Is it actually possible to memorize a page of the Quran in 300 seconds? The answer is yes, but it is not easy.

Memorizing a page of the Quran in just 5 minutes is highly challenging, as it requires consistent effort and time. However, you can break down the page into smaller sections, understand the meaning, listen to recitations, repeat and recite aloud, use mnemonic devices, utilize technology, establish a routine, and seek guidance from a teacher in hifz course. Remember to be patient, as memorizing the Quran is a lifelong journey.

5 Practicable Tips Memorize a Page of the Quran in 5 Minutes

Here are some tips that will help you to memorize quran fast like one page in just five minutes.

1. Read the Page at Least Five Times Before Memorizing

If you want to memorize a page of the Quran in five minutes, the first thing to do is not to start memorizing the page immediately after you open the page. The first thing to do is to read the page at least five times before you start memorizing. Reading the page over and over again familiarises you with the words on the page. Also, it familiarises you with the starting and ending of the verses on the page. Memorization is easier when you are familiar with what you want to memorize.

2. Use a Stopwatch to Track Time

After you have read the page over and over again, you can now attempt to memorize. Since you have a target time, set your stopwatch to exactly five minutes. At exactly five minutes, the stopwatch will stop. When the clock stops, check whether you have memorized the page.

The use of a stopwatch is good. It keeps you on your feet.

3. Divide the Page into Two or Three Parts

On average, a page of the Quran has 15 to 20 pages. Some are more than that while some are lesser. In fact, the longest surah in the Quran in Sura Al Baqarah contains only one page.

If you think it will be difficult to memorize the entire page of the Quran at once, you can break it down into two or three parts.

For example, if a page has fifteen verses, you can divide it into three parts. You can memorize five pages after each Solat. This method can make it easier to memorize.

4. Pay Attention to the Verses that Have Similar Endings

Another important factor you have to pay attention to when memorizing is verses with similar endings. In some verses, their endings are so similar that it takes careful attention to recognize them.

There are a lot of verses that have similar endings. Sometimes it is only one letter that will be different.

For example, in Surah Al Baqarah verse 42, Allah says.

‘’wala talbisul haqqo bilbatil wataktumul haqa, wa antum ta’lamun’’.

In the same Suratul Baqirah verse 149, Allah says,

‘’wamin haythu kharajta fawali wajhaka shatral masjidil harami, wa innahu alhaqqu min rabbika, wamallahu bi gafilin amma ta’malun’’.

The first verse ends with ‘’ta’lamun’’ while the second verse ends with ‘’ta’malun’’. The difference between the first and the second verse I quoted is the placement of one alphabet before the other.

In the first verse, the letter ‘’Lam’’ comes before the letter ‘’mim’’ while in the second verse the letter ‘’mim’’ comes before the letter ‘’Lam’’.

Also, another thing to take note of is what we call ‘’asmahun muzdawija’’. These are the verses that end with two names which are used mostly in the Quran to qualify Allah.

For example, In Surah Al-Tahrim verse 1, Allah says,

‘’Ya ayyuhan nabiyyu, lima tuharimu na ahala lahu laka, tabtagi mardota azwajika, wallahu gafurur rahim’’.

In the second verse of the same Surah, Allah says,

‘’Qod faradollahu lakum tahilata aymanikum wallahu mawlakum, wa huwal alimul hakim’’.

These are the things you have to look out for when you are memorizing the Quran. Another reason why it is important to take note of these endings is that a change in a word will alter the meaning of the verse.

Take for example the first verse I quoted in Surah Al-Baqarah, if you say ‘’tamalun’’ instead of ‘’ta’malun’’, the meaning will change. ‘’Ta’lamun’’ means ‘’to know’’ while ‘’Tamalun’’ means ‘’to do’’.

5. Understand the Verses on a Page Before Memorizing

Another fast way to memorize a page in 5 minutes is to first seek the understanding of the verses on the page before you start to memorize them.

Understanding the verses of a page makes memorization easier and faster. Also, it can be a remedy for the fourth tip I gave. When you understand the meanings of the verses, you are likely to know how to memorize the end of a verse perfectly. This is how students can memorize quran without fear of forgetting.


Hidayah Network promised at the beginning of this article will be going to give not just anyhow tips, but practical tips. If you go through this article from the beginning to the end, you will agree with me that these tips are practical. The essence of giving practical tips is to make readers practice them and achieve the desired result. If you are able to practicalize these tips, I can assure you that you will thank Allah that you came across this article.

More importantly, knowledge is light. The light of Allah doesn’t reside with evildoers. Therefore, if you want to perfect your memorization skills, you should stay away from sin.

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