Doing Hifz at home requires a special and dedicated effort. In this pursuit, you need to have expert guidance and supervision of hifz teachers. You can start by understanding basic Quranic Arabic, deciding on a daily Hifz time, start with smaller surahs and shift to lengthier ones, join a Hifz program and get yourself a personalized program. With more coming your way on how to do Hifz at home, stick with us until the end!

We will share some of the most proven tips to do Hifz at home that can help you in this journey. These qurna memorization methods are easy to implement and will make memorizing the Quran easier.

8 Best Tips To Do Hifz Quran At Home Easily

Here are some times that will help you at home to know whole quran by heart.

1. Understanding Basic Quranic Arabic

Understanding Basic Quranic Arabic: To memorize the Quran effectively, it’s essential to understand the basic Quranic Arabic. This doesn’t require full fluency in Arabic, but rather a grasp of the script, pronunciation, and a basic understanding of the vocabulary. 

Start by learning the Arabic alphabet and the rules of pronunciation. This knowledge will help you avoid common mistakes while reciting and memorizing. Additionally, learn the meaning and context of the verses you’re memorizing.

2. Use Practical Hifz Techniques 

When you begin this great task, do not stick to only one or the old by-heart Quran learning methods because now with the advancement of technology, educators have devised many new ways for hifz that include 

  • Listening to the audio of the Qari and repeating the verses after him 
  • Reciting a single verse 3 times and then adding a new verse to it after recalling each one of them flawlessly. The back-and-forth technique.
  • Memorizing from the last ayah of the page and reviewing from the start of the page. The downside up technique. 
  • Beginning with the 19th page (the last page) of each Juz and then the second page of each Juz. This is the old Ottoman way of memorization that is still applicable.

3. Decide on a Daily Dedicated Hifz Time 

Setting a daily Hifz time is crucial for effectively learning the Quran at home. This routine helps create consistency and discipline. Start by choosing a time that suits your daily schedule, whether it’s in the morning before work or school, during a lunch break, or in the evening. Be sure to select a time when your mind is alert and less distracted. 

Once you’ve picked your Hifz time, stick to it as consistently as possible. Avoid multitasking during this time, and make it a non-negotiable part of your day. Over time, your mind will adapt to this routine, making the memorization process more effortless.

4. Gradually Shift from Smaller to Lengthier Surahs

Gradually Shift from Smaller to Lengthier Surahs: When memorizing the Quran at home, it’s wise to start with shorter surahs and gradually progress to longer ones. Begin with chapters like Surah Al-Fatiha or Surah Al-Ikhlas to build your confidence. Once you’ve mastered these shorter surahs, move on to longer ones like Surah Yasin or Surah Al-Baqara. 

Breaking down the memorization process into smaller, manageable chunks makes it more achievable. Set specific goals for yourself, such as memorizing a certain number of verses or pages each week, and track your progress.

5. Make a “Quran Corner” to Avoid Distractions

Make a “Quran Corner” to Avoid Distractions: Creating a dedicated space for Quran memorization, often called a “Quran Corner,” is a valuable technique to minimize distractions and enhance your Hifz experience. Find a quiet, clean, and well-lit area in your home where you can focus without interruptions. 

Ensure your Quran, any study materials, and your prayer mat are readily available in this space. Make it a comfortable and inviting environment that motivates you to spend time memorizing the Quran effortlessly. Silence your phone or any other potential distractions during your Hifz time, and let your family members know about your dedicated memorization schedule to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

6. Enroll in A Credible Hifz Program By A Reputed Forum

You can hifz Quran on your own but your momentum will break soon. So, we suggest enrolling in a formal online hifz course offered by a known platform with an excellent client satisfaction ratio all over the world. Such programs help you

  • Take your classes on time.
  • Keep a check on your progress.
  • Have a sense of accountability.

6. Get A Personalised Plan To Follow

Your hifz class will not just commence right away from the 1st Surah of the Quran. Rather, in your 1st sample class you will be assessed for your 

  • Understanding
  • Learning capacity
  • Retaining ability
  • The time you can allot
  • Portion you are interested in hifz
  • Throughout Availability

After that, you will get a personalized hifz plan based on the portion you want to remember. The curriculum will be divided into your classes and your progress will be tracked daily.

7. Learn Quran From a Native Arab Tutor

A native Arab Hafiz tutor should be your topmost priority while searching for the platform to begin your hifz journey with. Hidayah Network offers this facility because all of their tutors are Egyptians and are very good in their Arabic accents and English fluency too.

Memorizing from a non-Arab tutor will not make your hifz and Tajweed exceptional, so why not search a little more to find the best place and read Quran like Arabs with a beautiful intonation?

All the above-mentioned tips will help you start your hifz from home. Even if you want to memorize Quran on your own, you can follow these tips if you think you are consistent, focused, and determined

8. Join The Quran Review Sessions

Memorizing Surahs is not enough to be a Hafiz. It requires constant revisions and the best thing is to join review sessions after you are done with your hifz classes. The same forum of the Hifz course will also offer you a review course to maintain your hifz.

Now that we are about to enter into the blessed month of Ramadan, it is the best time to review your remembered portion from home online. Hidayah Network, a leading and famous Quran Academy of Egypt offers not only online hifz course but revision programs as well. 

Can We Do Hifz At Home? 

Luckily, We have an affirmative answer to this query. For sure, anyone can do hifz at home by own by attending online Quran memorization classes and following the formal class routine until the targets are achieved. 

Be cognizant that hifz takes time and you have to step out of your comfort zone to learn the verses and retain them through constant revision. But, the good thing about online classes from home is

  • No driving to any school 
  • No uniform or books required
  • No fixed timing and 
  • No waiting for your turn. 

All you require for remote learning is 

  • Peaceful place to focus.
  • Mushaf with Tajweed rules.
  • Best time of the day.
  • Distraction-free environment.


Hifz is not compulsory but if opted for, it should be done wholeheartedly with passion and maximum effort. Sometimes it becomes arduous to make your way to the physical class and hence it leads to the suspension of the lessons. Quran memorization is easy and achievable through online classes because you do not have to get exhausted in driving to the Quranic institute. Rather, spend that time making your hifz strong with revisions. Look for a reliable online academy and get started right away.