Many people think Tajweed is an option that you can opt for or leave but in reality, it is the core of Quran recitation; one needs to walk an extra mile to get perfect in it. To master all Tajweed rules in just 6 months requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and commitment. 

If you are keen to learn all the Tajweed rules (basic and advanced)to become a professional Qari; reciting exactly like Prophet Muhammad SAW,  then Read through the lines to know how you can do that in just half a year with our tajweed learning tips!

Tips to Excel in Tajweed Rules in Half a Year

Here are some tips to learn tajweed rules in half a year.

1. Enroll in An Intensive Tajweed Course

You need to get enrolled in a formal Tajweed class with prior knowledge of basic Tajweed because that is the only way to reach the goal of mastering the rules in a short period. The reason to take online Tajweed classes is:

✅ You Get a Professional Tajweed Tutor

Instead of looking out for a tutor on your own by keeping several points in mind, it is better to let the online platform arrange one for you. They usually have strict selection rules and hire the best ones to conduct the classes. 

Your Tajweed tutor ought to be a native Arab because they are just phenomenal in their Tajweed and can guide you well on how to master each rule. They are hired because of their teaching experience so you don’t need to worry about the results of the classes. You will surely reach the target in time and learned the advanced tajweed course properly.

✅ You Get a Structured Plan

When you have to accomplish the goal in less time, you need a properly structured plan that you can keep on checking now and then to track your progress. Your hired tutor will make a plan for you according to your availability and then you have to abide by that plan to learn all the rules flawlessly in 6 months.

✅ You Get a one-on-one Class

One-on-one class is preferred if your course duration is less than usual. You will get 100% attention in such classes and can learn and revise brilliantly with the teacher. The focus required for this intensive task is only possible in a one-on-one session.

2. Practice the Tajweed Rules With The 3D Version.

All thanks to the modern technology that has made Tajweed learning super easy and engaging. The articulation points, pronunciation, details of Arabic letters, and all the rules are so precisely elaborated in the 3D version that you do not require to read out the heavy theories to understand them.

As you know Practice makes perfect, so you have you revise more than usual to get become flawless.

Hidayah Network is known for teaching tech-based educational material in their Tajweed classes for adults, which helps learners grasp all the rules quickly.

3. Take Notes of Your Mistakes

You can only master the rules quickly when you are aware of your errors, whether trivial or severe. 

We suggest taking notes of the mistakes when you are reading the Quranic text. It is your teacher who will do that and you will work on those mistakes to overcome. Let your teacher give you a detailed report of your lesson in which the mistakes are marked with a highlighter to help you only focus on them.

4. Compare Your Recitation With The Qari’s

Those who love to work on their Tajweed and tarteel must have a favorite Qari whom they try to imitate. If you want to master all the rules within a restricted time frame then better to record your recitation by applying all types of Tajweed rules consciously and then compare it with your favorite Qari. If you find a difference, just note that down and practice it to get closer to it if not 100% like it.

5. Implement All Rules in Salah

Other than the class time, you have to see where and how you can apply these 3Rs:

✅ Read

✅ Revise

✅ Repeat

In your 5 daily Salah, you can easily read any surah, revise the tajweed rules of that surah, and repeat it in all Rakah. In this way, you will learn the majority of the rules every day. 

Remind yourself every time that you are on a very noble and rigorous journey, a little deviation will take you back to the beginning because Tajweed is all about revision and application.

6. Tajweed Quizzes and Competitions

It is very important to challenge yourself and push beyond the bars to achieve the best you are capable of. Many platforms arrange online quizzes and competitions for students where they have to solve riddles based on the rules of Tajweed. The competitions are held between the students to check their aptitude and make them practice the rules more and more.

If you enroll in the tajweed course for beginners by Hidayah Network, they will give you an account to solve quizzes that are more than 500 in total. This is enough to practice and master the Tajweed rules.

7. Listen To the Audio and Repeat After Them.

Knowing the rules and implementing them is not enough! Give it another shot by listening to the audio snippet of any of the Qaris and repeat after them in a louder voice to let your vocals perform at their best. 

Join Hidayah Network

Hidayah Network helps the students do that in regular classes as well. Let’s suppose you are listening to the audio of Surah Ar-Rahman (from the 27th Chapter), and see how the recitor says the word AR-RAHMAN with clear pronunciation of the letter RAA and HAA. They let students practice until they get perfect.

So, concluding on the note that Tajweed needs time, especially for the non-Arab learners as they are used to their plain accent whereas the Arabic accent is very different. To reach your goal in just 6 months try all these tips and keep praying for ease in every task.