We claim to be the highly dedicated and best Quran Hifz school all over the world, to let desperate students memorize the Quran in all possible engaging ways.

What Makes our Best Quran Hifz School Exceptional?  

When it comes to Hifz Quran from home, It becomes very difficult to hifz if you don’t have the proper curriculum and Tutors provided by any Hifz Quran Program. Our online portal helps you access the classes from anywhere and manage them anytime either for yourself or your kids.

Here are the reasons which make our Quran Memorization school system the best and most exceptional in all of the Quran Memorization websites.

1- Best Quran Hifz Tutors to help you Memorize Quran easily:

We never compromise on the Quality of hifz tutors we provide our students: 

We run a high-end check to hire qualified tutors for Hifz Quran since we don’t want you to waste your precious time and money by hiring the wrong person.

The tutors are well reputable and Ijazah certified from high-end famous Islamic Institute Al-Azhar University. It gives them a margin from the rest of the pool.

We have a series of tests and set specific criteria to choose the best Quran memorization tutors from a large pool.

Quran hifz teacher for the best Quran memorization website

Our Quran hifz tutors have a good command of the English language, thus they teach non-Arab students in the most fluent way possible.

Our handpicked Tutors have a fair amount of experience in helping beginner Hifz students learn and understand each and every single word of the Holy Quran thus letting them know the true message of Allah.

2- Customized plan for our Hifz Quran program:

 We have a wide range of plans out of which a student can pick the one which suits his Quran memorization capabilities. Following is the plan that most of our students choose:

 We call it customized because the time span of each course can be altered as per the student’s demand. If a student wants to do Hifz Quran in an even shorter period we compress it to the extent of his mindset and ability.

a plan of hifz Quran

This course is designed to attain the Itqan level in Hifz Quran online through one-on-one Classes. The students can learn advanced skills of Qirat to get the top level in Quran Memorization online.

→ Note: Hidaya Network also offers Intensive Hifz Course. Let’s enroll today if you want to become a Hafiz

3- Engaging Atmosphere for all students of our Quran Hifz School:

girl engaged with Quran hifz

Learning speed depends on the Motivational level. Our best Quran hifz school provides Hifz students with such a motivating environment that they don’t feel like giving up in the middle of the course.  

 Since it’s the major problem arising in today’s generation that they give up halfway since they become dispirited easily. We have adopted such strategies that the Hifz Students don’t feel pressured in any aspect and they enjoy the whole course.

Note: We have specially designed hifz classes for Kids and Hifz classes for adults too. Let’s Enroll Now!

4- Why you should choose our Best Quran hifz school?

Why our Quran hifz school is the best

One-to-One Classes:

   If needed, Hifz students are provided with one-to-one classes so that each student gets the entire attention he deserves and he gets better and better in their Quran Hifz classes.

Weekly reports to track your online Hifz progress:

Our Quran hifz school keeps track of your progress on a weekly basis. In this way, one can access oneself for the next journey.

In kids’ cases, the weekly reports are sent to their parents so that they keep an eye on their children. This way, they know their plus points and negative points.

Monthly Quizzes for our Hifz Academy students:

Monthly Quizzes and tests are held to check the performance of students and to keep them running without lagging in tracks. It indulges students to give their best to earn more rewards.

Rewards and certificates for our top students:

Rewards are always like honey for students. Those Hifz students who show good performance are rewarded and given Certificates throughout the course which in turn inspires other students to be more active Learners in the Course.

Economic Fee-structure for Students:

We provide you with affordable packages. Although the Quality of our Hifz Quran Online program requires fair credit to keep it going on in its best form.

We still provide huge discounts and offers to our students to let them have the best experience to Memorize Quran online. Especially we have a discount offer for the 2nd member of the already enrolled member’s family.

The flexibility of scheduling 24/7 for our Quran Hifz students:

At home, the major benefit is that you can customize your schedule for our Online Hifz program. You can reschedule or cancel classes anytime if needed, and get the lectures later. So you are free of any kind of loss.

Unlike in Live Madrasa, where once you miss classes due to some busy schedule or mishaps, You can’t recover it in that spirited mode. But you will not miss your classes now.

You can get your classes at home from our Best Hifz Quran School anytime you want. Since we aim to make your life easy, Our Tutor will be available for you at your decided time.

5- Our most practical Quran Memorization techniques:

• Read and Read:

   Hifz students are called to read and read as many times as they can since it removes the errors in their recitation. They become fluent.

• Practice In Namaz and Daily Activities:

   Hifz students are encouraged to utilize and practice the knowledge they recently learned in their Hifz academy classes in Daily Namaz and Daily Duas and Dhikr.

• Friends Conversing To Practice The Lessons:

   It makes such a lively environment for buddies to teach and revise with each other, thus such a group revision is the best type of revision.

• Audio-Video Tracks Listening: 

   It keeps you in touch with The target since you listen to the recitation of your favorite Qari.

• Writing Notes To Get Perfection:

   To get the best results, students can make their own notes which would help them in the long run.

• Daily Revision:

   Teachers take quick revisions of the last lessons they did teach their students, In this way, students keep attentive in class and learn their lessons by heart to give good output.

• Reciting The Lessons Loudly:

  It keeps you focused on Your Hifz target since you get free from many distractions by reading out loud. It also gives you the confidence to Recite the Hifz Quran in public.

6- What else You Will Get from Our Best Hifz Quran school?

Accurate Memorization of the Holy book of Allah; The Qur’an.

■ Learning the reasons for the revelation of Quranic verses.

Understanding the exact message of Allah in Quran verses.

■ Beautifying your voice from your heart when reading the Quran you Hifz.

Your status in this life will be raised and your rank will rise on Judgement day.

Increase your Iman with step-by-step Memorization of verses and gradually you reach the final destination of Iman.

To definitely bring Allah’s command and to attain virtues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q:1 Is Hifz through the Hidaya Network effective or worth it?

Yes, there is no difference between real sessions and digital ones, except that you get flexible timing with your desired tutor.

It is worth it as you see the old student’s reviews. Check it out yourself.

Q:2 Can I rate or change the teacher?

Yes, Although we have high-end Teachers, still you will be provided the chance to rate through google forms to enhance overall performance.

Q:3 Where do I start from since I have never used any online platform?

All you need is:

  • Smartphone
  • Internet 
  • Zoom meeting
  • Enroll in our course
  • Kick start now.


The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

Sahih al-Bukhari- 5027

 Join Our best Quran hifz school today!! It’s not rocket science to Hifz Quran, all it needs is the mental willingness and focus of Hifz students and how much effort both the Students and Hifz teachers put into it.

That’s it! So Enroll now for Free Trials and get exclusive offers..!