During Ramadan, Muslims all around the world prefer to finish the complete Quran in 30 days. Thankfully, our daily Quran reading schedule is meticulously crafted to guide you through the Quran’s profound teachings in just 30 days. With concise yet comprehensive readings, this schedule offers a structured approach to delve into the sacred text, allowing for meaningful reflection and connection with Allah’s word.

The optimal Quran reading plan is to read one Juz every day for 30 days, totaling 30 Juz. You can split the Juz reading throughout the day in the following ways: Read two pages of the Quran before and after each required prayer.

30-Day Quran Reading Schedule

This table provides a 30-day plan to read the entire Quran, with each day specifying starting and ending verses to cover in manageable portions. This is just a suggested schedule, and you can adjust it to fit your own needs and pace. You can find many other Quran reading schedules online and in Islamic apps or in online quran recitation course.

DayStarting AyahEnding Ayah
Day 1Al-Fatihah 1Al-Baqarah 141
Day 2Al-Baqarah 142Al-Baqarah 252
Day 3Al-Baqarah 253Aali Imran 29
Day 4Aali Imran 30An-Nisa 23
Day 5An-Nisa 24An-Nisa 147
Day 6An-Nisa 148Al-Maidah 81
Day 7Al-Maidah 82Al-An’am 110
Day 8Al-An’am 111Al-Araf 87
Day 9Al-Araf 88Al-Anfal 40
Day 10Al-Anfal 41At-Tawbah 92
Day 11At-Tawbah 93Hud 5
Day 12Hud 6Yusuf 52
Day 13Yusuf 53Ibrahim 52
Day 14Al-Hijr 1An-Nahl 128
Day 15Al-Isra 1Al-Kahf 74
Day 16Al-Kahf 75Ta-Ha 135
Day 17Al-Anbiya 1Al-Hajj 78
Day 18Al-Mu’minun 1Al-Furqan 20
Day 19Al-Furqan 21An-Naml 55
Day 20An-Naml 56Al-Ankabut 45
Day 21Al-Ankabut 46Al-Ahzab 30
Day 22Al-Ahzab 31Ya-Sin 27
Day 23Ya-Sin 28Az-Zumar 31
Day 24Az-Zumar 32Fussilat 46
Day 25Fussilat 47Al-Jathiyah 37
Day 26Al-Ahqaf 1Adh-Dhariyat 30
Day 27Adh-Dhariyat 31Al-Hadid 29
Day 28Al-Mujadila 1At-Tahrim 12
Day 29Al-Mulk 1Al-Mursalat 50
Day 30An-Naba 1An-Nas 6

How to Make a Quran Reading Schedule?

Having a structured Quran reading schedule can greatly enhance your spiritual journey. Here are a few simple steps to help you create an effective plan:

  1. Define clear objectives for your Quran reading: understanding rules of reading quran, guidance, or habit formation.
  2. Choose a reading duration that fits your schedule: 30-day sprint or leisurely pace over months.
  3. Select a Quranic translation in a language you understand well.
  4. Break the Quran into manageable sections based on your timeframe.
  5. Allocate daily reading sessions at consistent times for regularity.
  6. Remain flexible and persistent in your schedule to accommodate life’s unpredictability.

How Much Should You Recite the Quran Daily to Complete in 30 Days?

If want to read quran in 30 days, utilize the standard division of the Quran into 30 equal parts, known as juz in Arabic or para in Urdu, typically consisting of 20 pages each. An effective reading plan involves reading 4 pages before or after each of the five daily prayers, ensuring consistent progress.

If the Quran edition deviates from the 20-page norm per jooz’u, determine the page count per section, divide by 5, and allocate that number of pages to read before or after each prayer. This structured approach facilitates the completion of the Quran within the desired timeframe, fostering a consistent and manageable recitation routine.

Final Words

By following a simple plan of reading a few pages before or after each daily prayer, anyone can complete reciting the Quran in just 30 days. If your Quran edition differs in page count per part, divide it by 5 to determine the daily reading goal. With dedication and consistency, completing the Quran becomes achievable for everyone. Hidayah Network quran classes for adults is best to finish reading quran in 1 month by follow our proper schedule created by professional tutors.