Memorizing the Quran is a life-ling Ibadah as it needs revisions all the time. The more you revise the chapters, the better your memorization will become and it will strengthen your brain too. It is very important to improve and increase memory by memorizing the verses of the Quran because in this way you can let your brain enhance its capacity. 

To focus on how Quran memorization improves memory, we teach through levels of learning that send memorized portions to the long-term memory and help increase the working capacity. Our revision policy also helps improve memory by focusing on different memorized parts.

The Impact Of Quran Hifz on the memory

It is noteworthy that those who memorized the Quran can learn any other text in a very short time. This happens because of the repetition of verses again and again which develops the brain cells to work more and strengthen the memory box. The more you learn, the better your long-term memory will become.

Secondly, no other book on Earth is memorized with such a dedication that people have for the Quran due to the element of Love, devotion, and rewards that this Book will bring. So, when you learn something with passion and want to retain it always, you revise it and keep it fresh in your memory. In this way, the memory box is always full of the information stored in it and it works better.

Thirdly, after doing intensive efforts for the Quran hifz program, everything else becomes super easy to learn and keep in memory.

Memorising a large quantity of text at an early age enhances a person’s working memory and learning skills, according to Dr. Haneen Jarrar, a child psychologist.’ Hence, this miraculous book certainly has to do something with our memory box.

9 Tips To Improve Your Memory Through Quran Memorization

It is sometimes difficult to retain the memorized verses for a long time. Here are some easy tips to improve memory to keep whatever you have memorized.

1- Revision

Usually, people forget what they have learned because they didn’t revise it as required. Hidayah Network has a very unique revision technique that their students of Quran memorization classes apply to keep the verses retained forever.

The repetition strategy goes in the following way.

1st repetition –  Right after learning the verses from the tutor

2nd repetition – After 20-30 minutes 

3rd repetition –  After 1 day

4th repetition –  After 2-3 weeks

5th repetition –  AFTER 2-3 months

This is how the new lessons and the old lessons are retained in the memory for a long time.

2- Build your Mind Palace

This is something exciting! When you are learning your Quran hifz lesson, associate the words with something around you. It can be anything on the wall, on the floor, or in the window, etc. Now number the verses from 1 to 5 and associate those numbers with the things around you. This way, you can easily recall the sequence of your numbers.

Let’s understand this example. You have to learn Surah An-Naas, there are 5 Ayaat in it. Associate Ayat 1 with the wall hanging, Ayat 2 with the floor cushion, Ayat 3 with the curtain, Ayat 4 with the floor carpet, and Ayat 5 with the fan. The sequence goes up, down, up, down, and up again (like a zig-zag). Now, whenever you will recite the surah you will remember which Ayat comes first (the floor cushion or fan). It helps in retaining the learned surahs in the memory.

3- Understand The Text You Are Learning

When you learn something without understanding, you will forget it as soon as you are stuck. It is suggested to understand the meaning of the verses you are learning so that you know what you are reciting, and whenever you will forget even a single word, the story and the meaning will help you recall it. 

Our qualified tutors at Hidayah Network are experienced in applying this method in online Quran Hifz course. They explain:

The overall theme of the Surah. 

✅ The meaning of the name of the Surah and the story behind it.

✅ The meaning of the verses.

4- Record and Listen

That is another wonderful tip for lesson retention and improving the memory capacity to record your lesson and listen to it as many times as possible. This will help you perfect your lesson as well. Sometimes you don’t feel like uttering a single word, so try this tip and just listen to your recitation after recording it with closed eyes or in a peaceful place. It will be counted as a revision.

While listening, your memory cells will trigger to tell you that you have learned it and the verses will automatically revolve in your brain. keep in mind that you should not memorize Quran on your own but rather ask a teacher to listen to your Hifz.

5- Visualise The Text (Loci Method)

This tip is somewhat like the mind palace but it mainly focuses on the start and the end of the verse. Loci are the plural of locus which means location.

You have to associate the first word of each verse with a location around you to remember the whole sentence in a sequence from the first word. You have to make a story of the locations associated with the initials of each Ayat and then recall your story and recite the verse. 

6- Take Breaks

Don’t overburden yourself while memorizing the verses. Take breaks between the lessons to let your brain take a rest and then start again with fresh vibes.

 To improve your memory retention, you have to give short naps to your brain cells. If you have joined an online Quran class, they will let you have a break to relax and then you can continue memorizing.

If your mind is exhausted, the learned lessons will just roam in your short-term memory because you didn’t focus on them too much to send them to the long-term memory box.

7- Avoid Sins

Imam Shafi was known for His powerful memory. It is said that he used to look at the text like a scanner and everything was gone straight to his memory. He was asked about this quality of powerful and amazing memory. He advised avoiding sins to become a Hafiz.

The Quran is from Allah and forgetfulness is from Shaitan. If you disobey Allah and please Shaitan by indulging in any sort of sin, then you will start forgetting the memorized portion of the Quran. Sometimes you will forget to revise, the other day you will be too busy to learn. This is how Shaitan will let you keep sinning, and forget Quran.

Before starting your lessons don’t forget to recite your duaa to help you stay away from sins and distractions while learning.

8- Fill The Memory Box With Valuable Infomation

If you are memorizing Quran and watching Tv shows and movies alongside it! You will see that you tend to forget the lesson or it has lots of errors. This is because the memory box is getting filled up with vague and useless information. 

It is in the authentic hadith that says,

“Part of the perfection of someone’s Islam is his leaving alone that which does not concern him.”

9- Check Your Eat and Sleep Patterns

There is a saying that man is what he eats! Your food intake determines your overall personality. The more you are prone to halal and tayyib risq, the better your mind and heart will work, and remember Quran only stays in the pure minds and hearts. 

Similarly, your sleep pattern has a deep connection with your memory retention. If you are not taking a night of proper healthy sleep, you will tend to be sleepy and passive during the day time and the lesson you will learn will not be as good as it should be. 

So, focus on your eat-and-sleep routine to let the words of ALLAH remain in your brain for a long time. The more fresh and healthy you are, the more your memory box will increase.


These tips were meant to make Quran memorization lessons easily obtainable for learners and to help them enhance their memory by implementing these tips. We believe that it is the Quran that holds the learner in its miraculous blessings to help them keep it safe in their hearts. You are welcome to join our Quran Hifz classes to let your memory enhance with these easy tips.