Quran being the divine decree holds the utmost importance to be understood. It is not only a guide for humanity but also a savior. If you want to connect to your lord and understand the message given in the Quran, then Arabic learning is the primary and foremost thing. We know you must be having questions regarding Arabic learning and we are here to answer your queries to help you out.

How can I understand the Quran easily as a beginner?

As a beginner, like in any other language, you need to start from the basics. You will begin with the Arabic letters, sounds, pronunciation, etc. Once you learn the letters and their sounds, you will move forward to the words and sentences. Slowly and gradually you will learn the meaning of each word. This is how you can understand the Quranic language easily.

Nowadays learning Quranic Arabic has become super easy. All thanks to the online teaching system. You can google where to learn Quranic Arabic online. There are so many platforms that are rendering high-quality and amazing services for Quranic Arabic classes worldwide. All you have to do is to get enrolled with them, get a customized plan for yourself, start learning the language at the time that best suits you, and continue smoothly with this noble journey.

How to learn the most common 100 Quranic words?

Once you have understood the basics of the Arabic language like the letters, sounds, words, and sentences, it will become easy for you to learn the most common 100 words from the Quran. 

The vocabulary of the Quran is not too extensive, hence the words are repeated several times with variations. If you are able to learn Arabic of the Quran, these 100 common words will definitely help you understand the meaning.

Learn the words, use them in daily conversation, and understand the root words to get to know the variations of the meanings. 

How long does it take to learn Quranic Arabic?

Everyone is different!  Something that is easy for me might be tough for you. To learn Arabic of the Quran mainly depends on your zeal and your capacity overall. The more you are consistent, dedicated, and determined, the quicker you will learn the language.

Also, there are many online platforms that offer the best Quranic Arabic course. They have hired highly professional staff with immense experience in this field. You can easily get started with any of them.

Learn Arabic grammar to understand Quran.

The key to mastering any language is to learn the grammar rules and their application. Grammar plays a pivotal role in making the language easily understandable.  Quranic Arabic grammar is so rich and interesting that once you start learning it, you will enjoy understanding the words of Allah in the Quran.

Most of the time the non-Arabs find it difficult to understand the subject, gender, tenses, and form of the Quranic language, and hence they confuse or sometimes totally change the whole meaning of the verse which at times can lead to major mistakes.

5 easy ways to learn Quranic Arabic.

If you have made up your mind to start this amazing journey of Arabic learning then here Hidayah Network listed the top 5 ways to learn Arabic of the Quran easily.

1. Use an Arabic dictionary.

The Quran has been translated into almost all the major languages of the world but the fact is that the translation can’t do justice to the real language. To understand the Quran and its meaning deeply, you need to learn and understand Arabic. Using a dictionary makes it easy for you to understand the root word, meaning, tense, and all the further details of the words easily. If you are away from the class and you need to read the Quran, the dictionary will help you a lot in this regard.

2. Start with the basic concepts.

Do not rush to learn everything by thinking that you already know the basics or you think the basics will not play any role in the understanding of the verses. Give some time to the language. Enjoy the basics so that you can properly master the second language. Join online Arabic group classes to learn basic concepts under the guidance of native Arab tutors.

3. Speak the language.

It is not enough to attend the class or to just read out the theory, rules, and concepts. You need to bring the language into your practice so that you become habitual in using so many words that are in the Quran. You will definitely find the Quran easy once you have brought it into your conversation. Not only does speaking help but also reading does magic!

Be it an Arabic journal, a newspaper, a nasheed (poem), or your kid’s cartoon. Read from whatever medium you can, then make your notes by writing down the words you have learned, and the next time you speak, do use the words from your word bank.

4. Dedicate your time and intention.

Nothing can be achieved overnight. You need to invest your time in this task and keep your intentions pure so that the divine help could be felt soon. The more you become passionate about learning the Quranic language, the sooner you will be on board to understand and even teach the Quran. No matter what! Take some time out from your busy schedule and start learning Arabic so that you could also claim to have known the language of your Lord and your beloved Prophet PBUH.

5. Never give up. 

This is where most of beginners fall. Once you have started learning the language by joining any of the courses available online, you need to focus on it with patience. Keep trying, practice, and speak. Do everything that makes you perfect but DO NOT GIVE UP!  If it becomes difficult or lengthy, learn a little. Let the wheels keep rolling until you think you can speed up to learn more at a time.


Learning a language is no doubt an ordeal to manage with your daily routine, work commitments, and other social activities. All you have to do is to have a pure intention to learn Arabic to understand Quran. The online platforms will surely help you out and will let you fulfill your dream of learning a new language.