Parents who make their kids attached to Quran and Islam are really doing an amazing job because it is essential to connect them to the book of Allah so that they grow up learning it and applying it in their lives with pride. Let’s look at some of the practical tips and techniques that you can apply at home so that your kid stays interested in learning the Quran.

Ensure you reward your kid with incentives and rewards, integrate arts and crafts related to Quranic themes, watch cartoons of Quranic series with them, set short-term goals for them, and so on. With similar tips coming your way, we encourage you to stick with us right until the very end for more insights. Let’s get started!

9 Tips To Keep Your Kids Interested In Learning Quran

We are here to give you 8 fruitful tips to keep your kids interested in learning Quran that are going to help moms out there who struggle in this regard and look for practical answers.

1. Give Them Incentives and Rewards

Kids love to get surprised with gifts and incentives of all sorts. Plan and chalk out how and when you can surprise them with rewards and gifts after they have learned something new in Quran classes for kids. The following points will surely help.

  • A toy or board game when they have learned a new surah.
  • A decoration item when they have offered all 5 Salahs.
  • Something from stationery items for practicing their tajweed.
  • Test them weekly for their Quran lesson and reward them with anything they like.
  • Appreciate their tiny efforts in the form of sticker stars, badges on the wall, celebrations with the family, etc
  • Tell others about the Quran classes in front of your kids to make them understand the importance of what they are learning.

2. Integrate Arts and Crafts Related to Quranic Themes

To foster children’s interest in learning the Quran, integrating arts and crafts related to Quranic themes proves both engaging and educational. Through creative expression, kids connect with the Quran on a personal level, making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable. Here’s how to implement this approach effectively:

  1. Theme-Based Art Projects – Design art projects inspired by Quranic stories or verses, allowing children to visually represent what they learn.
  2. Interactive Storytelling – Combine storytelling with crafts to create a dynamic learning environment, enhancing comprehension and retention.
  3. Visual Aids – Utilize visual aids like illustrations or craft models to reinforce the understanding of Quranic concepts.

3. Give Them Short-Term Goals to Pursue

Second, on the list is the tip that will help you keep kids attending their classes without being asked or reminded of them. Don’t keep long-term goals in front of them like they have to finish the specific Juz in a month, or they have to learn so and so tajweed rule. Instead, give them small goals to chase and achieve. This way they will be super happy to reach the goal.

Young kids are really sensitive in this regard as they get hurt quickly if said that they have not reached the goal and hence have to work harder. Make learning Quran for toddlers very interesting by breaking down the long-term targets into short-term ones so that they happily complete their tasks.

4. Understanding Quran With An Interactive Teaching Method

If toddlers are showing interest in learning Quran but the teaching method is really boring or too intense for them to get the point, they will surely lose interest.

Select our online platform that is known for its teaching staff who use amazing teaching techniques to keep kids engaged in the lesson throughout the class. Some of the interactive teaching methods we use are:

  • Group discussions
  • Storytelling sessions with questioning
  • Brainstorming with Students, etc

5. Enroll Them In a Group Class to Learn Quran with Fellow Beings

Group learning is very helpful and engaging for kids. Enroll your children in Quran group classes where they can explore the reasons toddlers should learn Quran. Students perform really well in group tasks and learn more by interacting with fellow students.

The group classes by Hidayah Network are remarkably promising in this regard. They take in only 4 students in a group and provide a very motivational and interactive environment to let them stay interested in Quranic learning.

6. Watch Cartoons of Quranic Stories With Them

To keep your little ones connected and interested in their Quran lessons, watch cartoons of Quranic stories in which they will learn about Prophets, Angels, Companions, books, and much more. If you narrate a story with the intention of just providing knowledge, believe me, they will get bored.

Rather, watch the animations of those stories with them and let them have fun along with the lesson. You can discuss the story later on and revise it also at bedtime in the form of small questions from the story.

7. Joining Hifz & Recitation Competitions Regularly

Hifz for kids is only retainable and enjoyable if they are actively joining competitions to revise their lessons more passionately. If you want kids to love memorizing Quran journey then make them participate in competitions.

The recitation and hifz quizzes are also helpful to break the monotony of classes and provide an exciting challenge for kids.

8. Learn Quran To Be a Role Model For Them

Kids do what they see. They observe everything around them in their early years and apply that in the coming years. So, parents are advised to learn and implement Quran to provide an Islamic environment at home where they will be role models for their kids.

The more positively you adopt Quranic teachings, the more interest your kids will show in Islam and Quran.

9. Don’t Scold or Stress Them About Their Lessons

That is an important tip because many parents do that out of their own stressed minds. If you are going to scold kids and pressurize them, they will soon start disliking the subject, and for the Quran that is a big loss if they have started to dislike studying it.

Instead of scolding, make a wall chart to paste a black star if they really went off track. Keep them motivated with Golden stars on the wall chart  This will make them conscious of not letting you add a black star to their golden ones.

If they are really tired, give them a break and let them play. If they are not interested in having a class due to any reason, understand that they are just kids. Reschedule their class time when they are willing to have one. Hidayah Network offers all the classes with flexibility in time. You can schedule your Quran classes for children anytime 24/7 either quran memorization or recitation. We have a good number of teachers to cater to your kids.

Whether it is hifz or any other Quranic category, we provide everything with amazing features to let kids stay interested in their lessons. Pay a visit to our website and check out our vast range of Quran courses for kids of different ages.

Most Important FAQs

How to motivate your child to learn the Quran?

Encourage a positive learning environment by incorporating rewards, such as praise or small incentives, when your child achieves Quranic milestones. Additionally, make learning interactive and relatable, connecting the lessons to their daily lives, and fostering intrinsic motivation.

How can I make learning the Quran fun for kids?

Infuse creativity into Quranic lessons through games, arts, and storytelling. Utilize educational apps, interactive videos, and themed activities to make the learning process enjoyable. Creating a playful and positive atmosphere will naturally enhance your child’s interest in Quranic studies.

How can I connect my child to learning the Quran?

Establish a personal connection by participating in Quranic activities together, such as family readings or discussions. Use age-appropriate resources and materials that resonate with your child’s interests, making the learning experience relatable and meaningful.