Young women or females often encounter challenges when learning Quran from male teachers. These challenges can stem from issues of comfort, relatability, and open dialogue. However, the solution lies in a transformative approach—embracing the advantages of having a female Quran teacher.

But why learning the Quran with a female teacher is beneficial? According to research, young girls perform better when a Quran female teacher at home teaches them. With a female teacher, women and young kids can experience a more comfortable, secure, and a ‘motherly’ bond.

This bond can help foster a stronger connection to learning Quran, encouraging more women and females to follow suit.

7 Benefits of Having a Female Quran Teacher

Let’s discover some of the more unique benefits that learning from online female Quran teachers can offer!

1. Women Feel Comfortable Learning from a Female Tutor

Many women and young girls face a significant challenge when learning the Quran from male teachers due to religious and personal reasons. This discomfort can hinder their engagement with the Quranic content and their ability to ask questions openly.

However, the presence of a female Quran teacher creates a safe space where women can learn without the apprehensions that might arise with a male instructor. In this supportive environment, they can freely discuss their doubts, share their thoughts, and delve into the Quranic teachings without reservation.

With a female teacher, ladies quran classes have become more than just acquiring knowledge; it becomes a journey of spiritual growth and empowerment tailored to women’s needs.

2. Young Women Feel Confident Reciting Quran in Front of a Female

For any woman, reciting the Quran in front of a male teacher isn’t permissible in Islam. And since women feel more comfortable reciting the Quran in front of a female from religious point, it becomes much more comforting.

A femaleaq teacher understands these challenges intimately and provides a comfortable platform for women to recite confidently, ask questions, and seek guidance without feeling self-conscious. That’s why reciting the Quran in front of women is easier.

This nurturing environment allows women to focus on perfecting their recitation and pronunciation, deepening their connection to the Quran’s profound teachings.

3. Ladies Teachers are Role Models for Women

Having a female teacher serves as a powerful source of inspiration for women and young girls alike. Ladies instructors demonstrate that women can occupy leadership roles in religious education, becoming beacons of knowledge, guidance, and empowerment.

Their journeys often resonate deeply with their female students, as they share relatable experiences and challenges, showcasing the potential for growth and achievement within the realm of Quranic studies. 

4. Correcting Mistakes in Empathetic Manner

Correcting mistakes, especially in the recitation of sacred verses, requires a delicate touch. Female teachers excel in providing constructive feedback with empathy and understanding. They recognize the vulnerabilities that come with learning, making corrections a collaborative process that nurtures growth rather than causing anxiety.

This patient and considerate approach ensures that mistakes are seen as stepping stones toward improvement, fostering a positive and lasting impact on a student’s learning journey. This can also help busy ladies learn Quran who might not have much time on their hands, requiring patience from their Quran teacher.

5. Personalised Attention and Building Sisterhood

Female teachers often facilitate smaller class sizes, allowing for personalized attention and a sense of community among female students. This environment promotes meaningful interactions and discussions, creating a sisterhood where women can share their insights, questions, and spiritual experiences.

The bonds formed within this sisterhood amplify the learning process, as students draw strength from one another and collectively delve into the Quran’s wisdom. And that’s how learning the Quran for sisters becomes easier and more manageable.

6. Female Teachers are More Patient with Young Ones

Young learners require a patient and nurturing approach to Quranic education. A female teacher for kids possesses a natural inclination for patience, creating an ideal setting for children to explore the teachings of the Quran at their own pace. Online Quran classes for sisters can significantly help in this matter.

Their gentle guidance and understanding of children’s needs help instill a love for learning, setting the foundation for a lifelong connection with the Quran.

7. Immersive and Joyous Learning Environment for Kids

Female teachers infuse joy and enthusiasm into the learning process for young children. Through interactive activities, engaging stories, and relatable examples, they create an environment where kids eagerly anticipate their lessons.

This immersive approach not only aids in understanding but also ensures that children develop a strong affinity for the Quranic teachings from an early age. 

Now, to help you get started, we have compiled a list of factors that can help you choose the right female Quran teacher who will make the Quran learning process easier for women.

Is It Permissible for a Woman to Learn Quran from a Male Teacher?

In Islam, the question of whether a woman can learn Quran from a male teacher involves considerations of modesty, temptation (fitnah), and maintaining proper conduct. Ideally, it is recommended that women seek female teachers for Quran memorization, either within the home or a mosque, as this minimises potential temptations and maintains a safe learning environment.

However, if finding a female teacher isn’t feasible and there’s a genuine need for a male teacher’s expertise, certain guidelines such as the female student having a Mahram or another female/male member of the family is a must. 

It’s advisable for women to prioritize learning the Quran from a female teacher. When this isn’t possible, and a male teacher is the only option, the teaching arrangement should adhere to specific guidelines.

The male teacher should teach from behind a screen to create a physical barrier, preventing unnecessary interaction. The interaction should remain strictly professional and focused on the Quranic teachings.

Secondly, the guidance of Abdullah bin Masroor (RA), a prominent companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), further emphasizes that do not be alone with a woman even if you teach her the Quran. This serves to protect the spiritual and moral integrity of both parties and upholds the principles of modesty in Islam.


With female teachers, women and young girls find relatability, comfort, and role models who empower them to navigate the complexities of both Islamic teachings and contemporary challenges.

Female Quran educators provide not only a wealth of Quranic knowledge but also a safe space to ask questions, discuss concerns, and celebrate the beauty of learning, all while honoring the principles that shape a balanced and dignified Islamic life.