Online Tajweed Classes In Singapore

  • Our Certified Tutors.
  • Weekly Reports.
  • Quizzes & Competitions.
  • Mind Mapping.
  • 24/7 Availability
Online Tajweed Classes In Singapore

Best Online Tajweed Classes In Singapore

The main hurdle to opting for the best online Tajweed classes in Singapore is the lack of amazing features that attract users. It is only possible if you are offered various facilities like a structured plan, feedback reports, target tracker, and above all; a professionally trained and experienced tutor.

Hidayah Network, being the facilitator, is here to cater to you by offering all the above-mentioned and much more facilities that will be supervised by professionals through different levels; starting from the easiest and ending with the toughest.

Well-Structured Tajweed Course For Muslims In Singapore

There are a number of rules and then their sub-rules that are included in learning. We have 3 different levels of Tajweed:

  • Basic Module
  • Intermediate Module
  • Advanced Module

The following is the procedure to get a structured plan for any level.

  • Get assessed for the prior knowledge ( 2 FREE trial class ) 
  • Tell about the number of classes you want to attend per week.
  • Choose the duration of each class.
  • Get a well-designed plan that you need to follow

Our Various Tajweed Programs In Singapore

You can become a Hafiz by enrolling in any of the following Hifz Programs.

You will learn the easiest rules in this course if you have prior knowledge of Noorani Qaida.

This course is based on a variety of fun activities as we have 3 levels to choose from. Your kids will enjoy learning it easily through this course.

Small milestones are set for Tajweed for adults to achieve and reach the ultimate goal in this course. You will get a plan to carry on the classes systematically. 

This program is for those who are already done with the basic and intermediate levels in the previous courses and want to excel in the advanced form now.

Facts about Hidayah Network

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Outcomes Of Our Tajweed Classes.

Before beginning the classes we derive some practical outcomes to achieve.

  • To be able to learn all the rules with utmost practice.
  • To successfully apply all rules in Recitation.
  • To recite Quran beautifully, the same way as Prophet Muhammad SAWW. 
  • To excel in the rules so that they could easily move on to Ijazah.
  • To be able to compete in the competitions with lots of practice.

Why Enroll In Our Tajweed Program?

These under-mentioned features are our forte that will let all the Muslims in Singapore join to learn Tajweed.

Our Certified Tutors

We not only hire the most qualified but the most professional tutors who possess the following qualities:

  • Are native Arabs and got an edge over others for having amazing Arabic accents.
  • Are graduated from reputed Islamic universities and hold an Ijazah in All or any specific genre.
  • Are experienced in teaching Tajweed and making it really easy both for kids and adults.
  • Have earned a good name and reputation among students in Tajweed classes.
  • Are flexible in learning and implementing new teaching techniques that are topic-based and result-driven. 

Report Card After Every 2 weeks

We send a report that is generated after every 2 weeks with the following points:

  • The mistakes in any of the Tajweed rules.
  • Errors in Recitation.
  • Tips from the teacher on how to overcome mistakes.
  • Revision of the lessons (if required)
  • The plan for the next 2 weeks, to give an idea of what will the student learn further.

Tajweed Competitions and Quizzes

The more you practice the better your articulation will become. To let you practice with fun, we arrange recitation competitions to showcase your ability and grip on makharij. 

Each student is given an account to solve more than 500 Tajweed-based quizzes to revise the rules and test your self.

24/7 Availability

You are free to choose any convenient time for your lessons with us as we have a number of teachers to take the class whenever asked to.

Mind mapping For Each Lesson

This is an amazing feature introduced by our Advanced Tajweed course team. They make a mind map of each rule before starting the lesson. It helps them:This is an amazing feature introduced by our Advanced Tajweed course team. They make a mind map of each rule before starting the lesson. It helps them:

  1. Prepare the detail of the rule they are going to introduce.
  2. Bring as many relevant Quranic examples as possible.
  3. Prepare answers to expected questions from the students.
  4. Design and arrange activities to let students have a practical learning experience.


All the brothers and sisters in Singapore are invited to grab a free trial with two different teachers to see how these classes work. Enrol if you find our features the best ones to start from. We make sure our users are catered to in the best possible way.