Kids understand and follow what they see. They are born on fitrah and Allah had already placed a love for Islam in their tiny hearts. Start with the names of Allah, stories of Prophets, Allah’s love and Mercy, the Prophet’s love for Kids, etc. Show them animations and cartoons based on Islamic themes to inculcate the values in them.

Teaching Islam to Toddlers

Toddlers are at the age where you can introduce some surpass with translation and summary. Explain to them the history in the form of stories and be a role model for them. Provide them with a company that is pro-Islam so that they grow up loving and understanding Islam.

How to introduce Islam to a child?

According to the Hidayah Network Islamic tutors, do not start explaining a scientific topic. Islam should be inculcated in their hearts, it is not meant to be taught like a theory. So introduce Allah, His names, His Mercy, His Love, His Books, His Angels, and His Prophets. Try to keep the stuff easy and engaging for them.

10 Tips on How to Teach Your Kids About Islam

Today we are going to broaden your vision about kids’ training regarding Islam by presenting 10 practical tips on how to teach kids about Islam

1- Teach Your kids “ who is Allah?“ to Empower their Iman:

The very first tip I have for you regarding Islamic studies for kids is to start with the introduction of the one who has created us. Instead of giving your kids a theoretical introduction, ask them a very simple and interesting fact every now and then. Like;

Have you looked at the stars at night? How beautiful are they? Then move on to tell them Allah has made them shine for us.

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Keep on referring to nature and inculcate Allah’s love and mercy in your kids so that they are brought up loving Allah more than fearing Him.

Avoid telling them about punishment, hellfire, Allah’s Ghadab (anger), and all the stuff that is too grave for kids to understand. Instead, keep on telling them how much Allah loves his creation by telling them different stories, hadiths, and Allah’s beautiful names.

2- Introduce Islam through Practical games and Colorful Worksheets

We all know that kids enjoy games and everything that is colorful and appeals to their senses. So, the next tip is to introduce the 5 pillars of Islam through activities like games and worksheets to enjoy Learning Islam.

To start with, make them learn kalima (oneness of Allah) and give them a reason to believe that Allah is the only one. 

Make salah kids-friendly. Instead of ordering them to get up and rush for wudhu, offer the prayer, make due, etc, tell them what is salah (a communication between Allah and His Creation. Say it like hey let’s go it’s time to talk to Allah.

You can enroll in tajweed classes for kids online, to help your kids perfect their pronunciation so that they don’t have any mistakes in their salah. 

3- Narrate Islamic Stories at Bedtime

A very amazing tip is to narrate stories to your kids at bedtime because at that time it’s only you and your kids and they will listen up very carefully. So, engage them and create curiosity in them so that they ask for the story every day.

Choose stories from the Quran about Prophets. In this way, they will learn about so many of the Prophets easily.

Narrate stories of companions through which you can instill lots of moral values in your kids. You can also get help from Tafseer classes for kids online to keep the stories brief and authentic.

I personally engage kids in story-telling sessions and sometimes leave the end untold, to make them curious to listen. And then I tell the rest of the story the other day.

For storytelling sessions, kids’ moods and interests are very important. Do not just overload them with loads of information at a time. Devise your own strategy to make the story short and precise. Or to delay the story until your kids are willing to listen up.

Remember, it is not about the quantity you need to fill up their minds with, it is about the quality of Islamic culture and history that you are pouring into the young minds that will flourish in the future.

4- Be a Role Model First

Another useful tip is to be a role model for your kids. Practice Islam and be the epitome of Islam. The more you adopt Islamic values and culture, the easier will be to train your kids.

Check this out: How to be a positive role model for your kids?

Do not ask to pray when you are not praying. Do not ask them to stop lying when you are lying in front of them. Do not expect them to behave differently than you as kids observe parents and do what they have seen them doing.

Be mindful of the fact that kids are not just a blessing but a responsibility for whom we are answerable. The way you are going to treat and deal with them is the way they will treat and deal with the world around them. So, be very cautious and pay extra attention to their Online Islamic classes where they can learn everything about Islam with a qualified Islamic studies tutor easily.

5- Adopt Islamic Etiquette Everywhere Possible

If you are adopting Islamic etiquette and values everywhere you go, believe me, your kids will never hesitate in adopting them.

We see so many kids asking about birthday celebrations and why they are not celebrating when their friends are. So, try to celebrate what matters in ISLAM so that they know what the actual celebration is. For instance: celebrate when your kids offer salah in masjid, cheer when they fast, clap and enjoy when they are drinking water while sitting. 

In this way, you will attach your kids to the real Islamic mode of life without telling them this is in Islam or this isn’t allowed in Islam.

Fast and motivate your kids to fast not because it is an order (far) but because it brings you near Allah and the reward for the fast is only known to Allah.

Give charity (sadaqah) and train your kids to avoid Raya (bragging). Motivate your kids to give sadaqah to stay safe from evil. Tell them narrations of Prophet SAWW regarding sadaqah. It will help them participate in this deed excessively. 

Believe me, kids are already born on Fitrah so half of the work is already done. You as parents have to mold and shape them.

6- Use Books, Toys, and Cartoons to Watch

This tip is helpful when the kids can read the books on their own. Give them interesting storybooks regarding Islam and let them develop their understanding.

For infants and kids who are at the age of playing with the toys, give them Islamic toys like dolls and teddy bears that recite Surahs instead of songs.

There are so many cartoons like ZAKY and IQRA CARTOON NETWORK etc, available online that can benefit your kids’ online Islamic learning. As we know in this age of technology, it is hard to avoid screens for kids so why not make them watch something fruitful?

7- Make them learn Supplications

You can find many Islamic classes for kids online where teachers make kids learn duaas from Quran and hadith. If you want to do this at home, it is super easy.

Learn and recite duaas regarding everyday life loudly in front of your kids and you will see they have learned them automatically. Recite duaas before eating your meal loudly, before entering the toilet, when sitting in the car, going to sleep, and reciting duaas on different occasions.

With the time when your kids grow up to be a toddler, tell them the meaning of the Duaa’s they are reciting to connect them to Allah.

A bonus tip:  read out the morning and evening Azkar loudly. It will make your kids habitual of reciting Azkar.

8- Create a Sunnah-friendly Home Environment

As I have said earlier, kids do what they see. So to make them learn everything about Islam follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW and create a sunnah-friendly environment for them.

For example: saying salaam to everyone, eating with the right hand, kissing and cuddling kids, making up the bed before sleeping, washing dishes and even clothes, helping others, sharing things, etc.

Keep the reality in mind that this is not a game show where you have to do all the sunnah-related things for a few days. This is a matter of a lifetime. Adopt sunnah first and then make them a part of your life. If you will deviate or detract, the kids easily will!

9- Play Islamic Nasheeds Instead of Music

Kids nowadays do like to listen to something because their friends, neighbors, or cousins do! So the other tip to teach Islam to kids is to play nasheed instead of music. There are many nasheeds about Allah’s blessings, Prophets’ lives, mankind, Islam, and much more.

Let them attend Islamic classes for kids online or somewhere near your home to enjoy nasheeds along with their studies to stay in a lighter mood.

10- Celebrate Islamic events to Promote likeness and Inclination

Many parents do not even know when and how many battles Muslim heroes won, when Is Islamic new year starting, etc. If you want your kids to learn Islam so try celebrating Islamic events to promote love and inclination in your kids about Islam.

A Muslim kid asking parents to get him the Halloween dress as the celebration is around the corner is definitely a question mark on the tarbiyah and training on the part of the parents! 

If you will celebrate events like Ramadan, Eid, Hajj, etc with zeal, there is no point that your kid would ask for Western celebrations!

How to Teach a Child to Pray in Islam?

Follow the following steps.

  • Lead by example so that they imitate you since early childhood.
  • Provide them with a kid’s prayer mat and some accessories related to prayer.
  • Do not explain the details, just do it.
  • Tell them the power of Prayer and the fact that it is a means of communication with Allah.
  • Let them give adhan and lead you in Jamaat.
  • Motivate them every time to develop a love for prayer.


There is a dire need of instilling Islam in the kids of parents living in the West. We know for sure how significant Islamic learning is for your kids. As parents, you need to play your part responsibly by getting help from the tips mentioned above on how to teach kids about Islam.

Most Important FAQs

Why Islamic studies is important for kids?

It is crucial because of the fitnah age we have already entered into. To make a solid and proper Islamic foundation for your kids, you need to teach them Islamic studies.

What are the 5 most important areas of Islamic studies?

(1) The Qur’an and Hadith. 

(2) Tafseer.

(3) Islamic history. 

(4) Aqeeda and Akhlaq. 

(5) Fiqh.  

When should a child start learning about Islam?

Islam is a religion of natural inclination. Thus, a child can start learning formally at the age of 5. 

Is it better to have an Islamic studies tutor or should I teach my kids myself?

If you think you have the knowledge, techniques, ways to engage kids, and ample time at home then you can start on your own. But it doesn’t work for more than a month or so because mothers have other tasks to do and gradually they get demotivated. 

on the other hand, there are so many Islamic studies tutors who have years of experience in teaching Islamic studies to kids from around the globe. Get one qualified tutor to teach your kids about Islam properly.

Are there any online Islamic courses with certificates available?

Yes, there are many reliable and credible platforms, like Hidayah Network, that offer Islamic study courses for kids. They also offer other courses like tajweed, memorization, and Quran recitation course for kids, etc.

Pay a visit to their page to get more information