Don’t we wish to see our youngsters opening and reciting the Qur’an without us requesting that they do so? Won’t it make you satisfied to see your little boy or girl contemplating the Qur’an and following up on it?

Don’t you wish for them to be enthusiastic and amped up for it? It’s a gift for each Muslim parent to see their kids love the book of Allah. The Qur’an is our ultimate and only guide to the eternal gardens of joy, satisfaction, and success, cherishing the Qur’an isn’t just restricted to remembering one explicit Ayah.

Kids are greatly influenced by their environment and their Parents. Along these lines, the job of guardians is essential in helping youngsters build up a strong and cherishing bond with the Qur’an.

Follow 15 Tips To Make Your Child Love Memorizing Quran

1. Submerge Yourself in the Quran

Being the parent everything starts with you. How is your relationship with the Quran? Kids don’t learn from the outside world but mirror what they see in their homes.

On the off chance that they see you getting the Quran a couple of times each day, they’ll realize there is something significant about the book. And develop an interest in looking through it too. If they never under any circumstance see reciting the Quran, they will not be prone to obey you.

The initial phase in engraving affection for the Quran in your kids is to imprint it in your heart. Your energy will make them energetic. Help them to also join hifz classes for kids to memorize the Quran in a motivational environment with a qualified Hafiz tutor.

Encourage your children to read. Reading can unlock the keys to a whole world of information. Parents are teachers, both by example and by conversation.” -Unknown

2. Make Du’aa (supplication)

Du’a is the most powerful asset of a devotee, particularly for a parent regarding his/her youngsters. Nothing happens without the authorization of Allah, and Allah can make everything conceivable.

To make Duaa, you have to initially keep your intentions clean and recall that everything that you do or plan to do is to be consistent for the sake of Allah. Remember that as a parent, you must pay special attention to your kids and ensure they do what’s satisfying to Allah.

The Prophet once said, “There are three supplications which are answered: the supplication if the person who is wronged, the supplication of the traveler, and the supplication of a parent for his child”.

3. Support Them.

Take a pleasant, firm hold to represent the “Tarbiyah” of your kids as per the Islamic lessons. This will include inspiration, granting the youngster, well-mannered motivation towards learning, and memorizing Quran and your devoted contribution will encourage them. Here are a few suggestions to take on;

  • Build up an air of learning and sharing. Show your kid that his/her learning is excessively significant and pleasurable for you.
  • Make your youngster in charge of this learning venture.
  • Concentrate on your child’s weaknesses without discouraging him/her.
  • Perceive his achievements and prize them.
  • Help your children to join online Quran memorization classes.
  • Let them correct your recitation errors.
  • Urge them to share with you what they have realized and learned.

4. Embrace and Learn from failure.

Albeit perusing the Quran, especially in the early stages, can be precarious and your kids may feel sad and frustrated by their small advancements or mistakes. Despite this present, it’s essential to stay away from dreading disappointment. However, you can accept those failures and learn from your mistakes. 

As the Prophet (saww) said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it”. Sahih al-Bukhari 5027

Understanding things is the key to memorizing and learning the Quran. If your kid is having a hard time in memorization and mispronounces or misspells a word it’s not the end of the world. Rather than being harsh towards them explain how they can do much better if they keep practicing.

Significantly, kids commit these errors to find a way to self-amendment. Don’t forget to encourage and motivate them despite their failures. Help them learn and be patient.

5. Make it Meaningful.

Keep in mind; this can be a great chance to show other significant abilities. As the Quran contains many dynamic words that kids cannot comprehend, make sure to bypass the importance of words so they acquire more than only surface comprehension.

Do not go overboard with this though as kids usually won’t grab all the information in one sitting. Take it slow and be supportive. Here are some strategies to be supportive of your kid:

  • Have an encouraging, open, and sincere conversion.
  • Build a safe atmosphere so that your child is comfortable with sharing his thoughts.
  • Introduce new learning styles for your child with a tutor through a good Hifz course, according to his preference.
  • Focus on what he’s learning not his/her performance.
  • Help them stay organized
  • Focus on their strengths.

6. Time Them.

For a serious competitive, and energizing method to improve responsiveness, include a clock while children spell out loud. You’ll see that their advancement is quickened and the exercise is substantially more fun. They will willingly take part in exercises just to race the clock and it will create healthy competition around the house.

7. The Greater Reward.

Explain to them the importance of Quran recitation, benefits of memorising quran and the highest ranking in Jannah. Tell them about the bounties and rewards promised in the Qur’an to the people who keep the Qur’an in their hearts. This will surely enlighten and enlist interest in the child’s mind and he will be attracted to learning the Qur’an.

The Prophet (saww) said: “It will be said to the companion of the Qur’an: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.” (Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi)

8. Listen and Repeat the Qur’an Frequently.

Have your kids listen and repeat the Qur’an frequently. Start before your kids come into this world. When dealing with household work, cooking, or just unwinding, play the Quran recitation. Use the Qur’an to mitigate the infants when they feel restless.

As your youngsters grow up, keep on playing the recitation of the Qur’an around them regularly at different stances one after another. It is significant for kids to be comfortable with the Qur’an as this would in the end make it simple for them to peruse and even memorize.

As the Prophet (saww) has said,

“Commit yourself to the Qur’an, for by Him in whose Hand is my soul, it is surely more prone to break away than a camel in its bind” Sahih al-Bukhari 5033

9. Read the Translation.

[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” (Surah Sad 38:29)

Other than tuning in to the Qur’an consistently, take a break and go over the translation of the ayah/surah. Try not to overburden the kids with excessive details that will only lead to confusion for you and your child. Simply reveal to them enough to catch their intrigue.

It is necessary to read the translation to understand Allah’s commands and the stories given in the Qur’an. Moreover, it will make it easier to memorize the Qur’an. This will be beneficial in the long term and will increase the bounties and return tenfold.

10. Share Stories from the Qur’an.

“We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what Wes has revealed to you of this Qur’an although you were, before it, among the unaware.” (Surah Yusuf 12:3)

Allah discloses to us many stories and lessons in the Qur’an, and every story accompanies a motivation. You could impart these accounts to your kids by reading kids’ books or by watching Islamic animations following the theme.

Sharing stories from the Qur’an assists youngsters with imagining the Qur’an more and builds their comprehension. The stories about Prophet Youssef are an example that would surely interest children in reciting the Qur’an.

11. Prepare Games for the Kids.

Plan exercises for the entire family and thinks of suitable games dependent on real situations from the Qur’an. An example is conducting tests and setting up various groups in their Hifz classes to play against one another in a serious yet cherishing and cheerful way.

Another example is doing exercises that expect everybody to take an interest in making research and doing innovative artwork. Here is a game that you can play with your kid:

For starters take out a random verse from the Qur’an and present it in front of your kid, ask your kid to find and name the Surah and Chapter this verse is taken from, time them throughout (start with 10 minutes and lower the limit according to your child’s competence).

12. Follow Their Lead.

Before starting a new journey, it’s essential to have strong and helpful motives behind developing oneself. With kids, it is considered critical to guarantee they know about the advantages of reciting and memorizing the Quran. Learn their learning style and how they grasp and take interest in new activities and adapt to their style. Never let them memorize Quran on their own.

This will encourage and excite them to take part in activities. Ensure that you are not forcing them to partake in any activities, instead watch and learn their way of learning and grabbing interest and develop on that. Keep in mind that you are doing this only for the blessing and approval of Allah.

Children are not things to be molded but things to be unfolded. – Jess Lair

13. Create a Routine

Making an everyday practice for Quran remembrance is the most beneficial path to progress. Your children will be mentally prepped once they realize when to anticipate the memorization session thus you won’t need to burn through your time and exertion to persuade them to come and sit with you to recite Qur’an. Having a routine likewise implies consistency which is the foundation of your kid’s advancement.

Picking Maghrib time is perhaps the most ideal. Perform Maghrib salah along with your youngster and afterward start the ‘Hifz’. Pick a quiet, agreeable, and interruption-free corner for the meetings and afterward stick to it. this ensures discipline Remember not to keep the meetings excessively long so it ends up being tiring and exhausting for the little ones.

You will have the option to achieve your objectives just if you have set daily practice and remain steadfast to it. It is also better to get enroll in online hifz program for better and quicker memorization. 

14. Listen to Their Favorite Reciter With Them.

To keep them in high spirits listen to their favorite Quran reciter with them there are many free videos of recitation given on platforms like YouTube etc. This will raise their morale and they will learn from the right sources without any flaws or misconceptions.

15. Praise Small Accomplishments.

Keep in mind that recognition and reward are extremely significant. You ought to praise all your kid’s triumphs, regardless of how little, to keep their inspiration high and improve their commitment and ability to learn. 

Whether it be a small smile their way or an all-out treat towards your little ones even the smallest of acknowledgment will go a long way. Give them their favorite treats when they show even the slightest of progress and see their enthusiasm to participate further.

To conclude parents should keep making dua for their children and keep engaged with them throughout their growing age to mold them into good Muslims for the Ummah.

They too should engage themselves in the activities as kids will take interest in the Quran seeing and learning through their parents. This will ensure that they continue to spread Islam and the love of the Quran in our future generations.