Quran, the last book for guidance of mankind holds the utmost significance when it comes to the lessons and teachings it has. It is apparent from the overall custom of the world that every subject must be taught to the novices by the professional and expert of that subject. Otherwise, students can end up leaving the subject or gain half of the knowledge.

Quran should also be learned by qualified scholars who got an Ijazah in teaching Quran because it has the words of Allah and the language chosen by Him for communication is Arabic which is difficult for non-Arabs to learn and understand on their own.

What is Sunnism?

Sunnism is a branch of Islam with the majority of Muslims being its followers. It originated soon after the demise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW when there was a disagreement about succession to him. Those who opposed the decision were called Shia Muslims and they held the belief that Ali bin Abi-Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet SAWW has the right to succession. 

Sunni Muslims follow the teachings and sayings of Prophet SAWW and also have a firm belief in all 4 caliphs who succeeded Muhammad SAWW. The Sunni teachers are well aware of the authentic history and teachings of Islam with no opposing view regarding any legal and political decisions taken at the time of succession to Muhammad SAWW.  

Reasons to Learn Quran from Sunni Teacher

Now you must wonder why we stress studying Quran by Sunni teachers only by sunni online quran classes. Here is a list of reasons you must know before hiring a Quran teacher.

➡️ To Have Correct Aqeedah (Belief)

Islam is a religion with righteous teachings and is based on the oneness of Allah. The supremacy of God is above everything. Muslims believe that correct Aqeedah (belief) is essential to understanding and following Islam. A Sunni teacher believes in all the sayings and teachings of Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAWW. That is why it is mandatory to hire a Sunni teacher if you want to have a firm belief in Allah and want to apply the correct teachings. 

➡️ To Learn Proper Sunnah (Ways and saying of Prophet Muhammad SAWW)

The word Sunni is derived from Sunnah (the lawful ways, course, and teachings of the Prophet SAWW). The Sunni Muslims have a proper chain of narrators that refer back to the sayings of the Prophet SAWW. Whereas, shia Muslims have their narrations and interpretations added to the hadiths and sayings. That is why to avoid the amalgamation of views, it is necessary to opt for the right sect which is Sunnism.

➡️ To Have A Historical Insight Into Islam

With time Shia Muslims have added many interpretations of the historical events that date back to the time of the Prophet and all 4 caliphs. Whereas, Sunni scholars have narrated the events with proper references. Whatever is biased in history is not considered by the 4 Imams of Sunni belief. 

A beginner must decide with wisdom whom to hire for Quran learning because the wrong and mixed interpretations can lead to confusion. So, rely on the Egyptian platforms to learn the accurate history of Islam.

➡️ To Learn Islamic Fiqh Accurately

Fiqh means the Islamic jurisprudence and the human understanding of Islamic law and order given by the Quran and hadith. This human understanding is not done by laymen and no ordinary person can give their view and analogy regarding Islamic principles.

There are 4 schools of thought in fiqh and Muslims can opt for either of them according to their belief. These schools are named after the famous 4 Imams: Hanafi, Hunbali, Shafi, and Maliki. 

These 4 Imams (leaders) read Quran and Hadith with great insight and have been recognized worldwide. So hiring a Sunni teacher means you will be learning from someone who has greatly read these leaders and their works for Islamic Jurisprudence. 

➡️ To Understand The Tafsir Of Renowned Scholars and Imams Easily

If you are a beginner and want to learn Tafseer of Quran, you will get confused about whom to study and how to be on the right track to opt for the scholar. The reason we recommend why to learn Quran from Sunni teachers is that they are well-learned in tafsir of different renowned Sunni scholars and have profound knowledge too. To opt for the best Sunni teacher, it is suggested to land on the homepage of Hidayah where you will have a list of Sunni Egyptian teachers for different Quran courses. Hire them to learn Quran precisely.

Qualifications of A Sunni Teacher

Learning and understanding the Quran from a Sunni teacher is a must for every Muslim, beginner or not! Let’s have a look at the qualifications you must consider before hiring a Sunni Quran teacher. 

➡️ Native Egyptians

Have you ever heard of hiring native Egyptian Quran tutors with just a few clicks online? We all had learned Quran from the native teachers of the countries we reside in but now the time has changed and students from all around the globe can hire Egyptian Quran instructors who excel in Quran Tajweed, recitation, hifz, and tafsir. They are flawless in every subject related to Quran and can help non-Arabs in learning accurate and perfect Arabic.

➡️ Huffaz From Early Ages

Sunni Quran teachers from Egypt and other Arab countries memorize Quran in childhood and have revised it many times. They are phenomenal in their hifz and can teach students helpful strategies and useful tips to finish Quran early. Such teachers know very well how to engage students in hifz lessons and other Quranic studies classes. 

As huffaz, they can easily quote and refer to verses of the Quran correctly where needed.

➡️ Qualified and Certified From Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar is considered the hub of Quranic learning in the Arab world with exceptionally qualified scholars to teach. Getting certified by this university means you are superior to any other teacher in the world. This University covers a wide range of Islamic subjects and a teacher qualified from here means he/she is capable of teaching all Quranic subjects easily.

➡️ Having 10,000+ Positive Feedback

The teachers who are affiliated with any leading Quranic platform must have positive feedback from students they have taught in the past. If you are considering hiring an online female Quran teacher, give a chance to the team hired by Hidayah Network. Their male and female Quran tutors are amazing in their subjects and their portfolios are phenomenal. 

Many students from the West have shown 100% satisfaction after completing Quran classes for beginners from these teachers.

Final Words

When we start specializing in any specific subject, we try to get enrolled in the best university to be supervised by outstanding teachers to excel in that particular subject. Why not apply the same formula on the best subject of both worlds and study it from the finest tutors in the world to avoid any misinformed and complex reviewed education? Give due respect to the Quran and see how Allah elevates your ranks in this world and the next. Learn Quran online from a Sunni teacher to specialize in this field.