Islam is a religion that prioritizes knowledge, especially for children so that they will grow to become good servants of Allah. The importance of Islamic knowledge for children cannot be over-emphasized. It is important to the extent that Allah had to mention the name of Lukman in the Quran because he taught his child the knowledge of Islam.

The importance of Islamic knowledge for children is that it will teach them how to fear Allah. Without the fear of Allah, children would behave how they like because they don’t feel accountable to anyone. But when the fear of Allah is instilled in them, they behave well because they know there will be consequences for their actions. That is why it is important for parents to teach Islam to children to be aware them what are sins, halal, haram, hell divine, etc.

Importance of Islamic Knowledge for Kids

Other importance of Islamic knowledge for children will be discussed in this article. Come along as Hidayah Network shares this very important knowledge that will impact our children.

1. It Instills Great Values in Children

Islam as a religion does not joke with values. The moral decadence we experience in society these days is a result of the negligence of parents in instilling Islamic values in their children. There are more than 200 verses in the Quran that talk about ethics and values.

When it comes to ethics and values, Islam does not limit it to Muslims alone. Islam wants us to be nice to children, elders, non-Muslims, and animals.

Also, Islam teaches us how to talk, how to be modest, how to lower our gaze, how to relate with the opposite sex, how to enter our homes, how to take care of the needy, and disabled, and many other things. That is why parents must get Islamic lessons for kids so that they can learn and follow Islam at a young age.

In Tafseer of Quran 17 verse 70, Scholars taught us that Allah wants us to respect and honor all human beings irrespective of their religion, color, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job, and so on.

2. It teaches children obedience

Obedience to parents is one of the best Ibaadat that can lead one to Jannah. Also, it is one of the major sins that can make a Muslim enter Jahannam before he or she is admitted back into the Jannah.

Islamic knowledge is the only knowledge that lays huge emphasis on the importance of obedience to parents. Therefore, if you want your children to obey you, let them have Islamic knowledge.

In Quran 17 verses 23 and 24, Allah says ‘’Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but him, and be good to your parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, do not say to them a word of annoyance and do not repel them, but rather speak to them a noble word. Lower to them your wing of humility for them, out of mercy, and say: My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small.

Look at how loaded these verses are. There is nowhere you can find loaded messages to children regarding how they should act with their parents except in the Quran.

If any child is denied Islamic knowledge, how will he or she come across these messages? If that child later misbehaves in the future, the parents have no one to blame except themselves.

3. It keeps them Firm on the Deen

It is the joy of every Muslim parent to have a son or daughter who will stand firm in the deen. It is the child who understands Islam and stands firm that will remember his parents in dua after they are no more.

We have witnessed a lot of cases where a father dies and his children leave the fold of Islam after his death due to circumstances that could be overcome by standing firm on the deen.The hadith below tells us how important standing firm in the deen is.

Abu Amr also known as Abu Sufyan ibn Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him said he went to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and asked him to tell him something about Islam which he could not ask anyone except the Messenger of Allah. Abu Amr said the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) answered him by telling him to say he believes in Allah and then stand firm and steadfast.

If the Messenger of Allah can advise his companion about standing firm in the deen, it means it is not something to joke with. To learn tafseer enroll in an online tafseer course so that kids can understand Quran properly.

4. In Times of Difficulties, Knowledge is Light 

Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes, everything will go according to plan and you will be happy. But sometimes, it won’t go according to plan and you will feel dejected and frustrated. In times of difficulty, Islamic knowledge guides children and even adults.

Allah himself distinguished between the knowledgeable and the non-knowledgeable. Allah says in Quran 39 verse 9. ‘’Are those who know equal to those who do not know?’’ None will be mindful of this except people of reason. 

5. Prevents Waywardness 

Waywardness among children is now prevalent in society because of the non-challenge attitude of parents toward Islamic knowledge. My advice to parents who come across this article is that no one knows humans more than Allah because he is the one who created us. It is the one who created us that gave us rules on how to raise our children. These rules and more are what is contained in Islamic knowledge. Although we have seen children who didn’t have any Islamic knowledge that isn’t wayward, the percentage cannot be compared to those who have Islamic knowledge.

6. Protect them from all Misconceptions

The non-Muslims and the enemies of Islam are out there trying to convince our children that Islam is not the way. Sometimes, they go as far as quoting verses from the Quran to support their malicious claims.

They claim Islam encourages people to kill and many other lies. Because they read the translation, they do not know the exegesis of those verses. A child who is not grounded in Islamic knowledge can easily be convinced by their theatrics. But when the child has been armed with the knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, and Usool Fiqh, he or she will be able to defend Islam anywhere. For toddlers knowledge of Quran can only be possible with toddler Quran classes.


We must say we are happy with what we have been able to achieve with this article. The motive was to point out the importance of Islamic knowledge for children while also looking at how its negligence has made society unattractive. Hidayah Network understands nowadays students fo does not have much time to get Islamic lessons so why to get weekend Islamic school to learn and follow Islam at young age.

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