The Quran is the last book of five books that were revealed by Allah. It was revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad so that he can recite it to Mankind. In Quran 73 verses 2 to 4, Allah told Prophet Muhammad to stand in prayer all night except a little. Allah said he should pray half the night, or a little less, or a little more. Finally, Allah said Prophet Muhammad should recite the Quran properly in a measured way.

The messages in these verses aren’t to Prophet Muhammad alone. It is to all Muslims. Allah wants his book to be recited correctly. Many factors need to be put together to achieve this rewarding act. If you want to know these tips, you are at the right place.

6 Tips to Learn Quran Correctly Without Mistakes

1. Learn from a Certified Ijazah Teacher

To be able to learn to read Quran correctly, it is very important to learn from a certified Ijazah teacher. For a person to be issued an Ijazah in the study of the Quran, it means he or she has passed through over 10 years of training from the Ibtidai (beginners) level to the university level.

The training that a certified Ijazah teacher has passed through will make him or her better than someone that didn’t pass through such training.

2. Learn Basic Arabic

Since Arabic is the language of the Quran, it is important to learn Quranic Arabic to be able to learn the Quran correctly. When we say you should learn Arabic to be able to read the Quran correctly, we do not mean that you have to learn the vocabulary, what we are talking about is basic Arabic. Basic nouns like names of humans and animals

Furthermore, you need to learn basic verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs.

If you can learn basic words of these parts of speech, learning the Quran will be easier because the Quran contains words from these parts of speech.

3. Learn the Madds

You have to know the Madds and how to recite them to be able to learn and read the Quran correctly. For starters, Madd means to stretch a sound and there are three Madd letters which are Waw, Alif, and Yau.

The Madds are interpreted this way. When there is a Fatha before Alif, we stretch it for two counts and it is called Alif Madd. Also, an Alif can also be written as a standing Fatha. Also, when there is a kasra before ya Sakin, we stretch it for two counts and it is called Ya Madd.

Also, when there is a damma before wow Sakin, we stretch it for two counts and it is called Wow Madd.

Broadly, there are 9 different types of Madd, with two further splitting into five segments, therefore making the total 13.

4. Learn the 18 Waqf Rules 

Literally, Waqf means to stop or to lock up. In Quran recitation, Waqf means to stop recitation at the end of a word. It is a very essential area of knowledge in Quran recitation. The time of the Waqf should be enough to take a breath, with the intention of resuming after it.

Furthermore, the knowledge of Waqf is important because altering the Waqf might alter the meaning of a verse.

Generally, there are 18 Waqf rules in Quran recitation. A person who wants to learn and read the Quran correctly must know all these 18 Waqf Quran reading rules in order not to destabilise the words of Allah.

5. Recite to Others

A person that wants to learn the Quran correctly must be willing to recite the Quran to others. If you have a Sheikh apart from your teacher or friends who are also students of the Quran like you, it is good to recite what you know to them.

If these people know the Quran more than you, you will learn a lot from them. From your recitation, they will observe and tell you the areas you did well and the areas you need to improve. But if you keep what you know to yourself, you won’t get knowledge from those that know.

6. Record your Recitation to Detect Mistakes

Another way to learn and perfect your Quran recitation is to record your recitation on your phone. During recitation, you are likely to make little mistakes that you might not take note of. But when you record your recitation on your phone, you can go through it over and over again to detect mistakes.

With the use of a smartphone, you can sharpen your Quran recitation. Apart from recording yourself with your device, you can learn Quran correctly on major online platforms.


The Quran is the pride of all Muslims. It is the book that Allah used to bless all Mankind. Therefore, a Muslim must strive to be able to learn and read the Quran correctly so that he or she can understand the words of Allah. We have been able to identify six tips that will help in learning how to recite the Quran correctly. Also, we are enjoined by Allah to listen and pay attention when the Quran is being recited.

Allah says in Quran 9 verse 111, ‘’So when the Quran is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy’’.

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