Keeping the words of Allah in their hearts forever is an amazing experience for those who have gone through this miraculous journey. Quran memorization, undoubtedly, has uncountable benefits, rewards, and significance. It is said to have mental, physiological, health, and spiritual benefits if done purely for the sake of Allah and not for worldly show-off or any other reason. 

The one who recites the words of Allah is heard by angels and talked about in the heavens by Allah Almighty, what else could be more honoring and motivating than this? We have listed here the top benefits of Quran Hifz to appreciate those who are on this track and motivate those who are about to start the expedition.

8 Benefits of Memorizing the Quran 

Here are some Benefits of Memorizing the Quran and getting ALLAH blessing.

1-You Are Allah’s Favourite.

Allah says in Surah Al-Hijr:

Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.’

If we ponder over this Ayah we come to know that it is through Huffaz that Allah will guard His words. There are billions of Muslims living around the globe and not everyone is given the intelligence of memorizing the Quran or any of its portions. 

Those who have any piece of the Quran saved in their hearts are surely Allah’s favorite because it is due to Allah’s help and Will that they have memorized Quran.

It is said that even if you are memorizing an ayat or two and you die in that state, you died as Hafiz. So, we suggest learning any part or the whole Book and digging deeper to know the status of a hafiz.

2- Climb Up To The Luxurious Abode.

Who wouldn’t like to have the most beautiful palace-like house in Jannah, the one built luxuriously and on top? Getting permitted from Allah to decide where you will live in Jannah depends on the recitation you will do and climb up. The last ayat you stop on is the last junction where you will have your House. 

Imagine climbing up the stairs of Jannah and reciting all the portions of the Quran you know by heart. Surely, we would love to recite all 6666 verses. This elevated status and honor of Haafiz are only due to the Quran memorization and the rigorous efforts the person has made in the world to maintain his/her hifz.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that all these benefits are not merely for reciting Quran from memory; neither striving to know what these verses mean nor trying to implement it in life. Simple recitation will surely be rewarded but memorizing without knowing the meaning at all is not suggested at all.

3- Let Quran Be Your Advocate.

An authentic hadith refers that your fast and your Quran will be your advocate on the day of Resurrection. As far as Quran is concerned, it will intercede and say: I kept him from sleeping during the night; let me intercede for him. And they (The Fast and the Quran) will be allowed to intercede.”

Understand it from the hifz point of view. Let us suppose, you have memorized Surah Al-Mulk and since then you kept on reciting it every night before sleeping because you learned that it will save you from hellfire. Now, on the Day of Judgement, These very verses will be your advocate and tell Allah that so and so kept on reciting me so save him from your Ghazab.

4- Improve Your Memory Through Hifz.

Another amazing benefit to be stated here is the memory box which works magically once you start memorizing Quran. There are many scientific references to this hypothesis that once you start challenging your memory by learning beyond your expected capacity, your memory starts improving and that’s proof that Hifz can improve your memory.   

The process of Hifz and revision at Hidayah Network is the best example to be quoted here. They make you Hifz quran online and revise in a very structured and systematic way that your memory sharpens and whatever you have hifz is retained for a long term. The more you revise and keep on reciting, the better your memory would be, and later on in your life when you will recite those verses, you will still remember where the page ends and the next starts.

5- Get Ready For The Brightest Crown and The Beautiful Garment.

Huffaz will be treated differently than others. All those who will get the ticket to Jannah will witness the protocol and respect Memorizers will get on that day. To be named among those lucky ones you need to put in the best of your efforts to learn the Quran. It is said that a crown will be placed on the heads of huffaz and they will adorn a beautiful garment that was never seen in the world.

Another reference says that the parents of Hafiz will be given a crown that will shine more than the sun shone in the houses of the world. This is enough to stand out from the rest of the Jannah buddies. So, why not buckle up your energies and motivate yourselves to strive to learn, retain, and maintain as much Quran as you can?

6- Get Accompanied By Angels.

Ask a question to yourself. Whose company is better? A person’s or an angel’s? Of course, we would love to be accompanied by angels who are sin-free and all the time busy praising Allah SWT. This is possible if you are spending your time learning the Quran. 

Learning includes everything; recitation, understanding, memorization, and Tajweed. The minutes and hours spent in this field are looked down upon by Allah with Mercy, Barakah, and Love. The hadith tells that when the people of Allah gather to learn the Quran, angels cover them up and provide a shadow with their wings. What could be more convincing to connect with Quran than the feeling of having the angels around you? 

7- Pass On The Legacy To The Generations To Come.

This benefit of memorizing the Quran works a lot as Sadqa Jariah. If you want your generations to stay connected to the book of Allah, and want someone from your predecessors to be a hafiz too, pass on the legacy and get rewarded. The overall environment you provide to your kids, the upbringing, and the knowledge you induce will all help them love Quran and memorize it.

It is said that a hafiz can take 10 of his relatives to Jannah with him. How about having more Huffaz in the generations to come? You need to work wisely and cautiously to successfully let it happen. 

8- Multiply The Rewards By Ten.

Each word you read gives you 10 rewards. And the hadith says (Alif-Laam-Meem) are considered 3 words. Now imagine you have memorized just one Surah i-e Al-Kauther, it has only 3 verses and 43 letters in total. Now multiply it by 10 and you are rewarded 430 good needs just 1 time you recited 1 little surah. 

Even if you just keep on revising this Surah, your rewards will keep on multiplying. Imagine how much memorizing a juz, or half the Quran or the Whole book could benefit you in the Hereafter. Instead of memorizing little strive for more because we are here to perform as much as we can.

Memorizing less and wasting time on other chores that were not essential at all will make us regret that day. So better use the time efficiently. Moreover, read more about very encouraging Hadiths regarding the reward for the parents of a Hafiz

Health Benefits of Quran Memorization

Quran is surely a cure for diseases that are hidden in the chest and that are present in the world. If you know how to get benefitted from Quran for Shifa, you will recite Ayaat which is told to us by Prophet SAWW, and provide a cure. Here is the list of the health benefits of the Hifz Quran.

  • It boosts concentration and focus.
  • It provides shifa from illness uncured by medical aids.
  • It promotes the brain’s stability and capacity.
  • It keeps you on a halal diet and food.
  • It boosts the memory box.
  • It helps get out of depression and other mental illnesses


Quran memorization has lots of benefits if observed keenly. We should avail of every possible opportunity to get connected to the Book of Allah and learn whatever we can so that we can also be among those who strive for this Book and find intercession from it.