Perfect planning urges you to study it well, understand its benefits and results, and know the shortest way to execute it. Those who do not plan to memorize Quran fast, usually fail to memorize well and be productive. 

Practical Tips to Memorize Quran in Short Time

Hidayah network is such a prestigious platform that provides you with 5 amazing structured Hifz plans. This planning will help you to reach your goal, and find memorization not challenging anymore. 

1. Follow the Best Quran Memorization Techniques 

Until today, memorization is still one of the methods used in the process of preservation of the Quran. There are many methods and techniques to memorize easily and are adopted by most Islamic madrasas and online platforms. 

It is necessary to have a mushaf in Arabic easy to read. The highlighted words of a mishap are just effective to help you remember the meanings and themes of the verses you memorize. Similarly, there should be differentiation marks for dividing rules, if, rub, sulus, and juz. Thus, pick a mushaf you are familiar with and comfortable with.

Hidayah network has introduced the best Quran Hifz techniques that you can easily follow. For example, 

  • You can choose one of the certified professional hafiz tutors, 
  • You can avail yourself best of Quran memorization plans according to your memorization ability, etc.

2. Choose The Best Time to Memorize Quran

The recommended time for Hifz is usually early morning: after Fajr, as your mind will be totally fresh and have no distractions at all. Set up a daily routine of memorization in the morning around 5 or 6 am, and you will be surprised with the outcomes; how fast you are finishing your Hifz.

 The Prophet (PBUH) said,

“On the Day of Resurrection, a crown will be placed on the heads of the parents of one who memorized the Quran and practiced on its laws. Its brilliance will outshine the brilliance of the sun which penetrates your houses. What then do you think will be the position of the one who memorized the Quran and acted by it?” (Abu Dawud)

The best time period to finish Hifz Quran easily is usually considered 3-four years. However, it totally depends upon one’s memorization capability and this will capable you to memorize quran by yourself.

3. Get the Best Quran Memorization Schedule 

Before you start to memorize Quran, it is important to schedule your days and times. A monthly schedule chart can be of great help and Hidayah Network has designed the best schedules for Quran memorization. Does the schedule chart explain that if a person learns a certain amount of verses daily without any breaks or gaps then how long it would take him to complete Hifz? 

Punctual daily recitation will greatly assist in memorization faster i.e., in less amount of time. Those who can not recite fluently normally have to devote double the time and effort due to this.

How to Memorize a Page of the Quran in a Day?

Hifz is not an easy task to be done by every Muslim. Memorization requires the person to have some skills beforehand; 

  • If you decide to memorize a page of Quran read it multiple times. 
  • Read each verse ten to twenty times until you get fluent in it. 
  • You will start memorizing it a little while looking at the text occasionally. 
  • Take deep breaths and breaks in between and go easy on yourself. 
  • Once you are sure you get into a bit of memorization take an hour break and then revise it 20 times. 
  • Revise the full page after each prayer and finally, you will get lifetime memorization of a page.

Bonus tip: How to Memorize Quran and Never Forget it?

The first step on the road to to Memorize Quran easily is to believe that this project is the most important in your life. Hifz will develop your grasp ability, expand your thinking range and equip you with a great ability for memorizing, understanding and comprehension.

  • Keep revising the old and new memorization.
  • You can get yourself enrolled in online Quran memorization courses, for example, Hidayah Network is a platform where you can memorize under professional tutors.
  • Hire a professional hifz teacher and keep reciting in front of him. You can gradually come to know about your mistakes and strengthen your memorization skills.

With the Hidayah network, you can memorize the complete Quran in a short time even knowing the tafsir of each surah. You will be certified in case of have high test scores. Another great feature is that you can continuously memorize Quran by taking part in recitation competitions.