All Beginners motivated to start their Quran learning journey must remember that a good start will lead you to the desired goal and an abstract and abrupt onset will confuse you.

Quran learning for beginners carries double the reward and this very fact works as a motivator! Today we will share the most practical and result-driven tips for Understanding the book of Allah with you.

7 Proven Tips to Learn Quran for Beginners

Try these in a given sequence and get surprised by the outcomes of your learning.

1- Follow the Personalised Noorani Qaida Plan

A proper and systematic approach is required to begin the expedition. You must start with Noorani Qaida and follow a well-structured plan for that. Noorani Qaida is a very comprehensive booklet designed for new learners and focuses mainly on reading. Arabic letters, then words, and finally joining words to make sentences smoothly.

These 3 easy steps will provide you with sufficient knowledge of the Quran reading. All you need to have is a very well-designed plan to learn these steps in a proper sequence. You can get a plan from a Quran tutor or any reliable online platform like Hidayah Network. 

2- Focus On The Unique Arabic Sounds and Articulation Points.

The letters of the Arabic language are the only ones among other languages that need proper utterance with special detailing through their exact articulation points. A little more or a little less is not acceptable. So, you need to learn the pronunciation of each letter by practising the articulation points. For example, if you are learning the letter ‘ba-,   ب the lips letter’, you need to join both lips to say it properly. 

Similarly, there are some letters with the same sounds. It is only through exact articulation that you can differentiate between them while reading. For instance, the letters ‘ ح and ه’, both are said Haa but through proper articulation, you will learn how to utter both of them from different places of the throat.

Spare good enough time to learn all the letters carefully and accurately to make your upcoming step of reading the Quran super easy.

3- Hire A Native Tutor To Make You Read Naturally.

Yes, Arabs have got this edge over non-Arabs. They are amazing in Arabic pronunciation and reading. If you as a beginner want to learn Quran exactly like Arabs and don’t want to correct your pronunciation later on in life, then hire a professional native Arab tutor who can help you achieve this goal easily.

Instead of hiring straight away from the internet, you better look out for a platform that is providing this facility formally. Such teachers are certified and verified so you don’t get scammed. 

Your teacher will see how flexible you are in adapting to the new language and he/she will plan accordingly. If you are too flexible and intelligent to pick the new accent accurately, you will learn fast.

4- Learn Basic Tajweed Rules To Recite Quran.

Tajweed is the art of making letters uttered beautifully with their due right. As a beginner, you can just start with the basic Tajweed rules so that you can learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed. There are normally 3 levels to learning it. The primary level is for beginners who either know nothing or just know the alphabet. At this level, you may learn:

  • Principles of Tajweed
  • Rules of seeking refuge in recitation.
  • Rules of saying Basmalah in recitation
  • The Mechanism of the formation of letters
  • The characteristics of each letter.
  • Rules changed in some letters due to the order of letters 
  • The Ghunnah & its ranks
  • AL-Noon Al-Sakinah & Tanween Rules
  • Exercises to practice and revise.

5- Practice Quran Recitation to Get In Flow.

The more you practice, the better will be your recitation as Arabic is the only language that gets better with constant reading and verbal usage.

Once you have learned the alphabet and started joining words easily, you can open the Mushaf and try to read out some words.

Remember that the practical experiment will let you get in a flow quickly. Start from the small surah and recite word by word by implementing the rules you have learned.

Tip: Want to Learn to recite Quran for beginners then must follow your tutor’s instructions.

6- Start Your Hifz From Easy and Short Surahs of Juzz Amma.

If you think you can easily memorize some parts or Surahs and keep them in your memory by committing to life-long revisions, then start the hifz from the Surahs of Juz Amma.

Firstly opt for the Surahs and recite them by looking at the Mushaf thrice or even more than that. Keep the learned rules in mind and apply them where you can.

Secondly, close the Mushaf and recall the verse from your memory with proper accent and articulation.

Thirdly, revise the memorized verses in your salah and follow the pattern every time.

7- Look Out For A Structured Plan For Memorization.

If you thinking to memorize Quarn on your own is not your cup of tea, then get a well-structured plan that will help you hifz short surahs easily.

Select the duration like a month or 2, ask the supervisor to break down the surahs according to your classes per week, and then break down the number of verses per class. It will be the easiest way to learn Quran for beginners.

What Basic Quran lessons do Beginners need to learn?

To make it easy for beginners, we have here a list of lessons that you need to focus on. These lessons will definitely make you a pro in recitation till the end.

  • Fatha, qasra, damma
  • Tanween
  • Noon and Meem Saakin
  • Shadd and Madd
  • Laam Shamsiyyah
  • Lam Qamariyah
  • Hamza Tul wasal

What Are The 3 Main Courses We Recommend For Beginners?

For all the beginners out there, we recommend the following courses to formally get enrolled in.

– Basic Quran Reading Classes

This is an amazing course offered by Hidayah Network to help beginners start reading Quran through easy Arabic learning activities.

– Basic Tajweed Program

This course is designed to teach you the primary Tajweed rules that are essential for Quran recitation.

– Hifz Classes For Beginners

Enrol in this course to get a structured plan for basic hifz of any portion you like.

What Mistakes Do Most Beginners Make When Learning the Quran?

1- They learn or take classes only 2/3 times a week which is less for the kick start they need.

2- They do not focus on reading naturally like Arabs sometimes because they are non-Arabs and sometimes out of laziness.

3- Unaware of hidden mistakes while reciting Quran. These hidden mistakes are all related to Tajweed and need a little knowledge to avoid them.

4- Starting with the tough lessons in the beginning and getting overburdened. You need to start with the easiest ones first.

5- They do not rehearse reading examples from the Quran daily which results in a lack of practical experience in reading.


It is not difficult to learn to read Quran for beginners, all it requires is time, proper planning, and dedication. Hundreds of Muslims are successfully learning and understanding the Quran and joining the next levels. Give a try to these tips and enjoy learning the words of Allah.