Online Quran classes for adults | Learn Quran online for adults

Best online Quran classes for adults| Learn Quran for adults

If you are searching for the best online Quran classes and desire to learn Quran Online for adults at any stage of your life, then we will cater for you at this renowned platform known as Hidayah network

Our online Quran classes for adults will enlighten your Quran learning skills and will furnish you with a booster dose of emotional, spiritual, moral, and emotional satisfaction after learning the Quran with us.

Online Quran classes with incredible attributes!

We offer the following strategies to make sure you’re very much involved in Quran learning;

Our unique method of teaching will break the stereotypic regular study in madrassas and you would prefer online Quran learning for adults. 

We offer comprehensive and economical study at our Online Quran classes for beginners.

• Learning Quran Online by the most professional teachers at home is an added bonus.

Our students will not just memorize the Quran at our Online Hifz classes for adults but it will also make their lives ethos.

We offer creative and unique ideas to make sure our students are learning the Quran even in their leisure time.  We offer affordable classes without taking any fancy registration fees.

What makes our Quran classes for adults the best?

One of the most highlighted tips that will assist them to learn to read Quran for adults effectively is to comprehend the objective of Quran revelation. As Prophet PBUH also said,

 “The most superior among you are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others”. 

Our Online Quran classes for beginners have been acclaimed as the no.1 choice of customers as it will not impose the Quran learning on them but properly influence them to learn the Quran dedicatedly.

Professional Tutors accessible for your journey of Online Quran learning:

Learning Quran is equally significant for Muslim women and men. In incoherence with this, we have introduced versatile yet easy-to-avail best online Quran classes for adults encompassing online Quran classes for ladies also. 

In the advent of the 21st century, learning Quran online is one of the premium opportunities to avail. The most powerful feature of our online Quran classes for adults is the team of highly professional and expert tutors that will urge you to select us.  

A certified tutor or Qari depending upon the nature of the course you are enrolling will teach you effectively. We have a team of qualified and professional Quran teachers and most of them have graduated from Al-Azhar University and have full-fledged certification. 

They have years of experience to furnish the students with high-end skills of Quran learning.

 We are a reliable and globally recognized Quran school not just for adults, but also Quran Classes for Kids.

With a cooperative and dedicated team of native Arab and non-Arab Quran tutors. 

At Hidayah Network we will serve you and your kids with a magnificent opportunity to learn the Quran with tajweed online, at home.

Hidayah Network promotes emancipated Online learning of the Quran!  

All the courses launched by us are devoted to empowering you to study in a way that will allow you to tear down all your inequities. 

It also encourages you to supplement your self-study with the professional supervision of the teacher. 

Our experienced and certified teacher will assist you in correcting your mistakes, tracking your assignments and following up on your programs.

Learn Quran For Adults with flexible scheduling 24/7!

E-learning has enabled Muslims to learn the Holy Quran online from the safe vicinity of their houses. This facet of online Quran learning is outstanding and will equip the learners with the following benefits:

• Learning Quran online will save your time and allow the students to sketch their own suitable time and study plan. We offer you the best way to learn the Quran online for adults by saving your time in transportation and waiting in the traditional way. 

The perspectives of security and safety are fulfilled in attending the online Quran classes for Adults. There is no need to physically approach the institutes or tutors. 

Hence, learning Quran reading basics as possible after enrolling in this worthy course without disrupting your busy schedule, you can access all the Quran learning facilities through our online Quran learning courses

The facility of online Quran Classes for ladies:

online Quran classes for ladies

As it is narrated by Prophet Muhammad PBUH that:

Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim”.

This hadith clearly infer that education is not a right but a responsibility on every Muslim, male and female. 

• Hidayah network has taken a staple and evident step towards the Quran learning ritual of women and has introduced online Quran classes for ladies. 

The role of women in learning the Quran online is notable as they have to look after their kids and bring them up in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Our specially crafted online Quran classes for sisters will nurture you with a trustworthy platform for learning Quran with tajweed or Hifz properly.

There is no need for traveling or driving to a nearby Islamic school or madrasa. 

•  Two-day trials are also available to satisfy our female students before recruiting in a specific course. 

At Hidayah Network we have the world’s best and highly skilled female Quran tutors and scholars for our female students. 

Our female Quran tutors will be available at hours convenient for the learner

A special discount offer is also available for online Quran classes for sisters. If you and your sister enroll with you then we offer you a considerable concession. 

• Online Quran learning classes for ladies are the ultimate way to learn the Quran without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Personalized study plan for each student to learn Quran online effectively:

The customized plan specially designed for each student distinguishes us from the rest of the online market. We offer the best online Quran classes for adults that encompass tajweed, Quran translation, and Hifz courses.

 You can also avail yourself of the option of hiring your favorite tutor after taking the trial.

•  We will provide the students with a personalized curriculum that will suit every student according to his/her background knowledge of the Arabic language.

•  All the requisites for composing the personalized curriculum will be decided after the trial classes of the candidate. 

Step by Step Courses to Learn Quran online for adults:

Being from a Muslim community, we have a firm belief that this worldly life is transient, every soul will taste death one day. Hence, exerting your efforts in learning to read the Quran will lead you towards a fruitful destination. 

After interacting with the iconic platform of Online Quran classes for beginners , you can opt for numerous courses that suit your taste and demand perfectly. 

You can either select to learn Quran online with tajweed or take the online Hifz classes for adults. 

Hidayah network offers multiple courses which are as follows:

Learn Quran Basics for adults 

Online learning of Quran for beginners course is an elementary course designed for beginners and specifically for those adults that have a weak foundation of reading the Quranic alphabets. 

Adults who don’t have any idea how to read the Quranic verses can certainly find this course as a cherry on top. This will help them to enroute their stronger foundation.

 We in our learning Quran Online offer an amazingly designed Qaida course for all ages of people to make your learning fast and easy. 

Online Quran recitation course for adults

The significance of Qur’anic recitation is a vital component for learning the Quran. It lay downs the foundation of learning Quran online and will assist you to get fluent in Quran recitation. 

You will have a high command in reciting the Quran after enrolling in this course. 

learn Quran with Tajweed online

Reading the Holy Quran is a noble deed and it is much better for you if you learn the Quran with tajweed online with us!

We offer the best online Tajweed courses for adults and kids. It will help kids, men, and women to learn the  Quran online for adults

The proficient course of online Hifz classes for adults

Our Online Hifz classes for adults is the ultimate way to memorize the Holy book of Allah. It is a remarkable course to Hifz Quran in a short tenure and effectively. 

This course is designed for adults either male or female.

 It will impart a positive change in your Quran learning abilities and provide you with a clear path to memorize the Quran conveniently. 

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Our Innovative Teaching methodology for faster learning of the Quran!

We are amalgamating humble efforts to spread the golden light of the Quran around the world with the assistance of the internet. In a very short time,we have been demarcated as the embodiment of the best online Quran classes for adults on international forums.

The most powerful feature of our online Quran classes for adults are the team of highly professional and expert tutors that will urge you to select us. 

 Allah Almighty revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet (PBUH) in the Arabic language. As Allah Almighty has narrated in the Holy Quran:

 “Indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, so that you may understand”.

 In accordance with this, we have separated the faculty whether you want to study from male or a female Hafiz has recruited native Arabic tutors to teach the Quran to adults, ladies, kids and beginners perfectly. 

No Language Barrier with online Quran classes for adults!

Tutors recruited in our online Hifz classes for adults have exceptional skills in Arabic and English languages that will allow them to drive the course cooperatively. 

We are utilizing innovative techniques that will surely make you love the process of Quran learning.

Peculiar course management with effective tools!

In order to make the course interesting and engaging, our professional Quran tutors will make use of presentable and engaging content that will organically develop the interest of candidates in learning the Quran online. 

Recitation and revision of previously taught lessons on a daily basis will smoothen out the way towards learning the holy Quran. 

The initial phase of the course is crucial as it is interlinked with the familiarity of the candidate with the Holy Quran. 

It will be quite convenient for adults and kids to learn the Quran online after knowing the meaning of the Quranic verses. This technique is helpful not only to learn Quran with tajweed online but also to Hifz it. 

The use of recording tools, along with interesting assignment work will polish the learning skills of candidates. 

One-to-One  personalized online Quran classes:

The core target of One-to-one personalized online Quran classes is to furnish the students with an elite class motivating learning environment. 

Your tutor will inculcate all its efforts to provide the student with a healthy and motivating environment.

Another added benefit of these Quran classes for adults is that you can ask your queries directly from your tutor and get answered instantly. 

Monthly and weekly evaluation report to boost progress!

The candidates enrolled in our outclass Quran school for adults will have complete access to keep a record of their progress through an online portal assigned to each student. 

 We will keep the learners aware of their daily progress routine that will allow them to target and work on their weak points. 

With the assistance of evaluation reports the candidates are able to track their learning map and will enhance their learning regimes. 

Affordable payment plan for Best online Quran classes!

The orientation of courses regarding the fees is significant for every candidate, therefore, we have introduced the most affordable yet best online Quran classes for adults. 

If you are genuinely wanting to have a reasonable option of learning the Quran online then we are the perfect option for you. 

•  All the courses offered by Hidayah Network are extremely budget-friendly for almost all categories of candidates. 

•  We are not aiming to charge higher from our students especially in Pershing this noble act of Quran teaching. Therefore, we are offering this noble act at negligible prices.

•  We are a highly reliable platform with cost-effective Quran courses for you. 

Prime Benefits of Learning Quran Online with us:

Recitation, Memorization, Translation, Tajweed | All in One Plate Just for You!

•  The major reason behind calling this course for adults the best online Quran classes for adults is that we emphasize constructing the easiest pathway for adults of all ages. 

•  If you are genuinely willing to learn the recitation, translation and memorization of the Quran then no one can serve you better than us.

•  A highly manageable and expert team of tutors will provide you with outclass guidelines to excel in your desired course.  

•  We warm-heartedly welcome every candidate regardless of its age. A child of 4 years and an adult of 60 years can join our Quran classes for adults. 

Learn to read Quran for adults

A properly guided course for learning Quran reading basics is also available for newcomers entering the humble boundaries of Islam, kids, and adults.

The specification of our online Quran classes for adults have been discussed in a separate detailed article.


Each passing day is a chance to evolve ourselves for better bonding with Allah Almighty, which can be easily achievable by the help of learning the Quran. 

The Prophet (PBUH) has narrated beautifully;

         “The Holy Quran is a wealth that no wealth can equal it. And there will be no poverty after all.”  

So choose the right way to spend your life in a way that will make you and your parents feel proud when they look at you and overcome your mistakes that can transform your life for good!

 So enroll yourself now in Online Quran classes for adults.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is it possible to learn the Quran from the very beginning?

Yes, it is possible to learn the Quran at any stage of your life under the kind supervision of our expert native Arabic tutors. 

Can adults memorize the Quran regardless of their age?

Yes, adults can memorize the Quran depending upon the productive efforts of the tutor and intensity of studies (number of classes you take).

I haven’t taken online Quran classes before, will I be able to manage this?

Of course, our online courses are composed of easy details that can be followed by an elderly person and a 4-year-old child. 

Do you offer online Hifz classes for adults?

Yes, Quran Hifz online tasks have become very easy for adults and kids looking forward to Hifz Quran with our Quran memorization course. 

How much time is required to learn Quran with Tajweed online with you?

On average, a vigilant adult can learn the Quran online with Tajweed within 3 to 4 months. 

However, it completely depends on your attentiveness and mental capacity to understand Arabic. 

What is the recovery procedure if I miss a class?

All the lectures provided by your teacher will be available on the student online portal. 

Otherwise, you can also negotiate with your tutor in a one-to-one Quran session of your online Quran class to repeat or arrange the missed lecture on some other day. 


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