Memorizing Juz Amma is of extreme significance to Muslims. It contains the shortest chapters of the Quran which you can learn and recite during prayer. Also, these chapters have variable themes that show the diversity of the Quran. Today, we will share with you a plan and a schedule to help memorize Juz Amma completely.

When it comes to memorize juz amma, what you need is a clear structured plan that takes you through day-by-day memorization. We would advise you to begin with the shortest chapters and gradually move to the longest ones. You can also get Qari’s help in this journey. Let us guide you in complete detail today.

Juz Amma Memorization Schedule

Here’s a suggested Juz Amma memorization schedule spread over 30 days, with a breakdown of surahs to memorize each day and a brief description to guide you through:

1Surah Al-Naba’ (Verses 1-20)Begin with the first 20 verses of Surah Al-Naba’, focusing on comprehension and fluency.
2Surah Al-Naba’ (Verses 21-40)Continue with the remaining verses of Surah Al-Naba’, ensuring thorough repetition.
3Surah An-Naziat (Verses 1-23)Memorize the initial verses of Surah An-Naziat, emphasizing accurate recitation.
4Surah An-Naziat (Verses 24-46)Complete the memorization of Surah An-Naziat, paying attention to proper pronunciation.
5Surah Abasa (Verses 1-20)Commence memorizing Surah Abasa, focusing on understanding the meanings of the verses.
6Surah Abasa (Verses 21-42)Finish memorizing Surah Abasa, ensuring consistency in recitation.
7Surah At-Takwir (Verses 1-20)Start memorizing Surah At-Takwir, practicing recitation and memorization techniques.
8Surah At-Takwir (Verses 21-29) + Surah Al-InfitarConclude Surah At-Takwir and move on to memorize Surah Al-Infitar for holistic learning.
9Surah Al-Mutaffifin (Verses 1-20)Begin memorizing Surah Al-Mutaffifin, focusing on understanding and retention.
10Surah Al-Mutaffifin (Verses 21-36)Complete the memorization of Surah Al-Mutaffifin, reviewing previously learned material.
11Surah Al-BuroojMemorize Surah Al-Burooj, paying attention to proper recitation and meaning.
12Surah At-TariqMemorize Surah At-Tariq, focusing on recitation fluency and memorization techniques.
13Surah Al-AlaFocus on memorizing Surah Al-Ala, ensuring clarity and accuracy in recitation.
14Surah Al-GhashiyaProceed to memorize Surah Al-Ghashiya, emphasizing proper pronunciation and understanding.
15Surah Al-Fajr (Verses 1-20)Begin memorizing Surah Al-Fajr, dedicating time for review and reinforcement.
16Surah Al-Fajr (Verses 20-30) + Surah Al-Balad (Verses 1-10)Continue with Surah Al-Fajr and initiate memorization of Surah Al-Balad.
17Surah Al-Balad (Verses 10-20) + Surah Ash-ShamsComplete Surah Al-Balad and begin memorizing Surah Ash-Shams for comprehensive learning.
18Surah Al-LaylFocus on memorizing Surah Al-Layl, ensuring consistency and accuracy in recitation.
19Surah Ad-Dhuha + Surah Ash-Sharh + Surah At-TinMemorize Surah Ad-Dhuha, Surah Ash-Sharh, and Surah At-Tin, paying attention to fluency.
20Surah Al-AlaqDedicate time to memorize Surah Al-Alaq, reviewing previous surahs for retention.
21Surah Al-Qadr + Surah Al-BayyinaMemorize Surah Al-Qadr and Surah Al-Bayyina, focusing on comprehension and fluency.
22Surah Az-Zalzalah + Surah Al-AdiyatProceed to memorize Surah Az-Zalzalah and Surah Al-Adiyat, ensuring accurate recitation.
23Surah Al-Qaria + Surah At-TakathurFocus on memorizing Surah Al-Qaria and Surah At-Takathur, dedicating time for review.
24Surah Al-Asr + Surah Al-HumazaMemorize Surah Al-Asr and Surah Al-Humaza, emphasizing proper pronunciation and understanding.
25Surah Al-Fil + Surah QuraishBegin memorizing Surah Al-Fil and Surah Quraish, ensuring thorough comprehension.
26Surah Al-Maun + Surah Al-KawtharProceed to memorize Surah Al-Maun and Surah Al-Kawthar, reviewing previously learned material.
27Surah Al-Kafiroon + Surah An-NasrFocus on memorizing Surah Al-Kafiroon and Surah An-Nasr, dedicating time for reinforcement.
28Surah Al-MasadDedicate time to memorize Surah Al-Masad, reviewing previous surahs for consolidation.
29Surah Al-Ikhlas + Surah Al-FalaqMemorize Surah Al-Ikhlas and Surah Al-Falaq, ensuring accuracy and fluency in recitation.
30Surah An-NasConclude the memorization journey with Surah An-Nas, reviewing all previously memorized surahs.

Key Facts About Juz Amma and Its Themes

  • Juz Amma is the thirtieth part of the Holy Qur’an, consisting of thirty-seven surahs.
  • Surat Al-Naba’ is the first surah in Juz Amma, comprising forty verses and addressing various topics including scientific miracles and divine providence.
  • Surat Al-Nas is the last surah in Juz Amma, containing six verses and renowned for its protective virtues against evil influences.
  • Surah Al-Nas was revealed after Surah Al-Falaq and is often recited by Muslims before bedtime for blessings and protection.
  • Juz Amma includes mostly Meccan surahs, except for Suras Al-Bayyinah and Al-Nasr, which are Medinan.
  • The surahs in Juz Amma are short, focusing on themes such as creation, belief, and faith, making it suitable for quran memorization course.
  • Surah Al-Balad, found in Juz Amma, emphasizes social justice and accountability, urging believers to fulfill their responsibilities to society.
  • Juz’ Amma, the Quran’s 30th Juz’, consists of 564 verses divided into Surahs of varying length.
  • Surah Al-Adiyat, located in Juz Amma, discusses the ingratitude of mankind despite the blessings bestowed upon them, highlighting the theme of gratitude.
  • Surah Al-Qadr, a surah within Juz Amma, states that the Night of Decree (Laylat al-Qadr) is better than a thousand months, underscoring the significance of this blessed night in Ramadan.
  • Surah Al-Qari’ah, found in Juz Amma, portrays the Day of Judgment as a day of reckoning when people’s deeds will be weighed, emphasizing accountability and justice.
  • Surah Al-Fajr, located in Juz Amma, describes the destruction of past civilizations due to their transgressions, serving as a reminder of the consequences of wrongdoing.

How Long Does It Take to Memorize Juz Amma?

Memorizing Juz Amma, the thirtieth part of the Quran, is a significant endeavor that requires dedication and consistency. The time it takes to memorize Juz Amma can vary based on individual capabilities and the amount of time devoted to memorization each day. Generally, completing the memorization within a month is achievable by memorizing around 4-5 verses daily. This method allows for steady progress while ensuring thorough repetition to solidify juz amma memorization.

In Sahih Bukhari, it is narrated that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged memorizing the Quran and said,

“The example of the one who memorizes the Quran is that of the owner of hounds who tie them up. If he watches over them, he keeps them, and if he releases them, they go away.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5031)

This hadith emphasizes the importance of maintaining and preserving what one has memorized, highlighting the diligence required in Quranic memorization. It serves as a reminder of the responsibility entrusted to those who memorize the Quran and the value of steadfastness in this noble pursuit.

Final Words

Memorizing Juz Amma is a noble journey that requires dedication and patience. With a structured schedule and consistent effort, anyone can accomplish this goal. Remember, each verse holds immense wisdom and guidance, making the journey both spiritually enriching and intellectually stimulating. Stay focused, keep revising, and most importantly, seek understanding in what you memorize.