Quran memorization is opted for by very determined and devoted people who motivate their kids also to hifz the verses of the Quran to gain rewards in both worlds. It has become easier than ever before. Thanks to online hifz classes for making the memorization journey approachable.

Online Hifz courses offer numerous benefits, including access to Egyptian tutors from anywhere, time-saving convenience, flexible scheduling, Tajweed and recitation practice on online platforms, understanding the meaning alongside memorization, personalized Hifz plans, Quranic Arabic lessons from Arab tutors, and cost-effectiveness for enhanced learning opportunities. This modern approach brings the wisdom of the Quran to learners worldwide, fostering a global community bound by their dedication to its teachings.

8 Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes

The teachers at Hidayah Network have penned down a few benefits of memorizing the Quran online. Let’s have a glimpse at them and prefer learning the book of Allah through virtual sessions.

1. Egyptian Tutors Approachable From Around The World

The very first benefit of attending online hifz courses is that you can approach Egyptian Arab tutors even if you are not residing in Arab countries. Memorizing the Quran from these qualified Arab teachers is a blessing because they naturally have a phenomenal Tajweed, amazing recitation, and a deep understanding of the literal meaning of the verses. 

Being a non-Arab student, especially from the West, it is beneficial to learn the Quran online from such prestigious instructors which is impossible otherwise if you are not living near them.

Also, students from Asia have an accent in Urdu which is closely related to Arabic letters, and they tend to have tajweed errors by uttering sounds in their native tone. So, reach out to such tutors to hifz Quran accurately.

2. Saves Time We Spend Going To The Hifz School

If not enrolling in the physical school, preserving online sessions save a lot of precious time that we have to spare for arriving at the institute. How cool is it that you don’t have to get ready, bagged up, drive to reach the place, or wait for your turn to recite the lessons every day? Just register in the online hifz program and get started after the enrollment formalities.

Saving time is beneficial in other ways as well, you can use that time to revise your lesson before your virtual class begins.

3. It Offers Flexible Timings Not Fixed Slots

Another benefit of online Quran memorization lessons is that you are not bound to attend the 8A.M to 2P.M school-like sessions. Classes conducted through Skype, Zoom, and other apps have flexible timings, usually of users’ choice. Platforms like Hidayah Network offer 24/7 service and you can easily arrange your lesson at your convenient time. 

The benefit of flexibility in timing is visible in the quick learning of Quran chapters as students can easily focus and concentrate at the time they have chosen to study. It can be early in the morning or late at night. One wonders how easy Hifz has become now! 

4. Polishing  Tajweed & Recitation Through Online Platforms

You not only memorize the Quran but also get a chance to polish and improve your tajweed rules and recitation when you enroll in Online hifz courses. The Arabic tutors work on the pronunciation of each student and emphasize accuracy while learning. They do not let the student move further until the lessons are perfected in pronunciation. 

I wish I had memorized the Juz Amma from an Egyptian teacher so that I wouldn’t have to re-learn the verses that had Tajweed errors!

Usually, in other countries, recitation is not focused on if you are doing hifz. But, tutors at Hidayah Network focus on the basic recitation rules so that every student can recite the memorized portions flawlessly and as beautifully as any famous Qari we listen to.

5. Understanding The Meaning Along With Hifz

The main purpose of giving us a book was not to hifz but to understand what Allah has demanded and expected from us. Although hifz has many rewards without understanding the verses one can’t reach the status of excellence that every Muslim should strive for. 

Without understanding the meaning you will not know where you have to stop, pause, or keep reciting. The stories narrated in the Quran are so majestic to read in Arabic when you know the meaning. You recite it like you are narrating a story. Imagine if you don’t know what you are reciting, how poor a storyteller you might sound. 

6. Getting Your Own Personalised Hifz Plan

Have you ever heard of a personalized Hifz plan in a madrassa or any Quran institute around you? It is something that came into existence when online hifz sessions gained hype. Well, it has made hifz super easy. You are no longer expected to start from the beginning and finish till the end in a sequence.

You are free to tell your teacher which chapters you intend to learn. Even if you want to get the utmost benefit of memorizing the entire Quran, you can get a personalized plan about how and where to start and how much to learn in a week. 

The whole road map is designed before beginning the classes. Your planner tells you your daily, weekly, and monthly targets which you and the tutor can track easily. The milestones are set in the form of levels and steps to reach every month. This is done to keep hifz goals easily reachable and also to keep the students encouraged.

7. Learn Quranic Arabic From Arab Tutors

Learn Quranic Arabic the way it was revealed by the Arabic tutors as they excel in this field more than other tutors. Let’s give this edge to the Arabic tutors that they are the best ones when it comes to Quran learning and memorization. Even if you learn Quranic Arabic from a qualified non-Arab tutor, even then there will be a huge difference as compared to the Arabic tutor. So, why not pick such tutors when you have the opportunity and the facility to hire them online?

Online Hifz classes are a gateway to connect to the Arab world, which is a hub of Quranic education. Be it hifz, Tajweed, Tafseer, Fiqh, or whatever!

8. Pay Less And Learn More

Now you must be thinking of joining such a session and availing of these benefits but the prices must be too high to pay! 

You are wrong, all these benefits and the golden opportunity of doing hifz online have very little fee if done through Hidayah Network. Many other platforms are also offering their packages but go through the list of this forum that will leave you amazed. 

The prices for Western countries are pocket-friendly. You can even pay in your currency and enjoy the benefits readily.

Final Words

Hifz Quran online under the supervision of native Arab Huffaz by sitting at your home. Keep the words of Allah saved in your hearts by attending the virtual revision sessions too. Buckle up your energies and gear up for the Hifz journey today!