Parents face great difficulty due to the lack of Islamic schools for their children living in the West. The existence of an online and best Quran school for kids and adults is more than a miracle. Hidayah Network is the one-stop solution for the search of such considerate parents, adults, females, and everyone who wants to join a forum that covers every single thing under one roof.

The providence of all Quranic subjects makes us perceptible and notable to Muslims from all around the globe. The reason to be declared the best is the multi-featured courses we offer to cover all the genres. Our tutors are professionally trained and conduct virtual classes phenomenally. 

What Subjects Will You Learn?

In our Quran school, we cater to all the students regardless of their ages. These classes are open to kids and adults (males and females). Like any Islamic institution, our forum also covers a wide range of subjects and offers short and long-term courses and diplomas.

  • Quranic Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Online

These three major subjects are classified into different courses to embed all the details in them. The content of the courses is age-appropriate and distinct between kids and adults. Some of the top-rated courses are listed here for the users to check their details for enrollment.

How Do These Classes Work?

Once the course is selected, a free trial is given to give an idea to the students about the teaching strategies and timings of the classes. After the free trial, you can choose your desired plan by getting it customized by the hired tutor. Then, pay for your scheduled classes and get started right away.

We focus on tests and evaluations to harness excellent learning. Kids are tested in a very unique and fun way to keep them tension-free and easy. No stress or burden is put on the student’s part to avoid dislikeness for this beautiful subject.

Educational Goals Of Quran Classes

We at  Hidayah Network are very clear about our mission and vision for our school, some goals are dreamt of to be achieved by every student. Whether you take any of the courses, our school has a policy to chalk out the goals beforehand.

Goals for Quran Courses

1- Reading Quran smoothly by learning the basics of Quranic Arabic. 

2- Applying Tajweed rules while reciting Quran beautifully.

3- Consciously learning each rule of Recitation.

4- Building a connection with the Book.

5- Memorizing Quran with easy and effective techniques.

Goals for Islamic Studies Courses

1- Understanding Islam through the content of the course.

2- Learning about Prophets through stories and animations (for kids).

3- Memorizing the duas and Azkar significant to read daily.

4- Focusing on Salah and other pillars consciously.

5- Learning Islamic history with Quranic references.

Goals for Arabic Courses

1- Learning to speak, read, write, and understand Arabic like natives

2- Understanding modern Arabic used in the Arab world

3- Identifying the slight differences between the Arabic dialects

4- Consciously and confidently speak Arabic without getting stuck

5- Developing a love for Arabic as the language of Allah and the Prophets

Personalized Curriculum For Kids And Adults

Our school is known for the ease we provide by customizing the curriculum for all the subjects. Students out there looking for such a place where they are not compelled to study the whole syllabus designed by the school, rather they can personalize what they want to learn at the specific time of their choice.

The personalizing curriculum is sometimes tough to manage within the schools, but not online. We pair up the students with the same curriculum and ask them if they would like to have a group class. Our group classes are interactive and fun-based.

Qualified Teaching Staff Of Quran School

Teachers are considered the backbone of any system. They make or break the whole program with their skills. We are luckily announcing that our hired staff is very professional and qualified according to the need of the Quran school. Skilled in multiple areas is what makes our tutors exceptional. 

They are Ijazah certified which gives them the authority to teach and pass on the teaching permission to their students if they qualify for the test. Such supremacy is not possessed by all the Quran tutors. So, those who are Ijazah certified are the best ones.

Fluency is another main concern of kids and adults from the West, as they can only speak and understand English. That is why our native Egyptian tutors have done and passed English language courses to keep themselves updated with the evolving needs of the online Quran school.

Teaching in a physical class is different from the virtual experience. You have to engage kids no matter what. Building their interest, involving them in the class on screens, and teaching with digital props is something teachers need to learn and adopt for the success of their classes. Teachers at Hidayah Network work well in this regard. They have years of experience in online Quran teaching and keep updating their technical knowledge.

Kids and adults get influenced by someone they like because of their charismatic personalities and other qualities. We proudly proclaim that our teachers are the epitome of the Islamic and Quranic blend. They have not only studied but adopted the values to let not only Muslims but Non-Muslims learn Quran.

Features Of All Quran Courses

Class Routine and Flow

All the Quran classes for kids and adults at our school have a proper routine and a study flow that keeps the lessons formally sequenced.

Interactive Lessons and Activities 

The lessons are very interactive and activity-based, especially for kids. Our teachers try their best to let students participate in the discussion and manage the lesson time efficiently.

Testing and Evaluation Policy

This feature makes our sessions very commendable because testing helps reach the goals easily and checks on each student how much have they retained from the course 

Punctuality and Regularity

To keep kids and adults in the class momentum and help them stay focused, we strictly follow this feature and don’t cater to students who aren’t serious to continue. 

Portal Accounts For Progress Tracking

All thanks to the technology that has allowed us to track the progress on both sides. Parents of kids and adults can keep a check on the progress through this account. 

Quiz Accounts For Practice

All the adults are provided with a quiz account where they can solve the riddles and puzzles to enhance their learning and revise as much as they can. 

24/7 Class Scheduling

This feature isn’t workable for in-person classes, so we should take good advantage of it. Contact Hidayah Network anytime to schedule your Quran classes for adults from any country.

Affordable and Economical Budget

Our courses are reachable for everyone and you can pay in your currency to get started. Enjoy and unlock these features by paying a very minimal price.

Course Results and Certification

At the end of each course, students will get their results of the grand exam held. Their percentages and total numbers will be mentioned on the certificate that will be signed by the authorities.


Being an online Quran school is an ordeal to maintain rapport and facilitate all the users equally. We try our best to cater to all the requirements of the students and maintain our top position always with 100% customer satisfaction. Grab our free trial and enroll in our school to learn Quran easily and conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn Islam kids?

All you need is to enroll them in a reliable and famous online Islamic school that will assist your kids to learn Islam. Their teachers and curriculum are best to be followed.

What are the benefits of learning in Islam?

Islam laid great emphasis on Quranic learning and motivates the learner to never stop seeking knowledge. The more you get attached to Islamic studies, the better and more polished your personality will be.

What are Islamic studies for kids?

Kids must be exposed to the basics of Islamic studies so that they can adopt the correct values from early childhood. The values include:



Salah and other pillars 

Islamic etiquette And manners, etc

Why is Islamic education important for children?

It is important because they have to become the future leaders of Muslims and need to shape their personalities according to the teachings of Islam.

What is the purpose of the Islamic school?

The main purpose of Islamic schools is to provide a reliable forum for kids and adults to learn Islam and Quran smoothly and efficiently in detail. The connection between Allah and his creation is best established and maintained if studied Quran formally in schools.