Many dedicated parents have successfully helped their kids become hafiz too early to believe. You need to keep the fact in mind that kids who start memorizing the Quran from the age of 5 or 6 can finish it around 8 or 9, and even earlier, depending on their learning plan.

Quran Memorization is a long-term process that needs time, dedication, commitment, and hard work, but it’s not hard as thousands of kids have memorized at a very young age. Providing kids with a positive approach in every aspect will surely work wonders.

How to Become Hafiz at Home?

People find it easy to attend online hifz classes instead of physical classes due to the relaxation in time and schedule. You can easily manage to hifz Quran at home by following these easy steps skillfully shortlisted by the eminent tutors of Hidayah Network.

  • Hire a native Egyptian Tutor, a Tajweed Pro.
  • Set up your schedule according to the planned portion you want to memorize.
  • Allocate the best time of the day for your class when you can focus properly with a stable internet connection.
  • Start from the short surahs of Juz Amma.
  • Take frequent tests and quizzes.
  • Achieve hifz goals by setting small milestones and breaking up the syllabus into levels.

Tips to Make Your Kids Become A Hafiz At A Young Age

We are going to give you some valuable tips that are 100% tested and proven and can help your children become Quran Hafiz at a young age.

1. Provide your kids with an Encouraging Environment At Home

You should not make your kids memorize the Quran forcefully or even as a course book that is mandatory to finish to pass exams! Instead, provide such an encouraging environment at home where they are brought up according to the principles of Islam and appreciated for every little good deed they do.

In this way, you could naturally make them inclined towards memorizing Quran. Discuss the following things more than usual to pave the path of Hifz for them:

✅Importance of Quran learning.

✅Rewards for reciting every single harf (letter).

✅Reasons for getting connected with the Book of Allah.

The more you talk about Islam and its worth, the sooner your children will love Quran memorization and will walk the path you are paving for them. Remember, if they are not uplifted, they won’t proceed happily.

2. Instill the Love Of the Quran From Early Childhood

Talk about the things like:

Why Allah has created us?

How much Allah loves us?

Stories narrated in Quran.

Sayings and duas of Different Prophets.

Never talk about the wrath of Allah in front of your kids, instead talk about His Mercy, love, and blessings. This way kids will get attached to Him and would love to learn every single word from Him. Our online Quranic platform Hidayah Network does this job magnificently in their Islamic Classes for Kids.

3. Enroll In Reliable Quran Memorization Classes

This is an amazing tip to consider for Quran memorization at a young age because you might lose focus and continuity at home. Search for a trustworthy platform that is known for its kids’ courses.

Hidayah Network is among the top platforms that are providing the best hifz classes for Kids. They are facilitating kids with the following features which you will find attractive.

Professional native Arab tutors

Different Structured Hifz Plans

Engaging in One-on-one Classes

✅Unique Hifz Techniques

Affordable Fee Plan

✅Tests and Quizzes

✅Report Cards

✅Progress and Lesson Tracker


You can avail of their Free trial and see how they work.

4. Start With The Short Surahs

To keep kids interested and motivated in this task, you should let them begin learning from short surahs that are normally very easy. The surahs from Juz Amma, the 30th Chapter of the Quran, are the easiest to start the intensive hifz program. 

Once your kids are on board and gain momentum in their learning, you can let them buckle up for the next phase of slightly longer Surahs.

5. Revise the Old Portions Daily With A Proper Plan

The lessons memorized daily should be revised regularly because Prophet Muhammad SAWW said,

“…Habitually recite the Qur’an for it slips from your chest quicker than camels escape” (Sahih Bukhari Hadith: 5032)

So, spare special time to make a structured revision plan and motivate your kids for it. You can devise strategies for revision through games, Surah stories, and riddles. Make it interesting for your little ones so that they don’t get burdened.

6. Make Them Understand The Meaning

If you know what you are reading and memorizing, it will become easy and engaging. The same goes with kids, helps them understand the overall meaning of the Surah they are about to start, it will help them recall the meaning and they will never forget what they have memorized.

Let’s Suppose your child is going to learn Surah Al-Feel and narrate the story of Abraha and the birds, the overall context, and the lesson this chapter gives us. They will be eager to learn and know more stories.

Our teachers at Hidayah Network also use this strategy in Quran classes for kids to engage them in the verses they are learning. They even show animated pics of the stories that each Surah contains. It makes the memorization course a different experience.   

7. Memorize With Your Child

Stand in their boots and feel what they have to pay for memorization! Many parents scold kids for not learning properly, having errors, or not getting excellent grades. This is because they haven’t experienced what their little stars are going through. So, it is a good tip to be their Hifz Buddy and learn what they are learning daily. Only then you will understand how much exertion it requires.

Also, kids will get motivated and will enjoy having a lesson partner. They will love to have a  competition with you when they will see you are also memorizing the same verses. You can let them win to make them happy and let them be eager to finish before you.

Being a buddy will stimulate a healthy learning environment at home and kids will connect with Islam even more. Whereas, if just one person from the whole family is memorizing Quran and the rest of the members are busy with other tasks, the one memorizing will feel bored or find himself caged! So, don’t make them run away from Quran, instead enjoy hifz with them. 

8. Provide A Company of Like-mind Kids

Parents must understand that company matters! If your kids are not surrounded by like-mind friends, they will end up leaving their hifz classes because their friends are playing when they are busy with this task, or their friends are watching cartoons or movies when they are revising the sabaqi (old lesson).

So, to make your kids memorize the Quran early, help them be friends with the kids who are also memorizing Quran. This will encourage them to support each other and enjoy learning the verses.

The benefits of having like-minded friends or company are:

✅They know at what time your child is having class so they won’t disturb them.

✅They can play and revise lessons at the same time.

✅They can read their lessons to each other to make their recitation error-free.

✅They will support each other when any one of them is down or having trouble learning the verses.

The group classes of Hifz students by Hidayah Network are working amazingly, as kids enjoy the lesson as well as the company of their friends.

9. Appreciate Their Efforts

Big or small, appreciate it anyway! Kids love appreciation when they achieve even a trivial goal. You can opt for the following tricks:

✅Give them a gift when they finish any Surah.

✅Hug them whenever they are done with a long verse.

✅Tell them of rewards they will be getting in a story form. 

✅Tell about their achievement to the family members in front of them to make them feel honored. 

Make sure if they come up to you complaining about their lesson being tough, hug them, and say that you are doing well! Give them some time to relax and then start again. You can devise more ways to appreciate them. 

Stories of Kids Who Memorized Quran At a Young Age.

To boost your toddlers’ morale, we have some motivational examples here to prove that nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve the goal.

  1. Maysam Yahya Mohammad is the youngest child from the UAE who memorized the Quran at the age of 6.
  2. Abdur Rahman Farih is another young kid who hifz Quran at the age of 3.
  3. Hussein Muhammad Tahir, a visually impaired kid memorized the Quran at 3 years by just listening to the recitation on the radio.

Many examples leave us jaw-dropped. Kids are marvelous in their memory retention ability. Provide them with all it requires to complete Hifz early like these kids.


Remember, Quran memorization is a full-time job that holds a lot of effort and dedication in its description. As parents, you have to provide an overall Islamic lifestyle to your kids if you want them to learn Quran at a young age. The more you will facilitate them in childhood, the sooner they will reach their goal and will retain it forever In sha Allah.