Muslims today get distracted and get stuck in different Islamic matters. With time, modernity has added many new things, so Muslims are seen looking for guidance. After the Quran, Hadith is the best and most convenient source of guidance for Muslims and gives solutions for different social matters.

However, there are various imams and books, including Hadith, but many are included with wrong interpretations and sayings. So, today we will talk about the most reliable source of Hadith known as sahih bukhari.

What is Sahih Bukhari?

There are six Kutub Al-Sittah, which are primary hadith collections. One of them is Sahih Al-Bukhari, which was compiled by a Persian Scholar named Muhammad Al-Bukhari. The Sunni Muslims regard this hadith collection as the most trusted ones with zero false Hadith or sayings of Prophet Muhammad.

It is divided into categories and volumes as per the individual specifications. It is divided into 93 main chapters, including revelations, prayers, Prophets, Expeditions, and much more to define. The book was classified in a properly arranged and perfect manner.

Overview of Sahih Al-Bukhari

The overview would include everything, the number of Hadith, the content it provides, and the chapters in which it is classified. Its Scholar was Muhammad Al-Bukhari, who was one of the most outstanding scholars of Muslim Ummah.

He traveled across the World at the age of 16, and it took him 16 full years to compile the Hadith he got from different resources. He nearly had 600000 narrations to collect, and then he included 7563 hadith with repetitions.

Number of Hadiths in Sahih Al-Bukhari

The Sahih Al-Bukhari is embedded with a total of 7563 repetitions and 2500 hadith with no duplication. This hadith collection is regarded as the most trusted and important one for the Muslim community. It is only one hadith book to have sayings of Prophet Muhammad without interpreting the prophet companion or their

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Volumes and Content of Sahih Al-Bukhari

The Sahih Al-Bukhari is divided into nine-volume which are then embedded into several books and chapters. It includes thousands of Hadith, and they are named per consecutive chapter.

Coming to the content, Sahih hadith includes every important Islamic aspect, whether the method of prayer, all five pillars of Islam, social matters, Battles, Prophets, Stories, and the characters of Prophet Muhammad. After the Quran, Sahih Al-Bukhari includes every single point that an individual Muslim looks for their guidance.

Is Sahih Bukhari Authentic?

As known, Sahih Al-Bukhari is one of the six reliable hadith books of Sunni Muslims. However, it is considered the most authentic and dependable hadith collection ever witnessed. This hadith collection also includes some original and some non-authentic tradition, but the exact number of practices exceeds.

The level of authenticity can be determined by the fact of how Hadith were added in sahih bukhari. These mentioned Hadith went through severe testing levels and were checked thrice before compiling in the book. The authentic Hadith passed these tests, which are discussed below:

  1. The narrator’s chain should be linked, e.g., the narrator should have met or known his predecessor, the one who had directly listened from the tongue of Prophet Muhammad].
  2. For the specific Hadith enclosed in sahih bukhari, the narrator must be of high caliber and conduct like integrity, morals, and sacrifice towards Islam.
  3. Each narrator should have two worthy witnesses who can assure authenticity.
  4. The pass hadith was then checked by a team of professional scholars who were masters of their jobs.

Features of Sahih Al-Bukhari

By Hidayah Network Teachers, as Sahih Al-Bukhari is the most significant achievement in the Hadith compilation, it was rich in its work features. Together with its authenticity, the level of collection and managing system were worth praising by individuals.

  1. A specific arrangement and well-managed order of Hadith. They were divided into nine volumes, 93 chapters, and associated as per the content. This made the book a comfortable and secure source of guidance. The level of compilation expresses the knowledge of his Scholar too.
  2. Sahih Bukhari is the most authentic hadith collection as they used different laws for the chain of narrators. The narrator should have been from the same era and must overlap the authorities who narrated. Secondly, the narrator was bound that he had met their source person once in life. This shows the level of authenticity of this book.
  3. It includes 2500 hadith without repetition, which were of different content and related social issues.

Importance of Sahih Al-Bukhari’s Hadith in the Islamic Community

Hadith share a special bond in guidance for the Muslim community as they are the action and words from our last and beloved Prophet Muhammad. Quran itself commands Muslims to obey Allah and obey his Prophet Muhammad, so his sayings have a particular part in Muslims’ attaining purity and guidance.

For more in-depth analysis, the following advantages are provided by Sahih-Hadith, which makes them essential in the Muslim community:

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1- Source of Guidance

Sahih Hadith is named the source of guidance for Muslims as they are regarded as authentic and arranged properly. It includes content that the Quran did not elaborate like the Quran commanded Muslims to offer prayer but did not mention its method and benefits. For that cause, hadith were used to show Muslims the proper way of offering prayer.

Moreover, Sahih hadith include the importance of pillars, the exact amount of Zakat, expeditions, Prophets, and right so your fellow Muslims.

The examples of state affairs and morals are sources of guidance for today’s Muslims as they need elaborated content to get proper knowledge.

2- Reliable and Authentic Book

Authenticity is the priority of the Muslim community. As Hadith were compiled after the Prophet’s death and even caliphates, Muslims look for something real and genuine as religion is a serious issue.

With the high level of testing before Hadith were added in sahih bukhari, Muslims feel free to take this book as the source of guidance and teaching.

3- A solution of Social Issues

With the passage of time and modernity, there are many social issues in which Muslims investigate the Quran and the Hadith. Sahih-hadith is named a most confidential source of a book; Muslims are impressed by the number of Hadith it includes for several social issues.

These Hadith contain topics like rights of fellow Muslims, seeing videos, rights of the environment upon us, Hadith on social justice, Hadith on healthcare, and much more. Therefore, Sahih-hadith plays a vital role in setting up the tone for the Muslim community.

4-Learn sahih bukhari through English translation

Apart from authenticity, sahih bukhari is regarded as the most convenient hadith collection, widely in book form and on the internet. There are several websites, superb apps, and Sahih Al-Bukhari in pdfs which people can surf through and learn on their electronic devices.

It is easily accessible, and in apps, the pdf hadith are categorized in sections, named volumes, and chapters so you can quickly find your specific topic details. More importantly, the Sahih Al-Bukhari volumes are present in English and hundreds of translated languages so that Muslims of any caste and creed can learn them quickly.

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Comparison between sahih bukhari and Sahih Muslim

After sahih bukhari, the most reliable hadith collection is known as Sahih Muslim. Together with sahih bukhari and Sahih Muslim, they are called Sahihayn. Therefore, let us have a short comparison between this mighty collection of Hadith.

  1. When you compare the narrations of both hadith collections, you will notice that Sahih Muslims’ narrations are criticized more by Scholars than sahih bukhari
  2. The Imam Bukhari took information from his teacher, but he knew about these narrations beforehand. On the other hand, the Imam Muslim also took the lead from his teacher but did not have any additional information or history.
  3. Statistically, sahih bukhari had 435 narrators, and out of them, 80 were considered weak. Talking about Sahih Muslim, there were 620 narrators, and 160 were deemed to be weak narrators.

However, after Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Imam is best to be considered as hadith collection. It also includes a higher number of authentic Hadith.


In conclusion, Hadith is a source of guidance and teachings, so authenticity matters a lot. For this purpose, the Muslim community prefers sahih bukhari, which is regarded as worth reliable, and rewarding. It includes several features like proper management, arrangement, and a high level of testing. To read this book online Arabic classes fast for better understanding and learning.