For a practicing Muslim, Hadith and Sunnah are the most beloved source of guidance after the Holy book Quran. Before diving deeper, let us rust out what does Hadith means? Therefore, Hadith is the collection of Prophet Muhammad’s sayings. It also includes his daily practices or Sunna. If a Muslim wants to succeed in his life and attain Paradise, he needs to follow the hadith and footsteps of Prophet Muhammad.

Importance Of Learning Hadith In Islam 

Moreover, some people criticize that when everything is there in the Quran, you need to study or take help from hadith. Therefore, today we will guide you with eight reasons you should learn Hadith.

1- Source of Guidance

The 5 pillars of Islam

Hadith comprehends Islam’s teaching and is regarded as a fundamental source of guidance second to the Quran. If one wants to grasp the Quran’s teachings, he needs to understand the Hadith, too. Hadith includes Salah’s method, Zakat, and its quantity, fasting, and even hajj, which the Quran just outlined the basic information.

Importance of Hadith as Guidance
From Prophet Muhammad hadith, Muslims were guided by how to perform Prayer and its benefits on Judgment’s Day. Therefore, if someone wants to be a pure soul, he cannot be so without applying the hadith teachings in his daily life.

2-Compulsory for Understanding Quran

The Quran has mentioned only basic Islamic beliefs, including God and Shirk, many times. However, if you want to understand the Quran’s basic teachings, you need to go and explore through Hadith.

The door of Knowledge:
You will find everything there. Likewise, which was not comprehended in the Quran about battles and other relations. Quran itself says to obey Allah and Prophet Muhammad, too, which means you cannot take hadith lightly. Together with the Quran, the hadith also form the primary sources to form Islamic law and theology. If you want to know the Quran properly, then do not miss the sayings and daily practices of Prophet Muhammad.

It is not easy to learn and understand hadith without the guidance of professional tutors. Get Islamic classes for adults from experienced and professional tutors to know basically what is Islam and how to follow by Quran and sunnah.

3-Hadith includes Solutions to Social Issues.

Social issues in Islam

When it comes to Social issues and evils, there are numerous Hadith. They condemn several evil acts in society and praises good social morals too.

Hadith about Injustice
From hadith, we can learn that injustice in society ruins everything. It creates different rules for poor and influential personalities. It includes several solutions to social issues. They include government interference in Religion, disagreement between two fellow Muslim beings, cruelty, injustice, references to the education system, and moral corruption.

Needs to Know Solutions of Social Issues
One Muslim can understand the solutions of social issues by taking Hadith’s help, which ensures and strengthens its presence. Quran provides you justifications of two paths out of which one leads to Paradise and the other to Hell. Hadith describes you the real-life example of attaining Paradise and the love of Allah.

4-Know the Rights of Neighbors, Family, and other relations.

Apart from Allah’s basic concept and its existence, the Hadith and Sunna also comprehend the relations. This includes the rights of your neighbors, family, relatives, and mother. If you want to succeed at the Day of Judgment, you need to know about fellow beings’ rights.

Why you need to give rights to Slaves?
Hadith condemn about harsh treating of slaves and orders Muslims to be righteous and soft corners with them. You should also be honest and respect your parents as mother feet are a paradise for a Muslim.

Rights of Relatives
For relatives, there are many Hadith, which guides you to help them at times of need and show them your love and affection too. These rights and rules are to be followed by a true Muslim. Therefore, Hadith is important in this phase as you are guided through different life rules that you could not grasp from the Quran.

Rights of Parents
The Sunna or daily practice of Prophet Muhammad would guide you with personal love and kindness examples for their parents, relatives, and even enemies. You cannot ignore the rights of family or parents if you want to succeed in this life and hereafter too. So, have time and go through the hadith for your guidance of Islamic rules and ideologies.

5-Unseen News Mentioned by Prophet Muhammad.

Apart from just explaining the Quran’s beliefs, there are numerous hadith about unseen news given by the Prophet Muhammad. Some of which includes the story of:

Isra and Miraj
Isra and Miraj which the Prophet itself experienced and told his companions. He visited the hell and heaven together with meeting Allah. This whole story is present in hadith.

Battle of Mutah
Another example of unseen news is regarding the Battle of Mutah. Prophet was a thousand miles away from the battlefield but comprehended the whole story with his Muslim community.

6-The Path of Paradise is eased.

the path to paradise - sunrise way

What is the aim of every Muslim to achieve in this life, or why were they created?
The answer is to pass the Day of Judgment and get the Paradise, which they dreamed of. Therefore, if you want to go to Paradise, you need to follow Islamic practices, including the Quran and Hadith. Hadith and Sunnah provide you a life example of Prophet Muhammad so that Muslims know what to do in their life to pass the Judgment Day and reach Paradise.
You need to follow the practices and footsteps of Prophet Muhammad in the case to get succeeded in this World and the path of Paradise too. According to Hidayah Network Teachers, By the following hadith, you would never be misguided, and your focus would be straight forward of doing good deeds that account to get the love and affection of Allah.

7-Increase the Muslim’s Iman.

A muslim making Duaa'

The Iman or belief of Muslims should be pure, and they should only worship one God, which is Allah Almighty. Through hadith, Muslims know more about miracles and scientific facts, and that increases their belief. 

Miracle and Stories
The miracles and stories would captivate them, and their belief in Allah would be strengthened. The love and devotion for Allah are purified, and you get lessons about punishments to the non- believers in Hadith too. On the other side, the punishments and hardships for non-believers create a terror in Muslims hurt as they should only bow down for Allah Almighty.

8-Knowing More about Prophet Muhammad Character.

Hadith’s importance can be judged by the Quran, which itself commands Muslims to obey the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Through hadith and Sunna, you can know more about Prophet Muhammad’s character and their kindness too.
The example, stories, and daily practices of the Prophet guide Muslims to show love, affection, kindness, and character. Therefore, if you want to learn about the Prophet’s character and pure nature, you surely need to read and understand his Sunna properly.

Conclusion Time
Finally, a Muslim always looks for guidance, and Hadith are the ultimate source of knowledge after the Quran. You should understand, observe, and then apply the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in your life if you want to succeed in the life hereafter. Hadith and Sunna would embark on the right path of your life and save you from evil paths too. Therefore, you need to study Hadith as this is a command and order from Allah Almighty.