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Hifz Quran for adults is a versatile course that is not only for the Native Arabs but for all the Muslims living in this world. We provide a unique online school that helps adults fulfill their dream of memorizing the Quran.

What makes our Hifz course for adults different?

There may be uncountable platforms and online Quran schools that claim to be the best but we show how we are unique and one of a kind. The following features will help you learn how our Hifz course for adults is different.

1- Highly qualified Quran memorization teachers:

When it comes to the teachers of the Hifz program, we deal with utmost scrutiny and tough selection criteria to choose the best ones.

1- Our Quran memorization teachers are hired after a selection test and interview conducted by the professional scholars.

2- These native Arab teachers have completed their Ijazah from an authorized and a very well known institution Al-Azhar University at a very young age.

3- They are devoted and dedicated to helping Muslims memorize the Quran confidently.


4- Our tutors have years of experience in this field, and they share their special techniques of memorization with the students, that is why our online Quran memorization course is a big success.

5- Having a language barrier? No problem!! The teachers we have selected for our hifz course,  speak English fluently and make students understand the lesson well.

6- These top-listed teachers are experts in their Tajweed, Makharij, Quranic understanding, and Arabic language.

So, let’s take TWO FREE trials of our “Hifz Quran for adults” and unlock the salient features of our hifz course.

2- Well-articulated plan of hifz Quran for adults:

Once you have made up your mind for Hifz Al-Quran, go through the customized plans for memorization offered by us. 

We bear the fact in mind that every individual has its own learning capacity and speed. That is why we let you decide whether to hifz the whole Quran or the selected portions (different Surahs).

A plan of memorizing the whole Quran for adults

Our Best Quran Hifz school has plans for memorization for different surahs and Juz. You can select your plan or make a customized plan for yourself. Your teacher will help you through the process.

3- Our unique techniques used in this online hifz course:

Obviously, memorizing the Quran is a serious deal. It requires time, patience, dedication, hard work and thorough revisions. To make your journey interesting, easy, and super engaging, we have devised unique techniques for this online hifz program.

1- Rot-learning technique.

2- Auditory-learning technique.

3- Visual-supported technique.

4- Reciting to your buddy.

5- Revising the lesson in Salah.

6- Understanding the meaning of the verses.

These techniques are designed to make our online hifz program easy for adults and will help you become hafiz in a short time.

Note: The application of these techniques may vary from a learner to a learner. Some might not be suitable for one, but amazing for the other.

4- Weekly reports to track your progress in hifz:

In Quran Hifz classes we generate weekly reports to track your progress in hifz.

Meetings are scheduled to discuss the weaknesses and to mutually decide the ways to cope with them.

These reports and regular meet-up sessions help keep you on track and map out the rough estimated time of hifz completion. 

→ We also offer online Tajweed classes for beginners. That will help you read what you are going to memorize correctly. 

5- Interactive 1 to 1 and group classes of Hifz Quran:

Quran hifz for adults can be done through both one-on-one and group classes.

In the individual-focused class, the learner can avail of the opportunity of attending fully customized and 100% attention of the teacher.

Whereas, in the group class, adults will be grouped according to their families, same lessons, or same age. 

Our groups are limited to only 4 members. The groups exceeding four are shaped again to let each Quran hifz teacher have the same number of students. 

You will get a discount if the second or third member from your family gets enrolled in any of our courses or in the same hifz course.

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6- TWO FREE trials with 2 different hifz teachers:

Here comes another reason why we should be your 1st choice when it comes to online hifz program. 

You can avail of our two FREE hifz trials with two different hifz teachers teaching you. This is to let you choose which teacher suits you the most according to his/her teaching style.

Once you attend a free trial class from both the teachers, take some time to decide, let us know, and we will hire that tutor for you.

Note: Select your suitable timing for your Quran hifz classes and get started with this journey with your selective teacher.

7- Encouraging environment for intensive hifz course:

intensive hifz course for adults


Don’t expect harsh comments and disregard from our hifz teachers. They are experienced in creating an encouraging and supportive learning environment for intensive hifz course. 

It is no doubt a vigorous task that can only be successfully achieved if the teachers and mates are quite motivating.

We help slow learners by applying different strategies to make them capable of achieving their goals.

8- Rewards and certification to top Quran hifz students:

Quran hifz classes for adults are extensive and demand devotion and hard work. We keep our students’ motivation level high by giving rewards after they achieve the set target of hifz portion.

We claim to have the best Quran hifz school online due to the fact that our students give positive feedback once they complete their Quran memorization course.

All the students of hifz program are awarded a certificate signed by the supervisors at the end of the course.

We also give financial gifts to our brilliant students that encourage them to give the best they can.

9- Monthly competitions between our hifz students:

To break the monotony of Quran hifz classes, we arrange and conduct monthly competitions between hifz students.

This lets them prepare well for different rounds to reach the finale. It also helps motivate the students to give extra time to their revisions to be on the top.

The winners are given cash prizes, trophies, and certificates to appreciate their hard work and to boost their morale.

10- Facility of both male and female hifz teachers:

Hidayah Network, the best Quran hifz school online is offering you an opportunity to select a gender-specific teacher for yourselves.

Keeping the concern of female adults into consideration, we are pleased to provide you both male and female teachers so that you can select the one you feel comfortable with.

11- Pocket-friendly fee structure of Quran hifz for adults:

The fee structure of Quran hifz for adults is highly affordable and economical as compared to the competitors around us.

Your selected teacher, your convenient time, your customized plan, and your choice of class at a pocket-friendly rate is all that you are looking for.

Click to get enrolled in this online hifz course in no time.

12- Flexible timings for all of our hifz classes:

We are available 24/7, unlike the typical Quran institutions where you have to attend the classes in the given time frame.

You can tell us the time that best suits you and in which you can easily focus properly on your lesson.

Attend your lesson via the ZOOM app and reach your target with the best hifz teacher.

Note: In case you are not available for the lesson, inform your teacher beforehand and schedule your timing according to your availability.

13- The productive outcomes of our Hifz course for adults:

We have some productive outcomes of our hifz course for adults. We intend to achieve these outcomes from all of our hifz students.

1- To complete the planned portion of the Quran in the set time frame.

2- To memorize the Quran or the part of the Quran with proper tajweed and makharij.

3- To actively participate in the monthly competitions and try to stand atop.

4- To keep tracking the progress by putting in extra efforts of revision.

5-  To adorn their voices with the pearls of Arabic accent in Qiraat.

6- To keep revising the learned part every day in Salah and leisure time.

7- To understand the overall meaning of the Surah to be memorized. 

The FAQs about this hifz course 

Which part of the Quran are you going to start with?

We will start with the easiest and the smallest Surahs to develop interest and understanding in the beginning.

I have memorized Juzz amma but not with proper tajweed. Can I enroll in this course to gain perfection?

Yes, we have customized plans for different Juzz of your choice. Your teacher will work on your tajweed.

How many classes per week do I have to attend?

It depends on you how much time you can give to your Quran memorization weekly. The time duration will be set by you when you will design your plan with the teacher.

How to get enrolled in this course?

It is very simple. Fill out our FREE trial hifz form. Then, pay the dues and get started.

How do you accept the fee?

We have different options you can choose from, at your convenience.


Bank transfer

Western Union

MoneyGram etc


If you have a dream to learn the book of Allah or any of its portions by heart, don’t feel hesitant to step ahead and let us take the responsibility to help and guide you through your Memorization journey. Hifz Quran for adults is the course designed for you to achieve your goals.

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