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Hidayah Network, a leading Quran learning school, is known for its Quran classes for adults that are conducted by experienced Quran tutors who teach with a step-by-step approach by making a structured plan for each student so that they can easily take out time from their social lives, track their progress and stay motivated throughout.

It’s never too late for adults to start learning the Quran as it is a never-ending journey. Besides the necessity to understand it for guidance while living among non-Muslims, adults also need to learn it to provide a very good base for their kids. 

Adults face difficulty in finding a wholesome platform that could provide a very motivational environment and credible tutors to keep them connected to Quran learning.

Our 3 Main Quran Courses for Adults

Our Quran classes are mainly divided into 3 top courses:

Quran courses for adults

1- Quran for Beginners

This is the starter course for all the newbies to work on their basics and have comprehensive know-how of the Arabic language through Noorani Qaida.

2- Quran Tajweed Course

The tajweed course is a booster for all those who want to work on their Arabic accent and make it as natural as Arabs. 

This course helps you perfect your Quranic pronunciation and move on to the next course.

3- Quran Memorization Course.

You can Join our Quran Hifz classes for adults after or meanwhile, you are learning Tajweed. 

You will be helped to hifz Quran through unique techniques never used before.

Best Tutors for Adults to Learn Quran Online

learn Quran online for adults

We have a defined policy for hiring our Quran teachers. The traits we consider are listed below.

1- Native Arab male and female tutors.

2- Good command of the English language so they can teach students from the West.

3- Graduated from any renowned Islamic University in Quranic studies, and are Ijazah Certified too.

4- Have a 5-star rating and good reviews from clients if experienced in teaching.

5- They had over 5 years of teaching the Quran to adults and helped them memorize and recite Quran. 

6- Flexible in adapting teaching styles to engage each student in the class.

We do not hire straight away, rather make the candidates go through our series of interviews and tests. If you are a sister who wants to learn Quran with the best female teachers, check out our online Quran classes for ladies.

Our Tutors’ Innovative Style of Teaching Quran

We appreciate our tutors for teaching the Quran with new methodologies like:

  • Use of PowerPoint slides
  • Using mind maps
  • Quizzes and puzzles
  • Practice with examples from Quran
  • Educational game
  • Playing audio

Outcomes of Our Online Quran Classes for Adults

All of our Quran classes are scheduled with some practical outcomes in mind that are mandatory to achieve in the course time.

1- After our basic Quran reading classes, you will have learned Arabic, starting from the alphabet’s pronunciation all the way to reading short sentences in Arabic fluently.

2- After the Tajweed classes you will have learned the proper Quranic accent, starting from the articulation points for the letter and ending on skillfully and easily reading short Surah from Quran with proper Tajweed.

3- After your memorization classes, you will have learned to memorize Quran fast by learning some practical techniques. We can help you memorize a big portion of the whole Quran without forgetting it. 

A Structured Plan to learn Quran Online Efficiently 

We will have to assess your reading, Hifz, and Tajweed level in the free trial classes first. Then, we can provide you with a personalized plan that covers the subjects you need to learn.

A highly-tailored plan is designed especially for our Hifz classes for adults, depending on how much they want to learn and how much time they are available. 

The assigned tutor discusses every minute detail with you and then shapes a planner that suits your main interests and needs. 

Why Adults Should Choose Us to Learn Quran? 

The flexibility of Time 24/7

You can schedule your classes anytime 24/7 without any difficulty as we have a bunch of qualified tutors that are available at different times to conduct the classes.

Motivational Learning Environment

You cannot learn to read Quran without working on your errors. So, the Quran tutors keep an evaluation form with them which is filled in regularly and helps focus on the areas of improvement. 

Our Quran Classes for adults are one in a kind that provides a very motivational environment where girls can also learn Quran equally to boys.

A bi-weekly Report for Quran Learners

We generate a report card after every two weeks in which we give a detailed summary of the course.

This report card comprises 5 main categories which are:

  • Testing and reflection on the lesson
  • Common errors to work on
  • Evaluation of the lesson
  • The behavior of the student
  • Plan for the next 4 hours

Evaluation and Certification

All of our courses have an evaluation system where the teachers take tests every now and then via quizzes, riddles, oral questioning, etc.

At the end of each course, the students are given a certificate that is signed by the supervisor and the teacher of that course.

Use of Technology in Our Online Quran Classes

We support all our classes with 

  • PowerPoint Slides
  • 3D Animated videos
  • Educational games
  • Trainers LED sharing

Our Monthly Feedback Form for Students

We provide a monthly feedback google form that bridges the gap between you and us.

You can fill in the form and let us know about your concerns and views whether positive or negative. 

Our other Best Quran Classes Features

One-on-one Personalized Quran Classes 

We provide you with a facility for a single-person class where you are the only one to attend a personalized class with 100% focus

Separate Female Teachers for Sisters

online Quran classes for ladies

Our platform is enriched with qualified Female Quran tutors to make the courses like Online Hifz classes for ladies and Tajweed classes for sisters a totally different experience. 

Pocket-Friendly fee Package

We do not burden our students with any hidden charges. We have a very economical fee package starting just from $3.

The prices of all the courses are kept minimum to be within reach of all.

Discounts For Families

We offer discounts for families who enroll in our Quran classes. 

Even if you can’t pay for any of the courses, our sponsors will help you in this regard and you can enjoy Quran classes free of cost.

Interactive Group Classes for Adults 

Our group classes are very interactive where students develop a lovely bond with each other and motivate their mates too.

The number of students in each group is kept at 4.

Most Important FAQs 

Is It Possible to Learn the Quran from the Very Beginning?

Yes, it is possible to learn the Quran at any stage of your life under the supervision of our expert native Arabic tutors. 

How Much Time Is Required to Learn Quran with Tajweed Online with You?

On average, a vigilant adult can learn the Quran online with Tajweed within 3 to 4 months. 

However, it completely depends on your attentiveness and mental capacity to understand Arabic. 

Can Adults Memorize the Quran Regardless of Their Age?

Yes, adults can memorize the Quran depending upon the productive efforts of the tutor and the intensity of studies (number of classes you take).

I Haven’t Taken Online Quran Classes Before, Will I Be Able to Manage This?

Of course, our online courses are composed of easy details that can be followed by an elderly person and a 4-year-old child. 

What Is the Recovery Procedure If I Miss a Class?

All the lectures provided by your teacher will be available on the student online portal. 

Otherwise, you can also negotiate with your tutor in a one-to-one Quran session to repeat or arrange the missed lecture on some other day. 

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