Step into the world of online Quran courses for kids in 2024! We’re here to help you find the best ones. Imagine a place where your child can learn about the Quran using the internet—it’s like bringing traditional teachings to your screen.

One cool platform we’re going to talk about is Hidayah Network. It’s from Egypt, in the Arab region, and they’re excellent at teaching kids about the Quran. Let’s find out more below! We’ll share what makes Hidayah Network special and why it’s among the top choices for online Quran courses for kids in 2024. Get ready to explore a fun and educational way for your child to connect with the Quran!

Hidayah Network Quran Classes for Kids

Parents often struggle to find enjoyable and interactive online Quran classes for their kids that seamlessly fit into their regular studies. Hidayah Network is the go-to solution, offering a unique and engaging learning experience under the guidance of trained Quran tutors. Designed for children aged 3 to 15, our courses aim to make Quran learning fun and avoid boredom.

In these Quran programs, kids delve into Arabic, Quran reading, recitation, and hifz (memorization). They learn to articulate Arabic letters like native speakers, read the Quran fluently, grasp Tajweed rules, and engage in recitation with hifz. Practical hifz techniques are practiced for quick results, and tests enhance understanding. Basic Tafseer of the Surahs expedites Quran memorization.

Our personalized 1-on-1 online Quran classes for kids allow flexibility in schedules and cater to individual learning styles, incorporating educational games to keep toddlers engaged. These result-driven classes provide a structured plan, including tests, revisions, activities, and competitions. The syllabus breakdown gives parents a roadmap of their child’s daily, weekly, and monthly learning activities.

Key Learnings

  • Articulating Arabic letters for proper pronunciation.
  • Fluent and effortless Quran reading.
  • Understanding and applying Tajweed rules.
  • Quran recitation with hifz.

1. Noorani Qaida Classes for Kids

We want kids to learn Noorani Qaida step by step, ensuring a top-notch learning experience. Our course breaks down into small parts, focusing on each rule in detail for effective learning. Experienced tutors lead interactive and result-driven lessons.

In personalized online Noorani Qaida classes, toddlers learn with a strong focus on each lesson. Tutors address errors, ensuring flawless learning. Kids progress to the next level after passing tests based on learned rules, promoting accuracy.

Structured plans for toddlers include assessing their understanding, determining class frequency and duration, and identifying revision needs. The curriculum spans 30 credit hours, with tests and competitions. Successful completion leads to milestones like accurate alphabet articulation, native-like Arabic reading, Tajweed understanding, and readiness for Recitation classes.

Outcomes of Kids Qaida Classes

  • Accurate alphabet articulation.
  • Reading Arabic like natives.
  • Clearing all course levels.

2. Hifz Course for Kids

At Hidayah Network, we offer a well-organized Hifz course tailored for kids and toddlers, making us a standout Egyptian platform. Our unique features set us apart:

  • Parents receive a digital account to monitor their kids’ progress.
  • Tutors employ Mind Mapping before each lesson for effective teaching.
  • We blend verse memorization with understanding by teaching the meanings.
  • Multimedia projection of Surah stories and infographics enhances learning.

In our personalized one-on-one online Hifz classes for kids, children aren’t confined to a set sequence. Parents can choose any Surah, Juz, or multiple Ajzaa for their kids to learn. The plan includes monthly and weekly breakdowns, focusing on Tajweed clarity, verse meanings, Surah sequences, and stories.

Our 5-level Hifz program acts as milestones, ensuring stress-free Quran memorization:

  • Juz 29 and Juz 30
  • Learning Juz 2 to Juz 5 (An-Naas to Al-Ahqaf)
  • Half of the Quran (15 Juz)
  • Whole Quran Memorization (30 Juz)
  • Revision of the Entire Quran

This structured approach instills a love for Quran memorization, helping kids become Hafiz at a young age.

3. Tajweed Courses for Kids

Discover the world of learning Quran with Tajweed for kids through our effective and engaging techniques. Our skilled Quran Tajweed tutors have developed unique methods to simplify Tajweed rules for children.

  • Find Examples from the Quran: Learning Tajweed goes beyond rules; kids are taught to identify examples of these rules in the Quran, enhancing perfection.
  • Underline Mistakes: Focus on weak areas by underlining mistakes, promoting practice for perfecting Tajweed basics.
  • Mirror Articulation: Use a pocket mirror to observe proper articulation points, aiding kids in understanding and perfecting pronunciation.
  • Practical Implementation: Tajweed rules aren’t just for lessons; kids apply them in Salah, Quran memorization, and reciting Duas for quality learning.
  • Repetition and Practice: Emphasize practice for excellence; kids repeat lessons during Salah, reinforcing Tajweed principles.

Our Tajweed course offers:

  1. Two Free Trial Classes: Experience our teaching with two different teachers in 30-minute trial sessions.
  2. Interactive Classes: Engaging lessons make learning enjoyable and easy for kids.
  3. Motivational Environment: Continuous motivation enhances learning abilities.
  4. Activity-Based Learning: Designed activities aid understanding of Tajweed rules.
  5. Visual and Audio Support: Classes include pictures, audio, and video resources for effective learning.

Monthly Competitions and Rewards

  • Check kids’ abilities and motivate them through competitions.
  • Weekly competitions ensure a better understanding of Tajweed rules.
  • Kids receive rewards for their best performances.

Join Hidayah Network for an interactive and rewarding Tajweed learning experience for your kids.

4. Islamic Courses for Kids and Kindergarten

Explore our Islamic Studies for Kids course tailored to different age groups, ensuring a curriculum that caters to easy comprehension and enjoyment. We offer a customizable syllabus to meet parents’ preferences, emphasizing student-centric and activity-based learning for optimal results.

The 12-level series of our structured curriculum facilitates step-by-step learning, allowing parents to track their child’s progress through our reporting system.

In our Islamic classes, kids delve into Tafseer, memorizing Surahs with Tajweed, and learning essential supplications. The Hadith section covers authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, His Seerah, and Sunnahs to follow.

Fiqh classes provide a detailed understanding of everyday matters, explained through engaging activities. Concurrently, our Islamic studies classes focus on character building, instilling Islamic manners and etiquette.

Outcomes include

  • Learning Tafseer through multimedia and mind mapping.
  • Grasping Do’aa and adopting Sunnahs out of love for Islam.
  • Understanding value-integrated Seerah to shape personalities.
  • Developing a love for Prophets.
  • Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAWW through His hadiths.
  • Comprehending explanations of topics with reasoning through fiqh.
  • Learning Islamic etiquette toward parents, relatives, siblings, and society.

Why to Learn Quran online with Hidayah Network?

Personalized 1-on-1 Classes

Benefit from dedicated attention with personalized online Quran classes. Our tutors focus solely on your child, ensuring tailored lessons that match their pace and learning style.

Consistently Feedback on the Progress

Receive regular updates on your child’s Quranic journey. We provide consistent feedback, keeping you informed about their strengths, areas for improvement, and overall progress.

Using Audio/Visual Material

Enrich your child’s learning experience with multimedia. Our curriculum incorporates audio and visual materials, making Quranic teachings more engaging, memorable, and effective.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Environment

Foster a love for learning Quran through an interactive online environment. Our classes are designed to captivate children’s interest, ensuring an enjoyable and participatory Quranic education.

Flexible Hours

Tailor Quranic learning to your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing class hours that suit your child’s routine, making it convenient for both parents and students.

Evaluation and Certification at the End of the Curriculum

Assess your child’s Quranic proficiency with our end-of-curriculum evaluation. Upon successful completion, receive a certification, acknowledging your child’s dedication and achievement in Quranic studies.