Finishing the entire Quran in two weeks is a hectic and intensive task. Many people try to attempt this during the month of Ramadan. Today, we will share with you the best schedule, along with the best tips to help you achieve your Quran completion target with effective and ease.

When trying to finish the Quran in two weeks, dedicate at least 3-4 reading hours per day, read a minimum of 2-3 Juz on average per day, read at least 35-40 pages per day, stick to reading the Quran from the same Mushaf, dedicate a specific “Quran Space” at home for focused reading by following quran recitation rules, and more.

6 Tips to Help You Comprehensively Finish the Quran in 2 Weeks

Let us help you explain all these tips in a more detailed way that will ensure you follow the schedule to the cue.

1. Dedicate at Least 3-4 Hours Per Day

To comprehensively finish the Quran in 2 weeks, it’s essential to allocate sufficient time for reading. Spending 3-4 hours daily allows for consistent progress while ensuring ample time for reflection and understanding.

By setting aside dedicated Quranic reading sessions, one can immerse oneself fully in the text, absorbing its teachings and messages effectively. With this time commitment, readers can maintain focus and momentum, steadily advancing towards their goal of completing the Quran within the desired timeframe.

2. Try to Read a Minimum of 2-3 Juz Per Day

To accomplish the goal of finishing the Quran in 2 weeks, aiming to read 2-3 Juz (sections) per day is advisable. Since the Quran consists of 30 Juz in total, dividing it evenly over 14 days allows for comprehensive coverage.

By reading at least 2-3 Juz daily, readers can make steady progress towards completing the entire Quran within the designated time frame. This approach ensures a balanced reading pace, preventing readers from feeling overwhelmed while maintaining consistency in their Quranic study.

3. Stick to Reading from the Same Mushaf

Consistency in the choice of Mushaf (copy of the Quran) is crucial for maintaining focus and continuity in reading. By sticking to the same Mushaf throughout the 2-week period, readers can avoid confusion or disruptions caused by switching between different editions.

Familiarity with the layout and formatting of the chosen Mushaf facilitates smoother reading, allowing readers to concentrate fully on comprehension and reflection without unnecessary distractions.

4. Set Aside a “Quran Space” for Intensive Reading

Creating a designated “Quran space” conducive to intensive reading enhances concentration and immersion in the text. This dedicated area should be quiet, comfortable, and free from distractions, allowing readers to engage deeply with the Quranic verses.

Whether it’s a corner in the home, a peaceful garden spot, or a quiet room, having a designated space exclusively for Quranic study helps establish a conducive environment for comprehensive reading and reflection.

5. Break Down Your Quran Reading into 4-6 Sessions Each Day

Dividing Quranic reading into multiple sessions throughout the day prevents fatigue and promotes sustained focus. By breaking down the reading into 4-6 manageable sessions, readers can maintain energy levels and prevent mental strain.

Each session can be structured around prayer times or other daily routines, ensuring a balanced distribution of reading across the day. This approach enables readers to maintain consistency and progress steadily towards their goal of completing the Quran in 2 weeks.

6. Maintain a Pace of 1-1.5 Pages Per Minute

Maintaining an appropriate reading pace is essential for comprehensively finishing the Quran within the designated timeframe. Aim to read at a pace of 1-1.5 pages per minute, allowing for adequate comprehension and reflection.

When pacing oneself effectively, readers can strike a balance between speed and understanding, ensuring thorough coverage of the Quranic text while staying on track to meet the 2-week deadline. This pace also allows for the absorption of meanings and messages conveyed in each verse, enhancing the overall reading experience and comprehension of the Quran.

Schedule to Finish The Quran in 2 Weeks

Here’s a simple table outlining the schedule to finish the Quran in 2 weeks:

TimePages Read
Total Number of Pages Read Per Day35-40 Pages
Total Pages in a Quran (Average)600 Pages
If you read 7 pages per day600 / 35 ≈ 17 Days
If you read 8 pages per day600 / 40 ≈ 15 Days

Note: This schedule allows for reading 7-8 pages after each of the five daily prayers, totaling 35-40 pages read in a day. With this consistent reading pattern, one can complete reading the entire Quran in 14-15 days. Obviously, once can read more than 7-8 pages per day as well if it wants to finish the Quran even earlier than two weeks. In professional tutors of Hidayah Network can help you to complete quran in 15 days in their online quran recitation course.

Can You Finish the Quran in 2 Weeks?

Yes, it is possible to finish the Quran in 2 weeks, but several factors influence the feasibility of this goal. Firstly, one must possess fluency in reading the Quran effectively, understanding its verses, and applying tajweed rules accurately. Additionally, adhering to a structured schedule is crucial, allocating sufficient time each day for consistent reading sessions. This involves dedicating several hours daily, ideally 3-4 hours, to Quranic study.

Dividing the Quran into manageable portions, such as 2-3 Juz per day, aids in maintaining a steady pace of progress. While it is feasible with proper preparation and commitment, individuals should assess their proficiency, available time, and readiness to adhere to a rigorous schedule before embarking on such a task.

What is Needed to Finish the Quran in 2 Weeks?

To finish the Quran in 2 weeks, you need discipline, focus, commitment, and reading fluency. Stay focused during reading sessions. Maintain strength and perseverance to sustain momentum throughout the 2-week period.

Having a conducive environment for reading, free from distractions, is also helpful. Additionally, seek support from knowledgeable individuals or mentors to address any challenges. With determination and diligence, completing the Quran within 2 weeks and complete quran in 10 days is also achievable.

Final Words

Finishing the Quran in 2 weeks is possible with dedication, focus, and commitment to a structured schedule. If you think you are a beginners and can not finish quran in 15 days then must enroll yourself in quran classes for beginners. These classes will create a conducive reading environment and seeking support when needed are also crucial. With discipline and perseverance, achieving this goal is within reach, allowing for a deeper connection with the Quran and its teachings.