Quran learning is not an optional task that could be opted for if interested. Rather, it is necessary not only for this life but for life hereafter. Parents, adults, and kids should learn the Quran to understand life’s meaning and purpose. Many need to give it a try out of love and dedication but think it is difficult to understand the Quran. But there are lots of easiest ways to learn Quran for beginners professionally. These ways can make their learning and memorizing accuracy faster and easier.

6 Easiest Ways to Learn Quran For Beginners

We here present some practical tricks that are easy to follow if you want to learn Quran as a beginner.

1. Choose an Arab Based Online Platform with Native Tutors

The primary step in this regard should be the search for a credible forum that has native Arab tutors to teach beginners the correct Quranic Accent. If the platform you have opted for is not Arab-based, you might not get excellent Tajweed due to the language barrier. Hidayah Network is an Egyptian platform who have more than 80 Arabic tutors to help beginners learn to read the Quran easily.

2. Select The Basic Course For Quran Learning

Easiest Ways To Learn Quran For Beginners

Quran learning is a broad term and covers many topics in it. You need to choose where to start. We won’t recommend starting memorizing right away because as a starter you need to work on the basics first. The following are the categories to choose from the priority sequence.

  • Basic Quran reading (Noorani Qaida Course)
  • Quran Tajweed Course
  • Quran Recitation classes
  • Hifz Quran Program
  • Quran translation and detailed study course

Beginners should start the Quran learning journey from the Noorani Qaida course to develop a strong base of Arabic reading, then they can choose what suits them.

3. Devise Your Own Plan and Learn At Your Own Speed

The best thing about learning Quran online is that you are not bound to learn the whole syllabus and attend the predesigned and fixed-schedule classes. Rather, the easiest way to learn Quran as a beginner is to make your own plan and follow it at your own speed. Read as much as you can and revise it daily. Learn and recite to the extent that is easy and convenient for you. Attend the class at your own feasible time. All this is proudly offered by the most talked-about forum Hidayah Academy.

4. Practice Quran Reading 4-5 Times a week.

Practice is the only hidden key to accomplishment. The more you revise and reinforce the lessons, the better will be your recitation and accent. We recommend attending Quran class 4-5 times in a week so that you stay on track and do not deviate a bit. You have to be consistent to work on the articulation points of each letter. A single or short break can bring you back to the beginning. So give your best to get a hold of the basic accent and practice them more than usual.

5. Show Interest and Stay Determined

Allah does not like things to be done in abundance and then left, rather he likes fewer deeds but done with continuity. So, the easy way to learn Quran at home is to be a self-motivated person and take small steps to reach your goal. Don’t hurry. Take time, practice and keep yourself on track daily. Remind yourself of the rewards you will get for this sacred task and then start the day with a boost. Be mindful, it is not about how much you have learned, it is about how well you have learned.

6. Take Tests and Quizzes To Learn Confidently

Don’t be shy to appear in tests and quizzes when you get a chance of them. Test yourself and see where you stand as a beginner. If your grades are good, increase your learning time and lesson limit. If your grades are satisfactory or lower, don’t give up. Allah loves those who keep trying. So take tests and quizzes confidently to check your understanding.


We can only give ideas and tips, it is you who have to take a step and start learning Quran. Remember you are just a beginner right now, after a few months you will be a pro and would be looking for advanced courses to learn Quran. Hidayah Network has a vast range of Quranic programs for beginners to give them a kickstart through a free trial of every course.