Learning the Quran is very beneficial because of its flexibility. One benefit of learning the Quran online is comfort which is not the same as offline classes. Also, learning the Quran encourages flexibility which is very important these days. Also, those learning the Quran online have the opportunity of one-on-one classes with their tutors which is almost impossible in offline classes.

Furthermore, learning the Quran online is cheaper compared to learning it offline. Also, learning the Quran online is secure and easy to supervise, unlike offline classes. The knowledge of the Quran has immense rewards.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) said:

‘’I advise you to recite the Quran and remember Allah much, for surely the Quran will remember you in the heavens and it will be a divine light for you on earth.”

8 Benefits of Learning the Quran Online

Here are some benefits of learning Quran online with qualified and professional Quran tutors.

1. Easy Access to Online Quran Classes

One thing you cannot take away from online classes is easy access to learning. Classes can be accessed easily from anywhere with just a good smartphone and a good internet connection.

Easy access to the class is one of the prerequisites of true learning. If students who want to learn do not have easy access to the class, learning will be truncated.

Some offline classes cannot be accessed easily during the rainy season. In most cases, students miss a lot of classes during the rainy season. This is only possible in offline classes and not online classes. Whether during rainy days or sunny days, online classes can be accessed from anywhere.

2. Plenty of Choice of Online Tutors

Because of the stiff competition faced by online Arabic schools, they tend to satisfy their students perfectly. In Quran classes for beginners, students are allowed to choose a tutor that suits them. Students are allowed to have free trial classes with all tutors before they are registered.

In the course of the trial class, students are briefed on what they are going to be taught when they are enrolled fully. Also, students get to meet several tutors during this trial class. After the trial class, a student would have gotten used to how the Arabic school operates and which of the tutors will likely suit his or her style of learning.

3. Arrangement of Tajweed and Hifz Competitions

The quest to bring out the best in students is what usually leads online Arabic schools to arrange Tajweed and Hifz competitions for their students and other students from different Arabic schools.

It is easier to arrange these competitions online than offline. To hold a competition like this offline will involve a lot of stress. The hosting school has to write letters inviting other schools. After that, they have to keep sending reminders weekly.

Also, a lot of money will be spent on securing space for the competition. Food and drinks will also consume a lot of money.

To hold competitions like this online is very easy. The hosting school just needs to send an online letter to the invited schools. Reminders can be done easily through modern applications. The hosting school does not need to budget any money for space, food, and drinks since everything will be done online.

4. Certificate Is Easy to Get

The joy of every student is to get his or her certificate at the end of a course. To our greatest surprise, it takes some students years to get their certificates after completing their courses in some offline Arabic schools. Some Arabic schools do not put much emphasis on certificates.

Online Quran Arabic schools do not joke with certificate issuance. As soon as a student has been certified by tutors that he or she has completed the required courses and he or she is of good character, the certificate will be issued immediately.

5. Online Classes Can Be Rescheduled During Emergencies

You cannot take this away from online schools. Emergencies happen everywhere and sometimes they may take a long time to solve. Once there is an emergency and you contact your tutors with genuine information, your class can be halted during the time of emergency and rescheduled when you are available to resume classes.

This is almost impossible in offline schools. Because of the population of students, the absence of one person, however important the emergency may be will not stop the tutor from proceeding with the lecture of the day. Also, rescheduling the class for a single student or two might be almost impossible even if the tutor is willing because of workload.

Take for instance a tutor who has to teach four to five classes daily, the time and energy to reschedule classes for students who missed classes will be almost impossible.

6. Time-saving

If you have ever woken up very early and trekked to class without meeting your tutor in class, you will understand the message we are trying to pass with this point. When some teachers are going to be absent from a class, they won’t inform anybody because there is no means to communicate with their students. Online students don’t experience this type of stress. When a tutor won’t be available for a class, he or she will find it easy to communicate with his or her students.

7. Customized Plan for Each Student

Online Arabic schools do not operate with a general syllabus like offline Arabic schools. Online Arabic schools design customized plans for each student based on the tests carried out by tutors.

We talked about trial classes a while ago. Tutors use this trial class to design a customized plan for students based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

8. Tutors Are Always Available to Answer Questions

Online Quran students enjoy one benefit which is easy access to their tutors. When a student is given a classwork or assignment, he doesn’t have to wait till the next day or the next class to submit it. Also, if there is anything the student does not understand in the work given, the student doesn’t have to wait until he or she meets the teacher before complaints are attended to. If an online Quran student has any complaints about the lecture that was taught, he or she just needs to make a phone call, SMS, or Email to his tutor and his or her complaint will be attended to swiftly.


Finally, learning the Quran online has many benefits. Some have been highlighted in the course of the article while there are some that we weren’t able to talk about. The most important thing is that we have been able to establish why people can choose the option of learn Quran online.

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