Learning the Quran is the source of connection with ALLAH, Women can be an inspiration for other ladies to learn and understand the Quran, as a mother women can help educate their kids about Quran Tafseer, they can be Quran scholars and can educate other ladies, and these ladies can also stand for their Islamic rights. Here at Hidayah Network, we have provided Quran classes for sisters for years so that every lady in our society can learn and understand Quran.

“Surah An-Nisa,” a chapter dedicated to women, holds a wealth of wisdom that sheds light on their individual and communal roles. Equipped with this knowledge, women can profoundly impact their families – guiding their husbands and children on the right path.

6 Benefits of Learning the Quran for Sisters

. To carry on with the mission of educating sisters, here, we delve into how important is it to learn Quran for sisters in this day and age.

1. Women can Guide and Motivate Their Husbands 

One of the remarkable advantages of learning Quran for sisters is their ability to guide and inspire their husbands toward a deeper understanding of the faith. As a wife immerses herself in the Tafseer of the Quran, she becomes a living example, demonstrating the beauty and wisdom in Allah’s words (SWT). 

As she shares her insights and encourages her husband to explore the Quran alongside her, she fosters a sense of unity in their spiritual journey. Through meaningful discussions about the Quran, they can grow together, addressing questions and challenges and finding solace in the teachings. This shared pursuit strengthens their bond and brings them closer to Allah (SWT) and His guidance.

2. Learning the Quran can Improve a Sister’s Tajweed

Learning the Quran also enables sisters to refine their Tajweed, the art of proper Quranic recitation. Engaging in Tajweed practice offers a profound connection to the Quranic verses, enhancing both the spiritual experience and the clarity of recitation. 

Sisters can develop the correct recitation style through regular practice and guidance from qualified teachers, enriching their connection with the Quran. They can start the learning process with the Quran female tutor who can be the perfect source of guidance for these sisters.

3. Strong Connection with Allah (SWT) and His Deen

Powerful surahs like Surah-an-Nisah can deeply impact a woman’s faith and connection with Allah (SWT). This surah addresses various aspects of women’s rights and responsibilities, reminding them of their integral role in society. 

When a sister understands the tafseer of the beautiful surah, she can find guidance for their daily life and forge a stronger connection with their Creator. Regular recitation and reflection on such surahs nourish the soul, offering solace and strength during life’s challenges. 

4. Learning Basic Islamic Rights as a Woman

“Surah An-Nisa” specifically highlights the rights and responsibilities of women in various contexts, including marriage, family, and inheritance. When learning the Quran, sisters comprehensively understand their rights as outlined in Islamic teachings. 

This knowledge empowers them to advocate for their rights and stand against misconceptions or religious practices contradicting Islamic principles.

Sisters can look forward to specific Quran courses for women. They can choose the right female quran teachers providing them with unique guidance in improving their Tajweed and knowledge about the Quran.

5. Inspiring and Sharing Quran Tafseer with Young Sisters

As sisters deepen their understanding of the Quran, they can be pivotal in inspiring and guiding younger sisters in their Quranic journey. With knowledge of Tafseer, they can explain the meanings and context of various ayahs, helping others understand the Quran’s teachings. This is how sisters can succeed in Quran classes by getting guidance from the right female Quran teacher.

Sharing insights from their own learning experiences can encourage a sense of community and collective growth. Establishing a routine that includes personal Quranic study, seeking knowledge from qualified sources, and engaging in discussions can contribute to this extraordinary process. 

6. Women Can Help Her Kids Learn Quran Effectively

When women take the initiative to learn Quran, they equip themselves to become effective mentors for their children’s Quranic education. A mother’s understanding of the Quran enables her to guide her kids with patience and wisdom.

When learning alongside their children, women create an atmosphere of shared learning, fostering a sense of connection and motivation. As she helps her children navigate the complex ayahs, she corrects their recitation and helps them learn the Quran with Tajweed, ensuring that the words are pronounced accurately.

A mother’s proficiency in Tajweed and Quranic knowledge enables her to guide her children effectively as they embark on their Hifz journey. She can help them understand the meanings of the verses they’re memorizing, instilling a deep connection to the Quran’s message.

What Does the Quran and Prophet (PBUH) Say About Women Learning the Quran?

The Quran, a divine source of guidance, unequivocally emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge for both men and women. Allah’s decree transcends gender boundaries, urging all believers to seek understanding and wisdom. In numerous Quranic ayahs, Allah (SWT) asks the believers to increase their knowledge, for ignorance is a state condemned.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exemplified a profound commitment to educating men and women. The Prophet’s guidance extended beyond theoretical concepts, as he actively encouraged Ummah-al-Muminin and daughters to seek education and understanding. His wives, renowned for their intellect and piety, were deeply engaged in learning and transmitting his teachings.


Women’s engagement with the Quran emerges as a vital thread. As women immerse themselves in the Quran, they enrich their lives and those around them. They guide their families with newfound wisdom, nurture a deep connection with Allah (SWT), and strengthen their faith through recitation and understanding of the Quran.

By mastering Tajweed, they give life to the Quran’s verses and foster a powerful bond with its teachings. Their capacity to navigate daily challenges is honed through learning, granting them insight into their rights and responsibilities. Inspired by Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) encouragement of women’s education, they become torchbearers, igniting a path of knowledge, compassion, and progress for future generations.