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After thorough research and analysis, we came to know that our sisters out there are equally willing to attend online Quran classes for ladies with professional female teachers, either for their own selves or for their kids’ Islamic upbringing, either for the sake of enhancing their level of Iman or for pursuing Quranic teaching as a career in the West. 

If you are willing to learn Quran online with one of the best female Quran teachers, then you have landed on the correct page.

Why enroll in our online Quran classes for ladies?

There are multiple plus points that you should consider before deciding and finalizing the platform you want to carry on your learning journey with.

Qualified online female Quran teachers:

In order to provide high-quality online Quran classes, we have to adopt the following high standards for hiring our Quran female teachers:

  • All the female teachers that are willing to join us are interviewed by a group of highly experienced and professional scholars.
  • They are tested for online teaching sessions and the toppers are shortlisted for further evaluation.
  • They are bilingual and can easily speak English fluently with a clear accent to help students understand easily.
  • They are adept at using ever-evolving technologies for years and have attended numerous training sessions regularly.
  • Their skills are polished through constant sessions to turn them into the best Quran tutors available online. 
  • All the selected tutors are degree holders in Quranic education and are really pious.

online Quran courses for ladies offered by our Quran female tutors:

We proudly announce that we have been conducting a variety of Quran courses for adults so that they can easily join the course online and learn whatever they are willing to learn.

the following courses are specially designed for sisters to learn Quran online effectively:

1- Quran course for beginners:

Our sisters who are looking for online Quran classes can enroll in the basic course first. This course is -designed to help the newbies learn to read Quran by starting to understand Arabic from scratch.

3- Online tajweed classes for sisters:

 In our Quran Tajweed course for sisters, will learn all the rules of tajweed, and the application of rules in the Quran to learn to read Quran with Tajweed properly and beautifully. 

This course intends to make the learners capable of reading the Quran properly with tajweed.

2- Quran memorization course:

 For all those ladies who are willing to start their Hifz program, this is the best course we have.

In online Hifz classes for ladies, you will get a plan to follow according to your wish and then carry it on.

4- Ijazah program:

An advanced course for all those who want to memorize the Quran and get validated to teach it to others.

5- Learn ten Qira’at:

Sisters can also enroll in one of our amazing courses where you learn the recitation of the Holy Quran in 10 different authentic ways to beautify your voices.

Why having an Egyptian female Quran teacher?

We aim to facilitate you no matter what. So we have the best female teachers for all the online Quran classes for sisters. 

  • They have a native Arabic accent.

The reason why we hire Egyptian Quran female tutors is that they are locals and have a very strong command of the Arabic language. 

The Quranic accent of Egyptian teachers is considered the best in the Arab world as Egyptians are too keen to learn Quran in the way Prophet Muhammad SAWW did.

So, to aid our new learners, we have hired the best online Quran female teachers in order to deliver the best we can.

  • Memorized Quran from the best scholars.

The teachers of our hired online Hifz tutors are also famous scholars who have made sure that their students are worthy to carry on the teaching journey. 

We know that not all learners can turn up to be good teachers. They either certified them with an Ijazah or helped them memorize Quran by heart at a very young age. That is why we have selected only those who are passionate to teach others with the efficient methods they were taught.

  • Qualified from renowned Egyptian universities.

These hired professional online Quran tutors are not just diploma holders, in fact, they have graduated from renowned Islamic universities in Egypt like; Al-Azhar and Darul Uloom.

We believe that only a grip over the relevant subject is not enough for a teacher, instead, she should have amazing and innovative teaching skills as well. This would help students from different backgrounds to learn easily and engagingly. 

  • Having a privacy and comfort zone with ladies.

Having a male Quran teacher brings a lot of restrictions for the sisters. They have to make sure they are in a proper dress code, their voices and gazes are lower, they are not too frank with the teacher, and many other points that are considered seriously. 

Check this out: Why sisters should learn Quran with female teachers? 

To facilitate our sisters who are concerned with such privacy and not-so-comfort zone with male interaction, we have hired female teachers so that your privacy is not disturbed and you feel at ease while learning the Quran online.

Personalized study plan for all of our online Quran classes for ladies:

Another reason to enroll in our Quran classes is that we offer a tailored study plan to our sisters by keeping their availability, capacity, and age group into consideration.

We assess our students’ level and current standing in the trial class and then design a study plan accordingly.

The number of classes each student is having per week is also considered while making a plan. For instance, the student who has 5 classes per week has a different plan than the student having classes twice a week.

Our female Quran tutors devise a different study plan for the student having a 1-hour duration of a class than the student having only 30 minutes class duration.

Personalized plans are always suitable to track progress and stay motivated to reach the goal effectively.

Also that we want our students to track their progress every now and then and stay motivated by having a look at their plan.

Learn Quran online for ladies with flexible scheduling 24/7:

Our teachers are available at your desired time as we have hired a number of teachers who offer their services round the clock. 

All you need to do is to inform us about the time that best suits you to attend a class with full attention, we will arrange 2 teachers for you for the trials. Then, you can carry on the classes with any one of them.

Get a monthly report and give your monthly feedback regarding classes:

We offer you the facility of getting a report card of the ongoing progress once a month. The objective of such a report card is to keep you on board with everything. 

In the case of parents, you can check the updates of your daughters’ studies.

Not only do we generate report cards but also note that we let our students give their valuable feedback regarding their classes.

You can let us know about anything that is bothering you in your online Quran classes. Be it concerned about the teacher, the syllabus, the timings, the teaching style, or whatsoever!

We appreciate and welcome all sorts of negative and positive feedback from our students because it helps us work on those areas and come up again with a bang!

learn Quran online effectively with a well-structured Course syllabus:

All of our courses have a skillfully designed syllabus to start with. Furthermore, our Quran teachers have divided the syllabus into weekly classes with monthly revisions and tests to give you an idea of when you are supposed to finish the course.

They keep a proper check and balance of the syllabus you are going to follow so that they don’t miss any trivial thing.

Our female teachers are very well trained in making formal planners for every class beforehand. These planners are checked and signed by the authorities to keep a check on what’s going on in each class.

What other courses do we offer besides our Quran classes for sisters?

We have a vast range of categories to cover for online classes. Read further about our variety of courses.

  • Arabic

In the Arabic language, we have a number of courses to choose from. Luckily, our sisters can also enroll in the following course where age is not a barrier.

Online Quranic Arabic course for sisters.

This Quranic Arabic course is meant to help you understand the Quran by learning the Quranic words, knowing their roots, learning its grammar, and using those words in your daily conversation. 

We start from the basics and end up excelling at the language. All is done with the help of our highly trained teaching faculty.

Egyptian dialect.

There is a slight difference in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic that is only known to the natives. If you are excited to learn the dialect of the most commonly used language then you should enroll in this course.

  • Islamic studies

Fiqh course for sisters. 

This is the most advanced course for those who have completed their Tafseer course. The fiqh course basically deals with the details of issues that are not mainly discussed in the other courses.

Quran Tafseer course.

One of the most searched courses is now available for sisters online. The Tafseer course intends to teach you the meaning of the verses, the revelation time and reason, and the inept details of all the surahs.

Islamic classes for adults.

The most demanded course is not only for kids and adults but also for the ladies who can, later on, help their kids understand Islam easily.

In our online Islamic classes, we cover several topics like:

  • Aqeedah
  • Fiqh
  • Hadith

Ask away what bothers you! 

FAQs about our online Quran classes for sisters 

  • Which platform do you use for teaching sisters online?

We use the Zoom app to teach ladies online as it has the most advanced features that are helpful in the Quran learning sessions.

  • How many Quran female teachers do you have?

Alhamdulillah, we have almost 50 female Quran teachers. They have been teaching through our platform for years.

  • Do you offer Quran classes for kids and males too?

Yes! We do offer courses for both males and kids. Pay a thorough visit to our web page and choose any of the courses to start with.

  • How much do your online Quran classes cost?

Our fee package is very economical. It is as low as $4 and further discounts are available for group classes and 2nd or 3rd members from the same family.

  • Is there any age limit on the classes?

All courses are designed by keeping age limits into consideration. Quran classes for ladies have no age limit.


Our sisters who have always envisioned learning the Quran are now just a few clicks away to fulfil their dream by enrolling in the best Quranic courses that are conducted by professionally trained teachers.



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