Quran recitation is a very hard-working task for children that can successfully be accomplished through a perfect grip on Tajweed rules that are mandatory to be applied in recitation.

Learning tajweed rules at an early age is excellent to perfect them until kids grow young because it takes time for non-Arabs to get habitual in pronouncing Arabic letters like natives. Here, we will guide you through 6 excellent tips to help your kids recite Quran with Tajweed perfectly.

6 Tips for kids to Recite Quran with Tajweed Perfectly

1. Having an Arab Certified Tajweed tutor

Tutors are professionally experienced in teaching kids different engagement strategies that keep them intact throughout the classes. A native Arabic tutor is highly recommended for Quran classes for Kids online. They know how to introduce Tajweed rules one by one to let kids master them with ease. They move on to the second rule only when they assess the 1st one to be 100% accurate.

Parents should look out for a credible platform that provides such Ijazah Certified Tajweed tutors who are adept at:

  • Teaching with interactive styles.
  • Appreciating kids with incentives.
  • Motivating them with group learning.
  • Engaging toddlers with activities.

They even use 3D versions of pictures to teach articulation points of each letter to make kids practice accurately.

2. Having a Well- Structured Tajweed Plan

If you teach your kids without any plan, you will end up messing with the details and kids will not get engaged at all. It is better to have a structured Tajweed plan that is designed according to the following points:

✅ Age and Interests of the child.

✅ Required topics you want them to master.

✅ A number of weekly Tajweed classes.

✅ Duration of the class.

The more kids will focus and practice Tajweed, the better their recitation will be. Hidayah Network is here to facilitate the users by providing a well-structured plan. They make learning Tajweed for kids super easy and fun through their well-designed and personalized study map.

3. Weekly Report Regarding Their Mistakes and Improvements

Another tip to help children recite Quran correctly is to check their progress deeply by taking notes of their mistakes and improvements. This way they will work on their errors as soon as noted. 

We at Hidayah provide the weekly report card to the parents with a detailed overview of performance throughout the week and some tips to overcome mistakes. This is applicable in all courses especially Hifz classes for kids where the focus is on Tajweed along with Quran memorization. 

The report card comprises of:

✅ The errors in makharij or articulation points.

✅ The errors in any rule of Tajweed.

✅ Stuck points in the hifz lesson.

✅ Tips to improve recitation.

Recitation with Tajweed can be mastered by reading Surahs in Salah with all the required beautification. Make your kids revise lessons early in the morning too.

4. Listening To a Professional Young Kids Qaris

Kids get attracted to idols of their age or a little younger than them. Why not let them idealize a young qari whose recitation enthralls them to copy their tone?

Usually, kids love imitating someone they like, so it is a good way to keep them connected to the Quran by playing the audio of the qari. You can do that while traveling also. Instead of playing anything else, why not let kids enjoy the recitation of any young Qari?

5. Record Recitation to Compare it With The Qari’s

It is good to recite, record, and listen to your recitation to see how much you need to practice to be exactly like your favorite qari.

Kids love to use gadgets and mobiles, it is good to use them positively to listen to the recitations and beautify their voices. Make a plan for them to select a surah, listen and revise with tajweed as much as they can, then, record their recitation and play the recitation of the Qari. See where they need more intonation. Encourage them to revise more and more whether at home or while traveling.

This strategy is also used by Hidayah Network in the online quran recitation course where teachers play audios of Qaris to tell kids how to intonate the sound.

6. Join kids’ Quran Recitation Competitions 

Last but not the least, it is suggested to motivate children to join the recitation competition where students from around the globe participate. Such competitions let kids:

Have practical experience reciting in front of the renowned qaris.

Gain the confidence of reciting with other kids of the same age.

Understand the flaws and accept the weak points in Tajweed, etc.

So, let them compete internationally and master their Tajweed to recite Quran flawlessly. As parents, you can pave all the possible paths and pray for their success and long-lasting interest.


We’ll conclude on the note that Quran recitation needs full attention to Tajweed and a lot of revision with dedication. Only parents can play their part to make their kids stay engaged and enlist their names in the recognized young qaris of the world. We are here to guide our brilliant teaching staff in every possible way.

Most Important FAQs

How long will it take for kids to start reading Quran on their own?

It totally depends on how dedicated the kids are. The minimum time required is around 6 months.

Can a 6-year-old kid learn Quran with Tajweed?

Yes, the early they start, the better they have a grip on all Tajweed rules.

Can just listening to the audio clips help improve Recitation?

Yes, it helps a lot in not only realizing your own errors but also the recitation rules of stopping and pausing.