Are you keen to learn Arabic, the divine language that Allah chose to communicate with us? Whether you belong to any nationality, Arabic learning is not a problem if started rightly and followed the steps correctly.

Here is a brief overview of the Arabic language. There are four elements to master if you want to learn a new language.

  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Listening 
  • Speaking 

The teachers at Hidayah Network have shared some tips regarding reading the Quran in Arabic from their years of experience. Let’s skim through the article and get familiarized.

What Is Required To Learn the Arabic Language?

To guide our brothers and sisters who are new to the Arabic language, here is a list of the topics you need to learn and understand to Read the Quran easily.

  • The letters in the Arabic language 
  • The correct pronunciation of the letters 
  • The similar-sounding letters 
  • The complex letters 

After learning letters you will proceed to the following tasks.

  • Joining two letters 
  • Joining 3 and more letters 
  • Rules for joining with Fatha, damma, and pasta 
  • Other significant rules for reading the words come under different situations 
  • Making phrases 
  • Making sentences 

This is just to step into the language to form a base. After knowing the foundation you will proceed to learn 

  • Grammar rules for nouns and adjectives
  • Verbs and adverbs 
  • Conjunctions in Arabic 
  • Subject agreement in Arabic 
  • Reading Short surahs from Quran and understanding them 

This detail is to help you make up your mind as to what you have to learn in the Quranic Arabic Course

Simple Ways To Learn Arabic

Through A Teacher 

You can easily and efficiently learn Arabic through a professional teacher who is adept at teaching online. The curriculum is skillfully designed by them or by the forum they teach through. They are well aware of the techniques employed for beginners and non-Arabs that engage students and make them read Quran conveniently.

Through Books 

There are many authentic and credible books available online and in the market that are designed to teach all the nitty-gritty details of the language. Whether you hire a teacher or you learn on your own, books play a vital role in learning Arabic. Some of the books also have activities for practice. If you think you are efficient enough to manage to study a new language on your own then these are the books you can consult.

  • Gateway to Arabic 
  • Key to Arabic 
  • Arabic For Kids 
  • Al-Arabiya Baina Yadaik 
  • Madina Arabiya 

Through Apps 

Some apps are known for guiding and teaching Arabic to beginners. Instead of using the app, we recommend letting your teacher use it as an educational source and teach you the easy way. Many social media platforms also give training to learn Arabic to understand Quran and many of them are even used as audio/video aid by our teachers too.

Through Cartoons/documentaries 

Students especially kids enjoy watching cartoons and documentaries and Arabic can easily be learned by engaging kids in such an activity. You can get our expertise or take the responsibility on your shoulders to teach your kids. Get in contact to know more about the cartoons that are in the Arabic language.

Our Arabic tutors play animated series in Arabic to enhance listening and reading skills. These resources are beneficial as they help understand the Quranic verses easily.

Through Practice 

The best and easy way to learn and understand Arabic for Quran reading is through practice. As a beginner, you have to allocate a good amount of time for revisions and practice. The more you try to speak, read, and listen, the better will be your grip on the language. Practice the words, phrases, and sentences with somebody so that your partner and you can mutually learn.

Levels To Understand Arabic

Beginners Level 

The courses in Quran reading at Hidayah Network are mentionable here, as they have levels of Arabic curriculum to help students advance step by step. The basic level is just an introduction to the language and some easy rules are taught with practice.

Intermediate Level 

This level focuses on the main learning tasks like reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The Arabic sight words are given for practice and students are encouraged to use those words in their normal routine. 

Advanced Level

At this level, you will become a reading pro and will easily and smoothly read Quran with understanding. You will In Sha Allah not have the mistakes that non-Arabs usually have. This level deals with complex rules and assists you to overcome hurdles to reading Quran conveniently.

Get yourself enrolled in Arabic group classes so that you can do conversations with fellows and improve your Arabic language.

Strategies To Enhance Arabic Learning

Arabic learning is productive if done through activities. Any new language you learn, make sure to involve in activities to know how to speak, listen, and even read and write in that language. Some useful strategies to learn Arabic to read Quran are:

  • listening to the stories 
  • Watching short Arabic clips 
  • Reading the word-bank, small phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Speaking the language through show-and-tell sessions 
  • Playing Arabic games online 
  • Solving Arabic puzzles and riddles 
  • Getting hands-on Arabic toy activities.
  • Other useful activities that foster learning. 

 Final Thoughts 

As a beginner, you need to put in extra effort to let the tutor form a good base for you. Slowly and gradually, through practice, you can easily read Quran with understanding and will also communicate in Arabic. Try to be consistent in learning and revise your lessons daily.

You can grab a free trial from Hidayah Network to learn Arabic easily.