Many Muslims who live in different zones find it difficult to learn to read Quran because they have to learn the Arabic language first.

Today we will talk about easy and practical ways of Quran learning for beginners perfectly like native Arabs in just the span of 60 days.

Top to learn to read Quran in 2 months?

Yes! You read it right! This target is easily achievable if you have followed the tips correctly.

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Learning the Arabic Alphabet Properly:

To master any language, the only key to success is to learn Quran online for beginners. Beginning with the Arabic alphabet from scratch will give you a kickstart to move on to word formation.

Work hard on your Arabic pronunciation (Tajweed):

Every alphabet has a different articulation point (makharij) which, after skillfully mastering, can make you read Quran easily and accurately.

You will enjoy the learning and practice process of Makharij, as they are very intricate and efficient Hidayah Network teachers use to make the lessons very engaging and fun-filled.

Try reciting short verses from Quran right away:

Learning to read Quran online in just 2 months requires an efficiently learned Arabic pronunciation and then doing a practical reading of short verses from the Quran. It will make you improve your Tajweed were ever needed, like:

  • Uttering the sounds at home by listening to the teacher’s recorded lessons and practicing to learn to read the Quran word by word.
  • Listening to the audios of different Qaris to practice to progress much faster.
  • You will get fluent in your quran recitation once you have efficiently read short verses and perfected them amazingly.

Taking Notes of the Most Common Errors:

If you will mark your errors and make short notes to rehearse them more than other rules, then you can overcome them in no time.

Practically speaking, when you tend to make a mistake and do not work on it rigorously, you will make that mistake more often and gradually your tongue will get used to its wrong pronunciation.

So, make your recitation error-free by working so hard on your mistakes and problem areas.

Get a well-structured Quran reading 2 months plan:

The way the teacher teaches the rules, according to the plan devised, plays a vital role in the completion of the basic Quran lessons within 60 days perfectly. 

Get a skillfully structured study plan for 2 months from the teaching. This will help you track your progress, check your pace, and see where you need to buckle up quickly, and where you need to put in more effort.

An efficient teacher would alter and modify different strategies for different students according to their capabilities and interests to make them achieve their targets in 2 months as planned mutually.

Practice every Quranic basic lesson as much as you can:

As you all know the equation of practice is equal to perfection. You need to practice every rule no matter where you are

Practice until you get your lesson perfected before moving on to the next lesson. For instance,

You are learning to join two letters but you are not getting it done faster, rather, you are stuck or pausing, and not having the natural Arabic accent, then, you need to practice it to get it fluent and naturally uttered.

Keep your pitch high when you are practicing so that you know your errors, keep practicing the makharij as beautiful recitation can only be done if your makharij is strong.

 Who is going to assist you in reading Quran in 60 days?

To be able to start reading Quran perfectly in 2 months you definitely need a professional and efficient teacher who is qualified and experienced in teaching basics to meet the target in such a short span of time.

Look for a qualified and certified Quran teacher:

Now in this era of all-tech life, you can easily ask google to help you out in this hunt. Following are the tips to consider when looking out for a Quran teacher.

The teacher should be a native to help you easily learn the Makharij (articulation points).

He/she should be teaching with a certificate of teaching (Ijazah) recognized by any well-known Islamic University and is having good reviews from the students.

The Quran tutor should be fluent in English so that students from other countries can easily converse with their teacher without any language barrier.

Beware of the false/pseudo accounts and IDs as unfortunately there are many people on the internet who are misusing the technology.

Talk to the teacher to decide your work plan and make a customized syllabus to learn how to read Quran in Arabic.

A teacher who is available round the clock to facilitate you at your feasible time.

Find a Quran teacher who can make you achieve the target in 60 days:

Although all the teachers are respectful and should be treated prestigiously, looking out for an efficient teacher will surely help to complete your learning in 60 days.

Such a teacher knows how to manage time smartly by devising different easy methodologies of learning Arabic perfectly.

A lesson planner plays a pivotal role in making any objective achievable in time. An efficient and experienced teacher will make her lesson planner according to the available time and days to accomplish the target.

Which book can you use for Learning basic Quran reading?

There are many books available online, designed by different religious scholars and teachers but the top 2 are listed below that are known for their commendable syllabus in the whole Islamic world that makes it easy to learn how to read Quran.

  • Qaida Noorania

The world’s famous Noorani Qaida contains 17 chapters that are considered as a gateway to the Quran. If you have learned to read Noorani Qaida perfectly, you have got the key to reciting the Quran easily.

These chapters are adeptly arranged to help you learn step by step. This mini version of the Quran contains:

Letters introduction

joining the letters

The simple movements (harakaat) on the letters

The long movements on the letters

Double letters

Silent letters

Rules for heavy and light letters, etc

The practice of verses from the Quran

Revision of all the rules is artistically arranged in the qaida to let readers practise previously learned rules along with the new one.

  • Noor al bayan

The author of this renowned book intended to simplify Arabic rules and make kids and adults learn to read Quran very smoothly.

The chapters in this book are differently arranged but the index remains the same as Qaida noorania. The chapters include:

• Alphabets with their shapes and forms

• Long and short letter rules

• Silent letters

• The long and short movements on the letters

• Double movements on the letters

• Revision

• Practise of verses from the Quran

What can help you in learning to read Quran within 2 months?

Having prior knowledge about the step you are going to take, will undoubtedly prove beneficial In sha Allah. There are some helpful guides that can make your Arabic learning expedition easy. Let’s have a look at it.

  • A structured study plan.

A well-planned syllabus plays an important role to help you complete the task within 2 months. 

A structured plan is basically designed by the teacher who skillfully arranges the lessons keeping the class time and days into consideration.

  • Audio/video resource aids.

Multimedia resources are very catchy and quickly engage learners to be it, kids or adults. Audio snippets are readily available on the internet and on many credible Quranic platforms. Once you read a lesson, listen to an audio clip, again and again, to practice or learn Tajweed online

Similarly, many short videos are also made engagingly where the teacher helps students learn the Qaida step by step. Your hired teacher may use both audio and video aid to support his/her teaching plan.

  • Flashcards

Instead of reading a lengthy course book, it is very easy and effective to use flashcards of letters to practice. You can play a game of LETTER HUNT, or do an activity after learning a new rule. 

  • Engaging and fun-filled activities.

An efficient teacher would definitely make her classes super engaging and full of different fun-filled activities because it is the easiest and the quickest way to learn something without getting bored and without wasting any time. There are uncountable activities on the internet that Quran learners can do online.

  • Worksheets to practice.

Hand-on experiences always stay for a long time in your memory. So, try using worksheets for practise like:

Matching, tracing, listing, coloring, puzzle solving, and many more.

  • Colorful Qaida.

The Noorani Qaida that comes in the colors like in the above-shown picture is really helpful for the newbies. It works like a wonder. They have allotted a color for every rule and when the reader is going to read that specific colored word, they will already know what is the Tajweed rule for this color.

It will make you practice in a short time period and you can easily learn to read Quran in 2 months for sure.


Learning to read Quran is a very sacred task that is only accepted by those whom Allah has chosen. With the help of a professional teacher and some useful tips, all the readers can read Quran easily with perfection. 

FAQs about how to learn to read Quran in 2 months:
How long does it take to learn to read Quran?

It totally depends on your customized plan. You can learn to read Quran in as little as 2 months maximum.

Can I learn Quran by myself?

No, because without a professional teacher you can not achieve your goals and will leave the task in the middle due to a hectic routine.

Is it easy for adults to learn to read Quran?

Yes! The Quran is a book that you can learn at any age. All you need is the proper guidance and a thorough plan to follow.

Can we get a recorded lesson to practice the rules at home?

Yes! Your teacher will send you the recorded audio or video snippet of the lesson that you are supposed to practice.

Can we learn how to read Quran in Arabic as a group?

Definitely! Group sessions are very engaging and motivating. You can easily achieve your target in 2 months if you are studying in a group.