Online Quran Classes in USA

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Online Quran Classes in USA

Best Online Quran Classes In the USA

Finding a credible Quranic forum to learn all about Islam in the USA is an ordeal that calls for thorough research based on multifarious points to be kept to concern.  To overcome the difficulties and hurdles faced by all Muslims we have introduced online Quran classes in USA to cater to you with fully-featured Quran courses that anyone can join regardless of gender, job, and age restrictions. 

Our Virtual classes are conducted by professionally trained huffaz tutors with the facility of all-time access and a personalized and structured curriculum that is designed according to your requiremen

Structured Lessons For Muslims In USA

Not only the curriculum but all the lessons are well-structured and organized to carry on all the courses formally. We have the following points in mind while structuring the lessons.

  • The age of the learner.
  • The breakup of the curriculum in each lesson.
  • Assessment of each topic.
  • Learning outcomes of the topics.
  • Time bracket for the curriculum completion.

Our online Quran memorization classes are amazingly structured to help students reach their ultimate hifz goal in the given period.

Our Variety Of Quran Courses in USA

Hidayah Network invites you to enroll in any of the top 4 Quran courses to begin your learning Journey to get connected to Allah.

Quran Recitation Course

This fantabulously designed course helps you work on your Arabic accent to become a Quran Recitation expert. You will learn the basic Tajweed rules that are mandatory to be applied to make your makharij and pronunciation perfect. The duration of this course varies from person to person according to their class attendance availability.

Quran Memorization Course

Another skillfully formulated course offered for ladies and men in the USA is about the hifz of the book of Allah. You can personalize your plan by letting our tutors know which portion you intend to memorize. We apply innovative hifz and revision techniques to ensure retention for the long term. 

Quran Tafseer Course

Tafseer of the Quran is ought to be understood by all Muslims and this course is here to facilitate you to understand the Translation and detailed interpretation of any specific Surah or the whole Quran. You will learn the background, reasons and time of revelation, word-by-word translation of each Surah.

Noorani Qaida Course

Both the books selected to teach you the basics of Arabic are articulated in the form of a course where you will learn from scratch and become proficient in reading the Quran smoothly. Our Noor Al-Bayan or Noorani Qaida course has no age restriction. Kids, adults, male and female, all can enroll.

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Outcomes Of Our Online Quran Classes

The outcomes of each Quran Course are listed before beginning the classes and a deep check is kept to achieve them within the course time. The main outcomes of our Quran programs are:

  • Understanding the basics of the Arabic language flawlessly.
  • Reading and reciting Quran efficiently with proper Tajweed rules and intonation.
  • Memorizing the verses perfectly with proper revisions for long-term retention.
  • Understanding the tafseer of Surahs by jotting down all the relevant points.
  • Interacting, participating, and attending classes with confidence and motivation.

Why Enrol In Our Quran Classes?

Certain traits make us prominent among our leading competitors. Have a look at what we provide!

Our Certified Tutors

We hire high-qualified tutors that are Egyptians because of the following excellent qualities they possess.

  • They are Ijazah Certified from the best Islamic universities.
  • They are fluent in English besides being native Arabs and have superb communication skills.
  • They are diploma holders and professionally qualified to teach Quranic topics online.
  • They are proficient in using tech-based educational resources both for kids and adults.

Note: We also facilitate sisters living in the USA to hire a female teacher for their convenience.

Weekly Reports

2 Weeks Report Card

We generate a report card after every 2 weeks that covers the following points in great detail.

  • The mistake in any of the Quran lessons regarding Tajweed, hifz, and recitation.
  • The errors and stuck points in revision classes.
  • Guidelines and tips to overcome the problem areas within 2 weeks.
  • Planner for the next two weeks to give you an idea about the planner that is to be covered.

Affordable Pricing Package

Read the Quran with Tajweed at a very low price that is not offered anywhere but Hidayah Network. The services we provide and the fee we demand is just unbelievable ($4 per hour).

24/7 service

Online Quran classes in USA are available 24/7 that suit not only the students but the working class as well. You can schedule your lesson whenever free and fresh to attend.

We also reschedule classes if missed due to any urgency.

Quizzes And Competitions

To bring the best out of every student, we appreciate and motivate them to attempt quizzes and participate in competitions. We allot a quiz account to our students to solve more than 500 Quizzes and Riddles based on Quranic topics.

Interactive Sessions

All the online Quran courses in USA are designed to be interactive to make the lessons interesting, engaging, and full of involvement. The tutors make mind maps of each lesson to deliver the best in classes.


Our brothers, sisters, and kids are welcome to take 2 sample classes to see how Quran learning is provided in a unique, different, and comprehensive way. You can enrol in any of the courses and get assessed in the trial session to know your level and get a personalised plan accordingly.