No one is too old to learn the Quran. If you are an adult and what you are looking for is how to learn the Quran, then I must say that you are at the right place. Even as an adult, you can learn the Quran very fast like a 13 or 15-year-old. What is needed to achieve this feat is an expert analysis which is what you will get when you read this article to the end.

Adults need the knowledge of the Quran to practise their religion correctly. The Solat which is a pillar of Islam cannot be observed correctly without the knowledge of the Quran.

7 Practical Tips For Adults to Learn Quran Fast

This and many other reasons are why we compiled these 7 tips for adults that want to learn Quran fast as possible. Hidayah Network tips will make the journey an easy ride.

1. By Being Punctual to Madrassa

One thing that some adults find difficult when learning the Quran is the attendance of classes. Due to work schedules and house chores, they sometimes find it impossible to attend Madrassa. Some who try to attend are also not as punctual as they should be. Punctuality should be one of the attributes of an adult that wants to learn the Quran very fast. Also, attending classes is a must. For every class you miss, you have missed a vital lesson. For students of knowledge, it is important to take knowledge directly from the teacher. Knowledge taken directly from a teacher cannot be compared with the knowledge taken by classmates or social media.

2. Building a Strong Connection with Quran Teachers

A teacher is like a leader and a mentor. The closer you are to a teacher, the more you will gain knowledge from him or her. No matter how young your teacher is, it is your duty as a student to obey and respect him or her. It is the amount of respect that you give your teacher that will determine the type of bond that will exist between both of you. Hire a Quran tutor and get online Quran classes for adults with proper guidance to decrease mistakes.

3. By Enrolling their Wife and Children

One mistake you shouldn’t make as a man is to be doing the acts of worship alone while your wife and children stay away. If you didn’t learn the Quran at a young age, your child shouldn’t fall into the same trap. Enrol your child into Madrassa as early as possible. Also, if your wife cannot read the Quran too, let her enrol in a Madrassa too.

This way, your family can become the people of the Quran. Also, it will serve as extra motivation for you as a Man because you wouldn’t want to be the chasing pack. Furthermore, revising the Quran will become a family affair. It will be easier to pick a day when every member of the family can come together in the parlour and recite what he or she has learned during the week or month.

4. By Learning Translation from the English Quran

Sometimes, learning what is not understood can be difficult. There are a lot of people who can recite the Holy Quran but they cannot translate the Quran. Therefore, they don’t know what Allah wants. That is why you still find a lot of people who can recite the Quran committing major atrocities because they don’t know the punishments for those sins. For fast and easy learning of the Quran, it is advisable to find a well-translated English Quran and know the meaning of what you are reciting.

We used the word ‘good English translated Quran’ because there are some English translated Quran that are translated wrongly. For someone that knows the real translation, you will just shake your head when you come across some of these translated Qurans. Some of the top English Quran translations that are very reliable are The Sahih International Translation, The Yusuf Ali Translation, The Pickthall Translation, and the Muhammad Assad Translation. These translated Qurans have a high accuracy rate, they are clear and readable, and they provide a context where necessary to ensure the intended message is clear.

5. Having a Tutor Who offers a Flexible Schedule

The fact that we are talking about adults makes this point necessary. Adults have a lot of responsibility hanging on their necks. Feeding, clothing, rent, and family bills are what adults have to settle. All these bills can only be settled with money. It means adults must work. Therefore, a tutor that wants to teach adults must have a flexible schedule. Without a flexible schedule, it might not work. Such a tutor must be a full-time teacher who does no other work besides teaching. In that case, anytime adults are free, he will be readily available.

6. Follow up with a Structured Quran Learning Plan

A well-designed and well-structured plan is very important when it comes to teaching. It prevents half-baked lectures and it allows both the student and the teacher to prepare very well ahead of each class. The structured plan helps students to learn Quran online in great order.

7. Revise with Obligatory and Non-obligatory Prayers

Because of the busy schedule of adults, they might not have specific revision times like normal students of knowledge. Therefore, they should use the obligatory and non-obligatory Solats as an avenue for revision. If you aren’t an Imam, you can’t revise with obligatory Solats because you have to follow your Imam during Solat. Therefore, you shouldn’t joke with your Nawafils.


Islam didn’t place an embargo on knowledge when one gets to a particular age. It means we have to continue to seek knowledge till the day we leave this world.

Allah says in Quran 15 verse 99, ‘And serve your Lord until there come unto thee the Hour that is certain. And worship your Lord until the last moment of your life that will most certainly come.

Since we are obliged to serve Allah until the last moment of our life, we are also obliged to serve Allah until the last moment of our life because worship cannot be done without knowledge.

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