Memorizing the Quran with utmost dedication and hard work justifies a lot of appreciation and encouragement. People are born with different levels of intelligence. Some memorize a single verse in 10 minutes and others in 5. All of them are praisable because they have tried hard for it.

We are going to share some top techniques to memorize quran fast and maintain it excellently, along with some golden tips to hifz in the shortest time. All the tips and techniques are tested and have been proven 100% optimal and result-oriented.

Top 3 Unique Techniques To Memorize 1 Page Fast

If you are among those few who want to challenge their brains by putting in extra effort to memorize 1 page in the minimum time, then here you go with our 3 amazing techniques that will help you achieve the desired result.

1. Bottom To Top Technique

This technique is rarely used because of its complexity but you can challenge yourself by trying this method. All you have to do is to start memorizing the page from the bottom and move upward ayat by ayat. After memorizing, revise from the top and come downward ayat by ayat. This method makes your Quran memorization strong and long-lasting.

2. Back And Forth Technique

This technique helps you learn faster and complete the page quickly with good retention power. You need to read one ayat 10 times by looking at it.

Then, read it from your memory 10 times. Move to the next ayat and do the same. Next, read both ayaat 10 times by looking at the mushaf and then read them from your memory.

Keep adding one ayat to the previous collection and you will complete the whole page in very less time.

3. Break-Down Technique 

If you have a long ayat on the page you have to learn, this technique will work best. Break down the ayat into 2, 3, or 4 parts, recite 1st part and learn it, add the 2nd part to it and read them together until learned, and now add the 3rd part and recite together until memorized. If you know the meaning of the verse, it is better to break it sensibly so that you can easily recall the phrases.

How To Memorize 1 Page In 30 Minutes?

Students usually like to learn the technique of learning a page in just 30 minutes. 

Firstly, make sure your tajweed is perfect and you aim to hifz Quran with all the rules. Learning quickly with low-quality tajweed will not be maintained for long.

Secondly, understand what the whole page is about because memorizing without knowing the meaning makes no sense. Also, if you are stuck at any point you won’t be able to find the clue by translating it.

Thirdly, start with a smart plan. If you have a mushaf of 13 lines per page then divide the lines to recite and memorize after each salah in the following way.

  • Read 6 lines for 10 minutes after fajr. (as many times as you can by looking at the mushaf)
  • Read the next 7 lines for 15 minutes after Asr. (as many times as you can by looking at the mushaf)
  • Now read all 13 lines for 2 minutes by looking at the Mushaf and 3 minutes without looking. 

You can break down the time to 5 minutes after each salah with 3 lines every time.

How To Memorize 2 Pages Per Day?

Remember, it is not about the quantity or the time but the quality of your memorization. This is a divine book and needs proper attention. Opt for such a rigorous task if you really think you can maintain it.

To memorize 2 pages (30 lines of standard Mushaf) in just a day means your breakdown is in the following style:

  • 10 lines after fajr for 15 minutes.
  • 5 lines after Zohr for 7 minutes.
  • 10 lines after Asr for 15 minutes.
  • 5 lines after Maghrib for 7 minutes.
  • Revise both pages for 10 minutes after Isha and recall from your memory in the remaining 6 minutes.

Prerequisites For Doing Quran Hifz

To learn the verses accurately with long-term retention, some prerequisites assure excellent results.

1. Set Short Goals

You have to set short goals for the memorization journey because they are easily achievable and motivate you to do more.

2. Allocate A Fixed Time 

Having your Hifz class at a fixed time so that every day you know you have to be free at that time. Without fixing time you will not be organized and will tend to be least focused.

3. Use Only 1 Mushaf

Our eyes work like a mini camera. When you read out the lines multiple times, the picture of words is saved in your brain and when you recall it, the picture helps your memory to repeat. So, it is suggested to use only one Mushaf not to get confused.


There are many successful examples around the world where huffaz have memorized the Quran in the shortest time duration. This is only possible if your time division and learning capacity are amazingly good. Your dedication can make it possible through our tips and techniques.

Frequently Asked Question

How to maintain every single page I memorize?

Revise it as many times as you can. The tips mentioned above will help retain your Hifz for the long term.

Is it necessary to learn the translation while memorizing?

It is good to know the meaning to help recall the verses easily. Rot learning escapes in the long run.

Is it suggested to hifz with Tajweed or we can learn Tajweed afterward?

Memorizing with Tajweed is highly recommended because it is really difficult to unlearn the incorrect words.