Muslims all over the globe love to learn and understand the words of Allah and try to implement them in their lives. There is no age limit to start learning Quran, you can start at any age to get connected to the book of Allah. It is not about learning Quran fast and finishing the given curriculum, rather it is about learning fast and efficiently by consuming less time and understanding more with the help of the tips we will list below. Surely, there are some ways to choose to effectively learn the book of Allah and keep it intact forever.

Top 5 Tips to Learn Quran Fast

Here are some useful points that will help you learn the Quran fast and increase your level of understanding.

1. Choose The Correct Course 

The primary step to take in this regard is to select the correct Quran course if you are a beginner. Sometimes opting for an advanced or detailed course, in the beginning, makes it difficult to learn Quran. For beginners, it is recommended to start learning from the basics in the Noor Al-Bayan or Noorani Qaida course. This course aims at teaching the letters, joining, pronunciation of Arabic letters, and much more with continuous revisions. So, enroll in such an easy course initially to catch a glimpse of Quran learning. Slowly and gradually move on to the next step.

2. Enrol If You Liked The Free Trial 

The forums that offer a free trial are credible enough to be trusted like Hidayah Network. If you have short-listed some platforms and want to check which one to choose, it is better to take a free class and see which one you like the most. In this way, you won’t waste any time and land on the correct page to start learning Quran quickly.

Hidayah Network even offers a trial with 2 different teachers and they are the best to opt for Quranic knowledge. If you are a beginner and want o learn quran then get our Learn Quran for Beginners classes under the supervision of native Arab tutors.

3. Attend classes Daily To Get Accustomed 

Another tip here is to set a timetable to attend a class daily because if you are learning Quran every day, you will learn faster and complete the syllabus soon. On the other hand, if you are taking a class after a week or even 2-3 days, you will not get into the momentum of learning fast. It will take a long time for you to complete a single course. So, dedicate some time daily and begin this blessed journey where Allah will assist you at every step. And you can easily memorize 1 page of Quran fast on daily basis.

4. Keep The Class Duration Normal 

When you are at the beginner’s level and taking a class daily, we recommend keeping the class duration normal. You don’t have to attend an hour-long class or even more than that because it will become tiring for you and in the long run you will stop taking classes at all. So, it is better to take a class for 30 minutes daily and complete the daily lesson to cover the syllabus of your choice quickly. Continuity Is the Key to success. Focus on the quality of learning in these 30 minutes, it will be better than 60 minutes of learning.

5. Teach To Someone To Get A Good Grip 

To learn Quran fast and efficiently, it is good to instruct someone on whatever you learn daily. In this way, you can revise your lesson and the next person will also learn something new daily. If you are learning the basics, teach them to your family too, if you are memorizing any surah, help your kids to learn with you. That is a great opportunity to have a good grip on your lesson and the reward of teaching others is also waiting at the other end. Insha Allah.


The tips we have referred to need your endeavour and commitment. It is you who have to strive to learn Quran as fast and effectively as possible. The more you are active in your daily lesson, the better will be your understanding and you will keep advancing. Grab our free trails online Quran classes and see how fast you learn Quran through a personalized plan for all the courses that are designed by keeping ages, interests, and capacities in mind.