To memorize the 99 names of Allah effectively, start by understanding the meanings of each name, fostering a deeper connection. Organize your memorization process by grouping names and using mnemonics hints. Employ visualization and association techniques, creating mental images or rhymes for each name and much more. 

Let’s discover more effective memorization techniques to memorize the 99 Names of Allah, seeking a deeper connection and understanding of the divine attributes. Let’s first learn the Allah names with their meanings in English.

99 Names of Allah in English with Their Meanings

99 Names of Allah in English (Transliteration)Allah’s Names in Arabic 99 names of Allah with meaning
Ar-RahmaanالرَّحْمَنُThe Beneficent
Ar-RaheemالرَّحِيمُThe Merciful
Al-MalikالْمَلِكُThe King
Al-QuddusالْقُدُّوسُThe Most Sacred
As-SalamالسَّلاَمُThe Source of Peace
Al-Mu’minالْمُؤْمِنُThe Infuser of Faith
Al-MuhayminالْمُهَيْمِنُThe Preserver of Safety
Al-AzizالْعَزِيزُAll Mighty
Al-JabbarالْجَبَّارُThe Compeller
Al-MutakabbirالْمُتَكَبِّرThe Supreme
Al-KhaaliqالْخَالِقُThe Creator
Al-MusawwirالْبَارِئُThe Fashioner
Al-GhaffarالْغَفَّارُThe Constant Forgiver
Al-QahharالْقَهَّارُThe All-Prevailing One
Al-WahhaabالْوَهَّابُThe Supreme Bestower
Ar-RazzaaqالرَّزَّاقُThe Provider
Al-FattaahالْفَتَّاحُThe Supreme Solver
Al-‘aleemاَلْعَلِيْمُThe All-Knowing
Al-QaabidالْقَابِضُThe Withholder
Al-BaasitالْبَاسِطُThe Extender
Al-KhaafidhالْخَافِضُThe Reducer
Ar-Raafi’الرَّافِعُThe Exalter
Al-Mu’izzالْمُعِزُّThe Honourer
Al-MuzilٱلْمُذِلُّThe Dishonourer
As-Samee’السَّمِيعُThe All-Hearing
Al-BaseerالْبَصِيرُThe All-Seeing
Al-HakamالْحَكَمُThe Impartial Judge
Al-‘adlالْعَدْلُThe Utterly Just
Al-LateefاللَّطِيفُThe Most Gentle
Al-KhabeerالْخَبِيرُThe All-Aware
Al-HaleemالْحَلِيمُThe Most Forbearing
Al-‘azeemالْعَظِيمُThe Magnificent
Al-GhafoorالْغَفُورThe Great Forgiver
Ash-ShakoorالشَّكُورُThe Most Appreciative
Al-‘aleeالْعَلِيُّThe Exalted
Al-KabeerالْكَبِيرُThe Most Great
Al-HafeedhالْحَفِيظُThe Preserver
Al-MuqeetالمُقيِتThe Sustainer
Al-HaseebاﻟْﺣَسِيبُThe Reckoner
Al-JaleelالْجَلِيلُThe Majestic
Al-KareemالْكَرِيمُThe Most Generous
Ar-RaqeebالرَّقِيبُThe Watchful
Al-MujeebٱلْمُجِيبُThe Responsive One
Al-Waasi’الْوَاسِعُThe All-Encompassing
Al-HakeemالْحَكِيمُThe All-Wise
Al-WadudالْوَدُودُThe Most Loving
Al-MajeedالْمَجِيدُThe Glorious
Al-Ba’ithالْبَاعِثُThe Infuser of New Life
Ash-ShaheedالشَّهِيدُThe All Observing Witnessing
Al-HaqqالْحَقُThe Absolute Truth
Al-WakeelالْوَكِيلُThe Trustee
Al-QawiyyالْقَوِيُThe All-Strong
Al-MateenالْمَتِينُThe Firm
Al-WaliyyالْوَلِيُّThe Protecting Associate
Al-HameedالْحَمِيدُThe Praiseworthy
Al-MuhseeالْمُحْصِيThe Counter
Al-MubdiالْمُبْدِئُThe Originator
Al-MueedٱلْمُعِيدُThe Restorer
Al-MuhyiالْمُحْيِيThe Giver of Life
Al-MumeetاَلْمُمِيتُThe Creator of Death
Al-HayyالْحَيُّThe Ever-Living
Al-QayyoomالْقَيُّومُThe Sustainer
Al-WaajidالْوَاجِدُThe Perceiver
Al-MaajidالْمَاجِدُThe Illustrious
Al-WaahidالْواحِدُThe One
Al-AhadاَلاَحَدُThe Unique
As-SamadالصَّمَدُThe Eternal
Al-QadeerالْقَادِرُThe Omnipotent One
Al-MuqtadirالْمُقْتَدِرُThe Powerful
Al-MuqaddimالْمُقَدِّمُThe Expediter
Al-Mu’akhkhirالْمُؤَخِّرُThe Delayer
Al-AwwalالأوَّلُThe First
Al-AakhirالآخِرُThe Last
Az-ZaahirالظَّاهِرُThe Manifest
Al-BaatinالْبَاطِنُThe Hidden One
Al-WaaliالْوَالِيThe Sole Governor
Al-Muta’aliالْمُتَعَالِيThe Self Exalted
Al-BarrالْبَرُّThe Source of All Goodness
At-TawwabالتَّوَابُThe Ever-Pardoning
Al-MuntaqimالْمُنْتَقِمُThe Avenger
Al-‘afuwwالعَفُوُThe Pardoner
Ar-Ra’oofالرَّؤُوفُThe Most Kind
Maalik-Ul-Mulkَمَالِكُ ٱلْمُلْكُMaster of the Kingdom
Dhul-Jalaali Wal-Ikraamذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِLord of Glory and Honour
Al-MuqsitالْمُقْسِطُThe Just One
Al-Jaami’الْجَامِعُThe Gatherer
Al-GhaniyyٱلْغَنيُّThe Self-Sufficient
Al-MughniٱلْمُغْنِيُّThe Enricher
Al-Mani’اَلْمَانِعُThe Withholder
Ad-DharrالضَّارَThe Distresser
An-Nafi’النَّافِعُThe Propitious
An-NurالنُّورُThe Light
Al-HaadiالْهَادِيThe Guide
Al-Badee’الْبَدِيعُThe Incomparable Originator
Al-BaaqiاَلْبَاقِيThe Everlasting
Al-WaarithالْوَارِثُThe Inheritor
Ar-RasheedالرَّشِيدُThe Guide
As-SaboorالصَّبُورُThe Forbearing

6 Practical Tips To Memorize The 99 Names Of Allah

Follow our six practical tips to help you memorize the 99 names of Allah effectively and meaningfully.

1. Start Memorizing Allah’s Names With Their Meanings

To start memorizing Allah’s names, you must first understand their meanings and significance. Memorization requires an understanding of the traits and qualities that each name represents. So, start by quickly learning the meanings of the names you want to commit to memory. 

Take the name “Ar-Rahman,” for instance, which means “The Most Gracious.” Think briefly about the incredible kindness and compassion included in this name. Recognize how it affects your life and your connection to Allah. 

Memorize 99 names of Allah hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari 7392, and Sahih Muslim 2677. Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, PBUH, said, 

“Allah has ninety-nine names. Whoever preserves them will enter Paradise.” 

2. Create Melodies And Rhythms For Quick Memorization 

You can increase the efficiency and enjoyment of your memorization process by using rhythms and melodies. Memory improvers have long been linked to rhythm and music. 

Try out these methods:

Firstly, create catchy Islamic songs or rhymes based on their names and meanings. Secondly, recalling the names is made interesting and memorable by these melodic rhythms. In fact, it might be enjoyable and productive to memorize.

For every set of names, create a rhythmic chant. These chants can help you remember things better and foster a calming, contemplative atmosphere as they are repeated.

3. Repeating 99 Names Of Allah With Visual And Audio Aids

Repetition is the cornerstone of memorization. To improve your remembering, make use of both visual and auditory aids in your quran memorization program:

  • Flashcards: As you advance in your memorization process, keep using flashcards. You may remember more of what you’ve learned if you get visual reinforcement.
  • Audio Recordings: Make your own audio recordings or you can learn 99 names of Allah app by reciting the names and their meanings. Hearing your voice aloud can help you remember things better.
  • Listen to Recitations: Look for excellent audio renditions of Allah’s 99 Names. In addition, recitations of various texts help you improve your pronunciation and recall.

4. Use Mnemonics Hints for Memorization 

Mnemonics are memory aids that can significantly assist you in memorizing the names:

Acronyms and Initials: Create acronyms using the initials of the names. For example, for “Al-Malik” (The Sovereign), you could use “M” to represent Malik. Moreover, this simple mnemonic makes it easier to remember the name and its meaning.

Visual Associations: Pair each name with a visual image or object representing its meaning. In addition, these mental associations make the names more vivid and memorable. Mostly quran tutors use this technique in online hifz course for students for memorization.

5. Recite And Reflect on the Names Of Allah

Continual recitation, reflection, and revision are essential components of successful memorization. How to maximize these techniques is as follows:

  • Recite Regularly: Make sure to include the names in your everyday petitions and prayers. By repeating His name during your salah, you deepen your relationship with Allah. Indeed, memorizing 99 names of Allah rewards Jannah as well.
  • Think Meanings: As you say the names, consider what they mean. Think about the associations each name has with your life and experiences. Further, this contemplation strengthens your comprehension and bond.
  • Teach Other, Repeat and Review: Go over the names you’ve committed to memory again and again. Make repetition a regular habit, as it is essential for long-term retention.

6. Join A Memorization Group

Being a part of a community makes learning more motivating and pleasant for most people. Join our online Islamic classes for kids at Hidayah Network. Besides, learning the 99 names of Allah benefits believers by fostering a profound connection with the divine

Here are some advantages of joining a memorizing group for your journey:

  1. Memorization groups help you keep focused and on track by providing support and encouragement.
  2. There’s a sense of unity and mutual success when you talk about your progress and difficulties with those who are also learning the names.


In conclusion,memorizing the 99 Allah names journey is a transformative and spiritually resonant pursuit. Learn 99 names of Allah with meaning and craft mnemonic aids, we recognize that this journey is more than a mere recitation exercise; it is a profound connection with the Divine. By incorporating melodies and rhythms, we infuse joy into the memorization process. 

May each recitation be a heartfelt invocation, deepening our understanding of Allah’s attributes, and fostering a lasting connection that transcends the mere memorization of words. Through sincerity and devotion, this journey becomes a radiant path toward a more profound spiritual existence. As their are lots of benefits of memorizing 99 names of Allah so start your memorizing journey today.

Most Important FAQs

How to read Allah names?

Read Allah’s names with respect and contemplation. Begin with “Bismillah,” reflect on each name’s meaning, pronounce them correctly, and consider starting with “Ar-Rahman” and “Ar-Rahim.” Choose individual or collective recitation based on preference.

What to read before reciting the 99 names of Allah?

Before reciting the 99 Names of Allah, it is recommended to begin with the Basmala, which is “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” in Arabic, translating to “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” 

Is it good to learn the 99 names of Allah?

Yes, learning the Allah 99 names is highly commendable in Islam. These names are known as the Asma-ul-Husna. Further, learning and memorizing these names not only contribute to a deeper understanding of Allah but also foster a stronger spiritual connection. 

What is Allah’s favorite name?

The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), reportedly stated, “The names most dear to Allah are ‘Abdullah and ‘Abd al-Rahman,” according to Ibn Umar.