10 Tips for beginners to learn Noorani Qaida 

Beginners who really want to learn to read the Quran from the basics have to keep the fact in mind that Noorani Qaida is the first step to be taken in this direction. This short booklet, also known as the mini Quran, covers the fundamental rules of reading the Quran. 

Considered a foundation of Quran reading, Noorani Qaida is highly essential to learn to gain fluency in Quranic Arabic. Once you are done with it, you will be able to recite the Quran easily by applying basic rules. 

Without learning the basics properly,  you can’t read Arabic properly and fluently. We have shortlisted 10 useful tips on how to learn Noorani Qaida for beginners. Go through them to get enlightened.

1- Hire an Arab Tutor to Learn All Noorani Qaida Lessons Efficiently 

So, to begin this learning journey the first and foremost tip is to hire a native Arab tutor instead of starting learning on your own.

The reason we suggest hiring a native is:

✅ They have an exceptional Arabic accent.

✅ They know how to teach non-Arabs by making Arabic super easy for them.

✅ They are aware of the mistakes non-Arabs do.

It is Good to get a teacher who would help you through and make every lesson easy. Secondly, it is better to hire a tutor from a credible platform because:

✅ They have already tested their tutors before hiring them.

✅ They are experienced in teaching through their medium.

✅ They know precisely what techniques would work best for beginners.

2- One-On-One Noorani Qaida Class Is The Best

If you are going to read Noorani Qaida for the very first time, choose a one-on-one class with the hired tutor. The benefits of such a class for a newbie are:

✅ You get a fully-focused class with lots of revisions.

✅ Attention is more on learning than interacting with peers.

✅ More time to practice and get corrected by the tutor instantly.

Qaida learning is a very interesting task and you can enjoy it more in a single-person class. We here suggest opting for Hidayah Network as they are the best in their personalized one-on-one online Noorani Qaida classes.

3- Have a Personalised Qaida Learning Plan

A personalized Qaida plan is important to have a flawless grip on the basics of Arabic reading. It let you stay on track and focus on what you lack. Such plans have:

✅ Classes are based on the topics you want to learn.

✅ Focus on the rules you want to get perfect in.

✅ Managing the syllabus according to your requirement.

✅ Practicing the rules that are not Perfect.

Hidayah Network provides a customized and structured learning plan in their Noorani Qaida classes for kids that are designed skillfully, meeting all the needs of the learner, especially beginners.

4- Focus On Makharij

Arabic letters are all about correct articulation points (makharij). Usually, non-Arabs mix up the makharij of heavy Haa (ه) and light Haa (ح) from the throat. They need to distinguish between such resembling letters by focusing on their makharij.

If you will successfully get a hold of your pronunciation, then:

✅ You will be able to read words in the Quran accurately like native Arabs.

✅You will be able to apply the basic rules of reading the Quran easily.

✅ Finally, you will be en route to start your Tajweed classes.

So, pay extra attention to the pronunciation of each letter to make the rest of the journey super easy.

5- Read Examples From Quran

As soon as you gain a grip on the common rules learned in Noorani Qaida, start finding examples from the Quran and read them. This will help you perfect your qira’a.

Let’s suppose you just learned the rule of madd. Find examples from the very first Surah i-e Al-Fatiha, apply the madd rule where it’s due and practice it in Salah every time. You will see how quickly your recitation becomes error-free.

6- Practice Reading Short Verses and Surahs

That is the best tip to practice what you have learned theoretically. If you like any specific Qari recitation, play the audio of Ayaat that you usually read in Salah.

Listening and reading after it will correct the errors in makharij if you have any. Our tutors at Hidayah Network use this tip amazingly in their Quran reading classes with the help of very engaging activities.

7- Practice in a Loud and Clear Voice

Another tip to learn Qaida for beginners is to practice in a loud voice to let your throat vocals perform well. Non’Arabs usually find the pronunciation of some letters difficult, like

✅ Aaien  ع

✅ Daad  ض

✅ Both haa  ہ ، ح

✅ Both Kaaf ق ،ک

✅ Saa  ث، ص

When you read in a clear loud voice, you will hit exactly the accurate articulation point. Then, practice all such letters by combining them in a word or finding similar words from the Quran.

Tip: Want to Learn to recite Quran for beginners then must follow your tutor’s instructions.

8- Learn By Dividing Qaida into Levels.

Beginners can easily be misguided due to the lack of knowledge, so once you choose a platform for your learning, let them teach you through levels. Usually, they have three levels:

✅ Basic

✅ Medium

✅ Advanced

You will be taken from the easiest lessons to the slightly difficult ones at the end. This strategy will not make Qaida learning hard for you.

9- Revise and Implement What You Have Learned

When you have read the initial pages, start implementing it in the Quran reading. This will help you improve your recitation in a short time. Like, start applying Noon and Meem sakinah wherever applicable.

Hidayah Network really endeavours in making such practical tips applicable to make beginners learn Quran online efficiently. They use advanced technology to make each lesson result-oriented.

10- Teach all the basic lessons to Others

It is said that when you learn something and pass it on to someone, your knowledge enhances. So, teach what you learn daily, to your siblings, parents, spouse, etc to make your own learning perfect.

Teach others from the very beginning, and help them perfect their makharij too. This will increase your practice time and the reward you will get is uncountable.


There is no age limit to learning the Quran for beginners. The day you decide to start it, commit and stay determined to learn the foundation lessons from Noorani Qaida first. We have recommended the best platform to minimize your search time.

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