluation reports make us prominent everywhere because we believe that 100% results are achieved only through various teaching methods and activities that are supervised carefully.
We have successfully taught hundreds of Muslims around the globe with 100% results. Do not delay taking this first step towards the journey of learning the Quran. Avail of our 2 FREE trial sessions to see how it works.