Memorizing the Quran is a challenging yet rewarding task that requires dedication, commitment, and consistent effort. Normally, many people start with a bang but gradually stop putting in the effort that is required throughout, and finally, they give up. So, if you are zealous and disciplined enough to pursue your dreams consistently then here are some useful and easy ways to help you memorize the Quran in a year. 

5 Easy Ways to Memorize Quran In a Year

1. Get help from a Native Egyptian Hafiz Tutor

When you have a time limit to reach a certain goal, it is advisable not to start the task on your own as a beginner. It is highly helpful to hire a professional Hafiz who has memorized Quran in a year and can share his experience with you. Other qualities to note in a tutor are:

  • Must be an Egyptian because they are exceptional Huffaz
  • Must speak English in a clear accent
  • Must be Ijazah certified and pass on the teaching authority to others.

A Qari is not recommended to be hired because they have not been through the hard Hifz journey. So, get help from a tutor who can channelize your energies positively and help you use your time efficiently every day. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of precious hours daily to finalise what and where to start. So get a quran memorization course from a native Egyptian hafiz tutor.

2. Stick To Your Customised TimeTable

Memorizing Quran in a year needs a proper timetable that has all the details of learning hours, revision hours, rest hours, and test hours. The timetable will help you stay on track and keep an eye on your progress. If you randomly pick Juz or Surah to memorize, you will be unable to complete the whole Quran in a Year. so, a structured and customised plan with a timetable will make everything easy and attainable for you.

No matter what tasks you have to do, if it’s your class time, leave everything and join the session. This dedication is the only way to success. You only need to hifz 3 pages per day, 4 times a week to reach your desired target. If you think you are available for 5 days, then your number of pages will be reduced accordingly.

3. Allocate 4 slots A Day

You have to play smart and efficiently. Instead of taking one long class, break the time into 4 slots. Start with the new hifz with your teacher in the early hours of the day, revise the new lesson in the second slot, revise the old lesson in the 3rd slot, and read everything together again in the final slot. Initially, you only need 2 slots but as you will move on, your new and old revisions will get longer and you will need time for that. So split the hours smartly and learn Quran online without getting tired.

4. Take Monthly Tests

Tests and evaluations are very crucial because they will enlighten you about where you stand. To reach the goal in a year means you have to appear in 12 monthly and many weekly tests, only then your hifz will become accurate and perfect. Remember, it is not about just reading out of your memory, this is the book of Allah and each word needs to be perfectly recited with Tajweed. So be conscious and take frequent tests to mark your errors and work on them to make your lessons error-free.

5. Begin With The Easiest Juz

To get into the habit of memorizing the Quran and setting up a fixed and ideal routine, you need to start with the easiest Juz like the last 3. They are super easy to recite and memorize because the length of the Ayahs is short. The translation is easy too. Once you have memorized them you can easily keep moving on by following the timetable and tracking your progress.

Prerequisites For Quran Learning in 12 Months

Realistic Plan

Mederation is a key to your success in memorizing Quran in a year. Do not haste and start learning larger portions as after a few months you will be tired. So the 1st thing you need is a realistic plan. Which will enable you to see a broader picture of your journey in a short plan. Pursue the plan daily and keep moving little by little toward your target.

Self-regulation and Discipline

Self-regulation is mandatory to gifs Quran in a defined time because your personality traits matter a lot. If you are not disciplined and regulated, you will not reach your goals in time. You will miss classes, delay lessons, and will not revise properly. Work on your traits first, channelise yourself, and stay punctual, regular, and consistent. Only then, 30 juz will be done in 12 months.

Passion and Commitment 

Your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment are all that you need in this journey. Do not opt for such a plan if you are not committed and passionate. Remember, the love and respect for this book will urge you to hifz the verse. Do not forcefully go for it!

Revision and Retention Ability 

We all have different capacities and abilities. Your commitment to revision and retention ability is mandatory for this journey. The more you revise, the better your retention. The better the retention, the more exceptional your hifz! If due to any reason, you are unable to give time to your revision, do not specify the hifz duration. Keep memorizing little by little. If you have fixed a duration of 12 months then get ready to challenge your memory box and oust beyond the bars to attain your dream goals. 

Leaving That Is Not Important

Save your precious time daily. If you can’t leave unimportant things, chats, excursions, and gossip for a year, then do not opt for this mission because it won’t bring the desired results for you. You have to leave that is not important to you, at least for a year. Give time to your hifz, revision, and understanding of verses, Tajweed, and Mkharij. Give extra time in Ramadan as it is the only month that will bring the desired results for you.


We have listed the best tips that can help you learn 3 pages per day. Your focus and time management will help you in this journey and by the end of the year you will be a Hafiz Inshaa Allah. Hidayah Network has several hifz courses from intensive hifz program to full time hifz course that can be your first choice. Grab a sample trial lesson and kickstart the hifz goal with us.