“Those are miraculous ayaat that lie in the chests of those who have been given knowledge” Surah Ankaboot Verse49

Quran Hifdh is considered a blessing by those who have learned the verses by heart and agreed upon the fact that it isn’t us preserving Qurannin our chests but it’s the Quran that preserves us from the evil of this world by guiding us miraculously.
People who memorize Quran online early or late, use different hifz techniques that suit their pace and capacity. Also, different countries have different methods of memorization that they have been following for ages. Whichever technique and method you adopt, we recommend sticking to it firmly until the hifz is completed. Do not change the methods after completing a few chapters. Take some time to know which technique is best working for you.

Top 5 Best Techniques to Memorize Quran

We at Hidayah Network have listed here some renowned Hifz techniques that are followed by my instructors to achieve goals successfully all around the globe.

1- Old Ottoman Technique of Stalking

Quiet unusual but known as an amazing hifz technique used by many Turkish tutors even to date. It is also called stalking, in which you pile up pages before they get stapled.
How It Works:
In the beginning, the student is supposed to memorize the last Juz (30th-Amma). This juz is wholesome regarding Tajweed, short and long verses, short and long surahs, and easy and difficult words and phrases. So, after bringing the students into a proper hifz routine, the stalking starts

Firstly, you will memorize the last page of 1st Juz. Let’s say the standard copy of Mushaf you are using has 20 pages in each Juz. So you will begin learning the 20th page of 1st juz and go on learning the last pages of each juz until you reach the 29th.
Then, you will start learning the 19th (the second last) page of each juz (1-29). Then, the 18th page of all, and keep doing so until you are done with all pages.
This way you will stalk up the pages after pages and when the whole set is done you will revise the Quran from pages 1 to 20 of each juz.

2- The 3:10 Hifdh Technique

This is another good technique that is considered result oriented. It is used by many tutors from different countries and students have successfully finished the Quran through it.

How It Works:

You have to open the page that you intend to memorize and start with the 1st line. Read it 10 times by looking at the Mushaf to get it perfect on your tongue. Then, read it 3 times out of your memory. If it is correct, move on to the next line, if not, repeat the process. On reaching the second line, read both lines 10 times by looking at the Mushaf and read both lines 3 times without looking at it. Do it till the last line and then read the whole page out of your memory once. If it is perfect, move to the next page. If not, revise again.

3- Whole-Page Technique

This technique is easy for those who have long attention spans and can easily sit for a longer time to finish a page in one go. As the technique name hints, you have to memorize one page of Quran a day in a go. It takes time as you have to listen and read many times and then memorization will start.

How It works:

All you have to do is to start reading the page you want to learn, several times with Tajweed. Also learn the meaning if possible, for assistance in the midway. Remember, this is not the hifz, just recite it as much as you can. Maybe at home, outside, and at any time. Just read, read, and read. The next day again do the same, read the whole page by looking at the Mushaf as much as you can. Read and read until you enter the 3rd day. On the 3rd day, you are going to memorize the page line by line. Read each line 2-3 times and close the Mushaf to learn it by heart. Reading for two whole days will help you quickly learn it because the Verses are already on your tongue.

4- Bottom-to-top Technique

Some students find this technique easy and others find it complicated. You are free to choose the one that you find easy to follow. This technique needs passion and consistency because if you give up in the middle or take breaks, the whole learned portion will be mixed up in your memory. So, either don’t choose it, or follow it religiously.

How It Works:

Open the page that you have to hifz, and start from the very last line. Read it several times to get it saved in your memory. Once done, read out from your memory and keep advancing to the upper line. After learning all the lines and reaching the top, start revising from top to bottom. This way you will have an amazing grip on the whole page as the line numbers will stick to your mind.

5- Visualizing, Listening, Writing, and Constant Reading Techniques.

All the above-mentioned techniques are pro-visualizing where the hifz is done by constantly looking at the words in the Mushaf. It is the best way considered by the scholars of the Subcontinent because it has shown great results. Students look and read to memorize the Quran. Whereas there are other ways too, used by Arabic teachers to help boost memorization and they also have good results.

Listening to the specific verses that are meant to be memorized is helpful to save them in memory. Students are asked to listen to the audio recitation of the verses as many times as possible. This way the verses are saved in the memory of the time they were recited. It became easy to recall.

Writing the verses one by one is also used as a means of memorization by many teachers. Students are supposed to write down the verse and read it along. People who have amazing photogenic memories find it easy to recall the verse they had written. This way is quite a long procedure to complete the hifz but if someone is good at writing can give it a try too.

Constant revisions also help memorize something easily. The back-and-forth reading of the verses makes the hifz strong and the verse is retained forever. Every technique used for memorization needs revisions to solidify it. So, don’t underestimate the power of reviewing the memorized portions daily. This is one of the best technique to memorize Quran and never forget it.

Final Words

Whether you opt for any method of hifz while living in any country, we suggest keeping just one method throughout the journey. If you think listening works better for you, go for it, and if visualizing is great for you, read by looking at the Mushaf. Memorize whatever portion is easy for you to hifz and retain forever because these verses are going to raise our level in Jannah. The more verses you will know, the more stairs you will climb up and the final abode will be at the place you recited the last memorized verse. May Allah make this journey easy for you. Grab a free online hifz class trial at Hidayah network to begin your classes right away.