Memorizing the Quran and forgetting is one of the issues many Huffaz face around the world. Lack of consistency and sufficient revision, language barriers for non-Arab Muslims, as well as stress and mental fatigue, are the major reasons for forgetting the memorized Quranic parts.

The best ways to memorize the Quran without forgetting are by creating a Hifz and revision plan, setting short-term goals, picking up the best time for Hifz, and joining a quran memorization course. To understand more about these tips, read this complete guide to ensure you memorize the Quran Perfectly and recall it easily.

What Causes People to Forget the Quran?

One of the most common reasons for people forgetting the Quran is the lack of consistent and sufficient revision. Memorizing the Quran is not a one-time task; it requires continuous repetition and revisiting of previously memorized verses. For non-Arab Muslims, the Quran is often memorized and recited in Arabic, which may not be their native language. This language barrier can pose a significant challenge, making it harder to remember the Quranic verses. 

Many individuals may start with enthusiasm but fail to maintain a routine. Stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue can adversely affect memory retention. Memorizing the Quran is a mentally demanding task, and when individuals are under excessive stress or pressure, their ability to retain information may decrease.

Moreover, not exploring all Quran memorization techniques and choosing the most effective one that suits you is making you always memorizing and then forget what you memorize.

Tips To Memorize the Quran Without Forgetting

Those who love to Hifz Quran, need to know that simple rot learning is not recommended for the long term. You ought to follow the tips given here to do this task efficiently and effectively to remember the whole portion.

Join A Credible Memorization Program

Instead of learning verses on your own, it is better to attend online Hifz classes from a credible institute. They will assess your capacity and help you go through it easily.

A formal hifz program is good for tracking progress, tests, revisions, competitions, and motivation. 

Get A Well-Designed Plan For Hifz

Learning the surahs and juz without proper planning will make you overburdened. Go for a well-structured hifz plan according to the time you are allocating to your hifz journey. Your teacher will divide your lessons according to:

  • The duration of your class.
  • The number of classes per week.
  • The time for revision after every class.

Explore Your Best Time To Learn

To bring out the best results and to learn efficiently, you need to check the following:

  • Your Super active hours the whole day.
  • The time you can easily focus without distractions.
  • The hours in which you have no other study plans.

Once you have discovered your best time, arrange a class, and kick-start the learning process. Remember, you are not just going to learn quran yourself or sometimes you have to maintain it as well. If your memorization is efficient, your revision will be excellent and long-lasting.

Set Short-Term Goals To Pursue

The next tip is to set your goals short because most people start with a bang and give extra time and energy to their learning, after a month their energy decreases and they slow down the process so and so that they eventually end up on it.

So, it is advisable to start slow and develop a habit of achieving short-term goals. It will take time but you will maintain and retain it amazingly. For instance, if you have just started your hifz from Juz Amma (30th Chapter), don’t set a target to learn 10 surahs in a week. Rather, Set a target of just 1st Surah An-Naas. It has 5 easy Ayaat, you can learn them in 3 days easily. This way you can keep achieving goals and continue the journey.

Factors That Contribute To Forget Verses

Forgetting Quranic verses can be influenced by various factors. Among them, inconsistent recitation in daily prayers, neglect of regular Quranic reading, lack of understanding, distraction during recitation, and a busy lifestyle contribute to lapses in memorization.

1. Inconsistent Recitation in Taraweeh Prayers

When individuals fail to recite Quranic verses regularly during their prayers, the infrequency of engagement can lead to forgetfulness. Consistent practice is crucial for memorization retention.

2. Neglect of Regular Quranic Reading

Those who don’t engage in daily Quranic reading beyond obligatory prayers may experience forgetfulness. Regular exposure to the verses is essential for reinforcing memory and retention.

3. Lack of Understanding

Memorization without comprehension may hinder long-term retention. Understanding the meaning and context of Quranic verses aids in memorization by establishing connections between words and their significance.

4. Distraction During Daily Recitation

External distractions or a lack of focus during Quranic recitation can impede memorization. A serene environment and focused attention are vital for effective memorization and recall.

5. Busy Lifestyle

A hectic schedule can lead to neglecting consistent Quranic recitation. Prioritizing time for daily reflection on verses is crucial to overcoming the challenges posed by a busy lifestyle and maintaining memorization.

Best 4 Practical Techniques To Recall Your Hifz

Memorizing the Quran through golden techniques will never let you forget the verses in the long run.

Follow With 3×3 method.

3×3 method is amazing for those who want to retain verses forever. It is really simple, to begin with. 

  1. Read an ayat 3 times by looking at it with proper Tajweed rules. 
  2. Close your eyes and read the ayat 3 times to yourself. This is 1 set (1×1). 
  3. Repeat the set 2 more times and the ayat will be pasted into your memory efficiently. 
  4. You might have errors in the 1st 2 sets of recitation but in the 3rd set, the ayat will be perfectly memorized.

Follow Bottom-to-Top Techniques

This technique is rarely used but it is super effective as far as the quality of your memorization is concerned.

  1. Let’s suppose you have started the 1st Juz.
  2. Open up the first page and start memorizing from the last page. 
  3. After completely learning 1 ayat move to the 2nd last ayat of the page.
  4. Then, the 3rd last ayat,  carry on to the top of the page.
  5. Now revise from the last Ayat you have learned (the top most) and revise in a sequence.

Follow Back and Forth Repetition

This technique is a bit tough but the memorized verses will never be forgotten. 

  1. You have to memorize the 1st Ayat by reciting it 33 times. 
  2. Then move on to the next and recite it 33 times. 
  3. Now, recite both Ayaat 33 times, and your lesson will be amazingly saved in your memory.

Listen To The audio of Qari

The superb way to memorize the Quran is to simply listen to the audio of your favorite Qari more than 10 times. Do not change the Qari because it will confuse your memory.

  • Select just 1 soundtrack and listen to it attentively. The more you listen, the stronger it will be saved in your memory box.
  • After listening 10 times, open up the Mushaf and look at the words and recite 10 times the same way you have listened. 
  • Now, close your Mushaf and recall it from your memory.

Follow Amazing Quran Memorization Techniques

There is not just one way to memorize Quran, rather, with time many techniques have evolved to help learners hifz easily. All techniques work differently for every student. Explore from the list and identify which technique is best for you.

  • Repetition technique: Repeat each line 10 times by looking at the Quran and 10 times from your memory.
  • Old rot learning technique: Read the whole ayat after the tutor until perfected in reading then learn it.
  • Read-out-loud technique: Recite the verses loudly to get accurate Tajweed and retain it in your memory.
  • Top-to-bottom technique: Read out the whole page from top to bottom several times until the image of the initials of each line is pasted in your brain.
  • Old Ottomans’ way of memorizing: Learn the last page of each Juz (chapter) then the second last page of all Juz, move on to all pages, but revise from the 1st page of each Juz.

Tips To Maintain the Quran Skillfully

As said earlier, it is really hard to maintain your Quran. Many people memorize  Quran by heart and due to lack of revisions, forget it. We do not want you to forget your memorized portion. So, follow our tips to retain and maintain your verses.

Understand The Science Of Forgetting Easily

Prophet Muhammad SAWW pointed out the fact that if you do not revise your hifz, it escapes from your heart quicker than the camel escapes from its bind.

Also, it is human nature to forget things that are not repeated often. So, revise your previous and new lessons as many times as you can. Revise it in your home, car, school, or wherever you go. 

Enrol In A Quran Revision Course

The Revision courses also work the same as the hifz course itself. You get a personalized plan, your progress is tracked, and you are tested, and evaluated throughout. Instead of revising the portions on your own, enroll in a review program and maintain your hifz accurately.

Revise Other Than The Course

Just 1 revision is not enough. You need to follow up on the lessons now and then. Some people review 1 juz daily and complete the Quran in a month.

Then some people revise 2 Juz daily and finish the whole Quran twice a month. All these examples are used to motivate you. Revise as much as you can but do not leave Quran.

Teach Someone To Stay Connected

It is better to start teaching someone like your parents, siblings, or your friends. The more you recite verses, the better they stay in your memory.

Divide Portions Equally For Salah

If you do not want to forget the memorized verses, recite them in Salah by dividing them equally in each Rakat of 5 prayers. It won’t burden you, and the revision will be done daily.


Quran hifz is not an ordinary task, it requires passion and enthusiasm not only during the journey but after it as well. Make Revision of hifz a part of your daily routine. Not a single effort will be left unrewarded. In sha Allah.

Most Important FAQs

What is the fastest way to memorize the Quran?

The fastest way to memorize the Quran varies from person to person, but it generally involves consistent daily practice, breaking the memorization into manageable portions, and seeking guidance from a qualified teacher to ensure accurate pronunciation and recitation.

How to memorize 1 page of Quran in 1 hour?

Memorizing one page of the Quran fast or in hour can be achieved through focused and uninterrupted concentration. Read the page several times, then try to recite it from memory. 

How fast can we memorize Quran?

The speed at which one can memorize the Quran depends on individual factors such as dedication, prior knowledge of Arabic, and the amount of time dedicated to memorization. Some may complete it in a few years with consistent effort, while others may take longer.

How long does it take to memorize 1 page of Quran?

The time it takes to memorize one page of the Quran can vary widely depending on an individual’s proficiency, memory capacity, and familiarity with Arabic. It may take a few days to a few weeks of regular practice to memorize a single page.

How much time does it take to memorize Quran

The time required to memorize the entire Quran varies greatly from person to person. On average, it may take several years of consistent effort and daily practice. Some individuals with prior knowledge of Arabic and strong memorization skills may complete it in a shorter time, while others may take longer.