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Let’s Hifz Quran Online in Uk under the supervision of Qualified native Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Best Online Hifz Classes for kids in Uk

Best Online Hifz Classes In The UK

Engaging kids in hifz lessons is sometimes difficult due to the hectic routine. We are here to assist parents in the UK to encourage their children to memorize the verses of the Quran and let them develop a bond with the Creator in their early years.

Hidayah Network has brought the best online hifz classes for kids in the UK that are featured-pack and highly exciting for kids. Our mind mapping and video presentations make the lessons very interesting for toddlers.

Well-structured & Activity-based Plans For Kids

We are aware of the kids’ attention and retention span, which is why we have designed the hifz course differently. The structure of the syllabus is very well-organized and kids will know what they are learning and what is coming next.

Activities in hifz is a new term, as we have creatively planned activities for each Surah for kids in the UK. Kids will learn the verses with a brief understanding of them and retain them forever.

Personalize your kid’s hifz plan and let them enjoy the whole process with ease.

4 Levels Of Hifz For Children

For the kids living in the UK, we have simplified the hifz program by dividing the portions into 4 levels. Each level is cleared with a test and the toddlers are promoted to the next level just as they clear the levels in any game.

1- The Startup Level

The few opening classes fall in this level where kids will be given an overview of the rewards, benefits, and advantages of hifz to boost their devotion. 

Beginning from the 30th Chapter, kids will start learning the small and easy surahs through audio and animations of the stories.

2-The get-set-go Level

At this level, kids would have set up their hifz routine with a good base. The chapters divided into levels will commence formally from this level where kids will learn according to their capacity. We promote burden-free online hifz classes.

3- Intermediate Level

This level boosts kids’ speed and pace to let them memorize maximum chapters as per their personalized plan. The tests and competitions will go on at every level and the portions for hifz will increase too.

4-The Final Level

Reach the ultimate goal of hifz at this level and finish all the revision sessions in due time. Whether your toddlers are memorizing the entire Quran or a selective portion, each plan will have 4 levels to make the lessons easy.

Facts about Hidayah Network

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Why Enroll In Our Hifz Classes?

Your children need the best forum to make their hifz journey exceptional and memorable. Consider the features of the Hidayah Network for remarkable hifz course in UK.

➡️Native Egyptian Huffaz Tutors

Kids in the UK got this amazing chance to hifz Quran from Egyptian huffaz tutors who are chosen for them after rounds of interviews and tests.

  • Hidayah Network tutors can fluently speak English to overcome the language barrier Kids can face.
  • They are certified with Ijazah and have graduated in Quranic studies too.
  • Their hifz techniques are worth the hype as they alter and change the strategies according to the kids’ inclinations.
  • They are adept at building a good rapport with their young-aged students to let them join the class excitingly.
  • They have years of experience in conducting Quran memorization courses virtually and know how to meet the goals in time.
  • They are trained to handle kids in online classes and do not let them create haste during the sessions.

➡️ Mind Mapping and Color Clouding Of Surahs

Kids always need something new and exciting to do, even in hifz classes too. So, the teacher makes mind maps of Surahs by coloring the clouds of the main points. This technique is good not only for the retention of hifz lessons but also for children’s interests.

➡️ Evaluation Report Of 2 Weeks

To meet the milestones of each level and reach the ultimate hifz goal, we generate evaluation reports every 2 weeks and arrange online meetings with parents to discuss the problem areas to mutually resolve the weaknesses.

➡️ Rewards and Appreciation For Progress

Kids’ progress is given a huge shout-out for motivation and appreciation. We reward kids with cash prizes and nominate them for intra-school competitions that are held after every level. This is done to keep kids interested throughout the course.

➡️ 24/7 Access 

We provide access to hifz classes for kids in the UK 24/7 so that parents can contact us at any time without the time difference. Arrange the timings of the classes when it is convenient for your kids. 

Why Hidayah Network?

The best Arab teachers are hired by our forum to render their services in the hifz department. The following traits make them exceptionally talented and the best ones.


➡️ They are Egypt-born and naturally have an amazing grip on the Arabic language and Quran tajweed.


➡️ They are qualified in teaching hifz as they have earned an Ijazah degree from worldwide reputed universities in Egypt.


➡️ Their fluency in English shows how professional they are in this field and makes students understand smoothly.


➡️ They have years of online teaching experience and their early hifz make them flawless in Quranic learning.


➡️ They are creative, proactive, and very dedicated. They have chosen this career to help millions of Muslims around the globe to learn the Quran like Arabs.

For the first time, we have introduced digital accounts that have 500+ inbuilt quiz questions about hifz and Tajweed which makes the account holder practice their lessons more and more to make them error-free. Once logged in, you can choose the Surah you have memorized and solve the questions to check your accuracy.

All the students are given progress trackers for each Surah to stay on track and boost up their energies to meet the goals before the deadline. We generate progress reports as well and share them every week with improvement tips where required.

No rot learning is advised here, we teach the meaning of the verses to give you an overview of each chapter. To make understanding easy, we make mind maps before each lesson. It helps in remembering the points on the fingertips.

Students are given an online quiz account to solve the quizzes and riddles based on Tajweed rules, names of Surahs, hifz revisions, etc. It helps practice more with fun and retain all the lessons for the long term.

Adults in the UK will be awarded a hifz certificate at the end of the course that is signed and stamped by the supervisors. No charges are to be applied for getting a certificate.


This is an initiative to enroll and engage kids in the UK for hifz classes that are conducted by our qualified tutors. Avail of our complimentary 2 classes for free and let your kids join the session in the comfort of your home to get certified in the end of the course.