Online Hifz Classes For Adults in Uk

Let’s Hifz Quran Online in Uk under the supervision of Qualified native Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Best Online Hifz Classes for Adults in Uk

Best Hifz Classes For Adults In UK

Hifz is a responsibility that should be fulfilled wholeheartedly. How amazing it would be to achieve your hifz goals at the convenience of your home by attending our Hifz Classes For Adults In UK. 

We at Hidayah Network invite all adult men and women from different walks of life to pursue their memorization goals with us. Our flexibility in schedules, all-time access, and amazing and easy learning methods, will be enough for your contention. Our hifz course in uk is the best one in the whole united kingdom because of our teachers who put in their utmost efforts to make it successful. As we provide both male and female tutors to have a preference for.

Our Personalized and Structured Hifz Plans

To meet your needs and suit your wish, we have designed different plans that are structured skillfully. The levels that divide each plan into small parts, make it easy to achieve the goals.

You can even get a personalized hifz plan of your choice for any portion, any Surah, or the entire Quran. Have a look at our already-designed plans for different Surahs.

  • ➡️ Juz Amma Hifz Plan
  • ➡️ Surah Al-Baqarah Hifz Plan
  • ➡️ Surah Yaseen Hifz Plan
  • ➡️ Surah Ar-Rahman Memorization Plan
  • ➡️ 3 Juz Hifz Plan

UK Online Quran Hifz Courses for Adults

Our variety of Quran courses is available in the UK to let you opt for.

It is a rigorous course that helps you complete hifz in a short time with a lot of dedication and hard work.

Full Time Hifz Program

This course is for 16+ who can spare 45 or above minutes for each hifz class. A structured plan with full-time supervision is provided too.

Quran Hifz Revision Online

You can opt for this course along with your Quran memorization program. It is designed to help you review the learned portion to make it perfect in your memory.

Facts about Hidayah Network

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Easy Hifz Techniques For Adults In The UK

Adults in the UK can easily memorize Quran through our result-oriented hifz methods. These techniques vary from person to person. Our teachers help in choosing the one that works best for each student.

➡️ Audio Method

The students are exposed to the recitations of Qaris to listen up almost 5 times before learning certain verses. The audio helps imitate the tajweed and recitation along with the intonation of recitation while memorizing.

➡️ Visual Method

Read the lesson given to memorize by looking at your Mushaf almost 5 times by placing your finger on the words you are reciting. The picture of the words will get saved in your memory and you can easily recall what you have read.

➡️ Repetitive Method

We let students repeat the verses again and again until perfected. Let’s suppose you are given 3 verses to learn. You will read or listen to the 1st one 5 times and then read from your memory. Then, you will recite the second verse and repeat it 5 times, and read it from your memory. 

Now, read both the verses 5 times without looking at the Mushaf, and then, read the 3rd verse 5 times. At the end repeat all three together 5 times and check if you have memorized accurately or not.

➡️ Writing Method

Some find the writing method easy for memorizing verses. If you have a photogenic memory, you can choose this method. Write down the given verses on a page and recite them while writing. Now read them thrice and check what you have learned from them.

➡️ Back-and-Forth Method

This is also like a repetitive method but with a slight variation. You have to record the lesson given to memorize at least 10 times back and forth. Keep reciting by looking at the Mushaf or keep listening to the recitation again and again until you have learned the lesson.

Why Hidayah Network?

The best Arab teachers are hired by our forum to render their services in the hifz department. The following traits make them exceptionally talented and the best ones.


➡️ They are Egypt-born and naturally have an amazing grip on the Arabic language and Quran tajweed.


➡️ They are qualified in teaching hifz as they have earned an Ijazah degree from worldwide reputed universities in Egypt.


➡️ Their fluency in English shows how professional they are in this field and makes students understand smoothly.


➡️ They have years of online teaching experience and their early hifz make them flawless in Quranic learning.


➡️ They are creative, proactive, and very dedicated. They have chosen this career to help millions of Muslims around the globe to learn the Quran like Arabs.

For the first time, we have introduced digital accounts that have 500+ inbuilt quiz questions about hifz and Tajweed which makes the account holder practice their lessons more and more to make them error-free. Once logged in, you can choose the Surah you have memorized and solve the questions to check your accuracy.

All the students are given progress trackers for each Surah to stay on track and boost up their energies to meet the goals before the deadline. We generate progress reports as well and share them every week with improvement tips where required.

No rot learning is advised here, we teach the meaning of the verses to give you an overview of each chapter. To make understanding easy, we make mind maps before each lesson. It helps in remembering the points on the fingertips.

Students are given an online quiz account to solve the quizzes and riddles based on Tajweed rules, names of Surahs, hifz revisions, etc. It helps practice more with fun and retain all the lessons for the long term.

Adults in the UK will be awarded a hifz certificate at the end of the course that is signed and stamped by the supervisors. No charges are to be applied for getting a certificate.


Our online quran hifz classes come in a featured-packed package that is affordable as compared to our competitors worldwide. Unlock these features and start your hifz journey today by registering for a complimentary free class from any of our male or female huffaz tutors. Check out their teaching style in a 30-minute lesson and enroll right away.