Getting the reward for the parents of Hafiz requires hard work on the Tarbiyah, character building, and the Quran Hifz classes of their kids to be crowned and presented with a unique garment, and such offspring will definitely elevate their parents’ status by constantly praying for them. 

Parents of hafiz are not to be looked down upon ordinarily as there are many benefits for parents of Hafiz Quran. They are the lucky ones who paved the path of the memorization journey for their kids and helped them reach their goals.

Countless Rewards For Parents of Hafiz

Parents are the torch-bearers of guiding and instilling good deeds in their kids and for each effort, they will be given rewards. 

There are many parents who let their children memorize Quran, but in the middle of the journey, they either stop motivating them or neglect the hard work that is required to maintain the memorization with a complete Hifz course

Due to their lack of attention, kids start forgetting their memorized portions. So, on the part of parents, there lies a heavy duty that will bear sweet fruits of reward on the Day of Judgement.

Following are some of the rewards for Hafiz Quran parents that we know through authentic hadiths. Rest Allah knows well how much He will reward His servants.

1. The Parents of Quran Hafiz Will be Crowned.

According to an authentic hadith, not only the status of hafiz in islam is high but also the parents of hafiz will be crowned on the day of Judgement to let them become prominent among the rest.

They will be sitting like kings and queens because of the status of their hafiz kids. The words of the hadith are,

“Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter’s parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyamat.’’

The light of that crown is said to be much more illuminating than the Sun of this world. No one can even imagine that light and the blessed moment the parents would feel. 

If you really want to enjoy that status where the whole of mankind will see you with pride, then you need to put in extra effort to help your child memorize Quran and also maintain it.

2. They Will be Given 2 Beautiful Garments to Wear

Not only the crown but the parents will also be given 2 beautiful garments to wear. After realizing the status of Hafiz parents in Jannah you will be provoked to make your kids Hifz Quran.

The parents will be given garments that far surpass everything to be found in this world. They will say, 

“Why have we been given this to wear?” It will be said, “Because your child learned the Quran.”

3. They Will Be Rewarded for Tarbiyah

You cannot forcefully make your kids memorize Quran and maintain it. For this blessed task parents need to focus too much on the Tarbiyah (personality and character training according to Islam) of their kids. 

Parents will be rewarded for every right step they will take to make better decisions for their kids regarding Quran learning. 

The importance of Islamic training is highlighted in this hadith where Prophet Muhammad SAWW said,

“The best thing a father provides to his child is good manners and ethical training.”

Hidayah Network Islamic tutors say, if you will provide an excellent Islamic base to your toddlers, instill the love of Allah, and make kids love to memorize Quran, you will be rewarded because of the rightful duty that you will fulfill.

4. Hafiz will be a Sadaqa Jariah for His Parents

Sadaqa Jariah means the charity that continues even after the death of the person who has initiated that good deed. The hadith in Sahih Muslim says,

“If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqa Jariah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” 

If parents have successfully raised their kids Islamically and they pray for their parents after they have died, then the parents will be given a reward whenever their kids will pray for them. 

For the ideal upbringing, we suggest mothers get enrolled in Hifz courses for ladies so that they know how much time and energy memorization requires. Only then, they will support and motivate their kids to learn Quran.

There are a hundred and one advantages of being Hafiz, the more parents will invest in the upbringing of their offspring, the better would be the treasure of Sadaqah Jariah that will keep gathering for you.

5. Parents Will be Rewarded For Initiating Good Deeds

Parents have the responsibility to nurture their kids by instilling good values in them that will bear fruit for not only the kids but the parents too. If you as parents will initiate a good deed and encourage your child to adopt it, it will become a habit for your child.

Let’s say you initiated a good deed, a sunnah deed of reciting Surah Al-Mulk before sleeping. Slowly and gradually, your child will hifz it just by listening to it from you. Then, they will start reciting it when they grow up. There will be plenty of rewards for only this deed. like: 

  • Following a sunnah.
  • Encourage your kids to memorize the surah.
  • Kids reciting and encouraging siblings to recite and memorize.

6. Prayers for Parents

The parents of hafiz are comparatively lucky to have prayers from their kids because they have inculcated the values in them that make them righteous sons/daughters.

Such offspring will pass on the values they have learned from their parents to their kids and the chain of Sadaqa Jariah will continue. This is how the parents will gather prayers even from their grandchildren and every time they get a prayer, their status will be elevated and they will be rewarded.  

The kids who memorize Quran know the duas for parents that are mentioned in the Quran. So they recite those duas consciously and let their parents get ease and rewards.


These benefits of Quran memorization are only known when you connect your kids to the Book of Allah. Allah has certainly given some magical intelligence and memory to some of His servants. If you think your kid possesses one, do motivate them and make the journey of memorization easy for them and let them understand and gain the virtues of memorizing the Quran. Join Hidayah Network online quran memorization classes today to start your hifz journey.